Isabella Swan, better known as Bella, has the worst luck ever. She consistently trips, and things just seem to fall apart at the seams around her. That's no different when the amazing, inhumanly beautiful, and talented Edward Cullen, known for being an international musician, comes to live in Forks. Can Bella finally find out why she has such bad luck and fix it before she ruins everything that keeps pulling her and Edward closer because Bella Swan NEVER falls for the rock star-bad boy type, and that's just what Edward Cullen is.

Chapter one: Mr. Cullen Arrives

B Pov

The school was practically buzzing in excitement. I could hardly stand the excited gossip about a new family, no one knew their names or anything about them, which added to the air of mystery. But I wasn't buying into all this gossip stuff. I wasn't some girl who had no life that just melted when it came to the juiciest gossip.

But I did melt, the moment the door swung open in Biology on Monday morning and Mr. Guy- of-My-Dreams, strides in. He was tall and lean but looked strong enough, he had untidy bronze hair that looked like he'd just woken up, pale skin, and the most unusual topaz colored eyes. Yes, that's right, Edward Cullen had just stepped into Forks High.

Everyone who didn't live under a rock, gasped in unison. It was almost humorous, had we all not had our mouths dangling open. He was smiling slightly and I felt myself almost annoyed. You're the new kid, what do you have to smile about? Edward Cullen was the most popular singer on the charts right now, every guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted to be on his arm. Well, not me. I didn't buy into stuff like that. I didn't sit like an idiot with my mouth hanging open, my eyes didn't grow to the size of dinner plates, to someone looking at me, I was completely unfazed.

But my heart was thundering in my chest wildly, and I felt kind of rude that I was acting so coldly but at the moment I just couldn't change my expression or my outward appearance. So I sat still as a statue and watched as he sat down in the seat next to me and Mr. Banner ( that was his name right?) started our lesion.

"Hi, I'm Edward," he introduced, sticking his hand out for me to shake. I didn't move, I just stared at his hand like an idiot.


He wasn't fazed though, he just smiled at me politely.

"It's nice to meet you," he said before turning back to face the front and take notes from the lesion Mr. Banner was starting.

Could. Not. Believe this!

Edward Cullen was in Forks, in my school, in the seat next to me! I bit my lip to keep in a fan girlish squeal of delight. I wasn't one to fan girl, or swoon over anyone, but this was Edward Cullen. I didn't wait in line until midnight to buy his CD's but I wasn't insane. I knew he was incredibly gorgeous but an icy exterior gave me an advantage. I wasn't going to be putty in his hands like other girls, girls like Jessica and Lauren.

I'd fallen for too many bad boy types, which was what Edward Cullen was, and I'd learned my lesion the hard way. Tabloids always splashed headlines of his late night parties and multiple girlfriends. Well I wasn't going to be some head over heels girl who'd do anything for him, like drop herself over a spot of dirt so his shoes didn't get dirty.

Guessing from the look Jessica was giving Edward, I knew she'd do it in a second. I sighed and tried to concentrate on the lesion at hand but every once in a while, a flash of his face would pop into my head. Not Edward's but someone like him.

His name was William Phillip, but I always called him Will. He was my boyfriend almost two years ago, he'd been practically irresistible. I'd almost died of excitement when the resident rock star asked me out. The most popular, best looking guy in school (at the time) had asked me, plain Jane Bella Swan, out on a date.

Things ran smoothly for six months, that was, until he started to get involved with gangs. He'd started doing illegal things, and he wanted me to do them too. I almost had, multiple times, but then I'd remember Charlie and Renee and how disappointed they'd be. And then…a rival gang kidnapped me for a ransom to get at Will, seeing as he was the other gang's leader.

He didn't show. He didn't give them what they wanted. So in turn, they decided it'd be fun to use me as a punching bag. I ended up in the hospital for two weeks and I never saw him again.

I fell for the bad guy a second time, a year after I last saw Will. His name was Jack. Needless to say, I got stuck in cross fire between an angry group of jocks who hated him. When the guns started firing, he ran like a coward, and I was grazed by a bullet twice. I wasn't seriously hurt, but from then on, I vowed that I'd never fall for the bad guy ever again. In fact, I was through with guys. Because to me, they all seemed like a bunch of cowards.

I wouldn't let Edward Cullen get close enough to make me even falter. I hate him already. Because he's looking at me the same way they did, it started the same way. Well I won't let him!


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