What I've been looking for

(What I regret)

Dedicated to one of my friends who taught me about the values in a friendship.

It's hard to believe

That I couldn't see

You were always right beside me

Why hadn't she told him before? If she had they would probably be in England now with Robin and Much and John. That man meant just as much to her as her father. She loved John like a father. And then there was Allan. Will's brother in arms. She knew that Will regretted the same as her. But now it was too late.

Thought I was alone

With no one to hold

But you were always right beside me

She had known it for a long time. She had known it since… well she didn't know exactly when. Will was a good man. Strong, helpful… always there for her. He was what she had been looking for. A protector, someone to keep her safe. He and Allan had done that more than the others. They liked her. And she liked them. No, that was not true! She liked Allan but she loved Will.

This feeling's like no other

I want you to know

That I've never had someone

That knows me like you do

The way you do

Over the past few months the relationship between them had grown stronger and stronger. They were both ready but they didn't have the courage to admit. First she had tried to hide the feelings. Thinking it was normal, but it wasn't normal. It wasn't like the relationship with for example Robin. Robin had been a good friend for her, but still she hadn't been in love with him. Maybe in the beginning, but then she had realised that he only cared for Marian. And no she had not been jealous. Marian was a good woman. But now she was dead! And Robin was in another country. But she was deeply in love with Will but even their love couldn't hide the pain of being away from their friends.

And I've never had someone

As good for me as you

No one like you

So lonely before I finally found

What I've been looking for

Yes she had a lot of things to regret. She looked at the sunrise. It was beautiful. She remembered the mornings in Sherwood where she woke up with Will next to her. The noises as Much started to make breakfast. Suddenly tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't stop them. Suddenly someone entered the room.

"Djaq… I mean… Safiyya?"
She turned around. He was standing there in the doorway.

"To you Will Scarlett… it will always be Djaq"

Then she couldn't stop them. Tears felled down on the cheeks and she ran into Will's arms.

"I know..." he whispered. "I know…"

Djaq couldn't help smiling. He was what she had been looking for.

The end