Okay!!!! Now this is a HM:TOT story with main character Akari meeting the mayor's son Gill. Lets just say they don't get off to a very good start…and eventually break out into an all out "war". (At least that's what Akari calls it) This is my first story so be gentle, but I would love any and all reviews!

P.S. this is just the set up; the good stuff is on the way!

This means WAR!

Meeting the Devil

"Yes, I'm the new girl." Akari repeated for the millionth time.

It was as if she had a giant tomato head by the way these people ogled, pointed and whispered. The second she would smile, wave slightly, and mumble an innocent 'hey', the girls' faces would instantly twist up with their thoughts of, another rival…. The boys on the other hand, would check her up and down, practically sparkling with their fervent desire of making a good impression, while thinking, fresh meat. Now the adults! The adults were worse! If they had a son around marrying age they would sugar coat what they said with subtle hints like, "I can tell you're going to love my son..." Or, "Why don't you come over for dinner sometime…" But the mayor was in a category of his own.

She wasn't even listening anymore, to the mayor that is. She would nod. Add a few huhs, and oh yeahs, while he babbled on about who knows what.

"And then after that, you should [insert obvious explanation here]." He said grinning at her.

The door opened and in walked a blond boy with a bored expression and a book in hand.

"Oh, this is my son Gill!" the mayor exclaimed. "Gill, come meet this nice young woman."

Said blond boy swiveled on his heel and exited the room the way he had entered.

"Don't feel bad…Gill just is that way…" the mayor said, patting her hand absentmindedly.

She didn't feel bad. In fact this was actually sort of refreshing the way he didn't succumb to the normal boy reaction.

"No biggie." She said, removing her hand.

"It's just, I know he seems all hard and cold now, but I'm sure once you get to know him he will soften up to you. After all, you are a nice girl, aren't you Akari."

Did he just wink at her?

"You just have to be straight forward. Flirting is something alien to him…so it would be best if you became friends first and then proclaimed your love…"


He ignored her and said, "Or, better yet, make him fall head over heels for you! Heh-heh…"

She cocked her head to the side. Was he giving her advice on how to seduce his son!?

"Ok, then I think I'll be going now…" she said standing and quickly escaping the building before he opened his mouth again. Once the door was safety closed behind her she leaned up against it and sighed heavily. Poor Gill. His father would chase away any girls who actually did fall in love with him. Odds are, he would first scare away all candidates with that icy glare of his.

A girl with purple hair named Roomi walked by and greeted her warmly until Akari told her who she was. The short girl's friendly face suddenly turned hostile in the normal girl reaction way as she quickly said goodbye and continued on her way. Akari had the strangest feeling that she wouldn't make many girl friends…oh well.

The door she was leaning against suddenly swung open causing her to lose her balance and fall…hard. Her head bounced once on the hard floor and she winced as a headache exploded violently.

"You okay?" she heard a smooth male voice ask. She opened her eyes to see none other than the deep blue cynical eyes of Gill staring down at her.

A "Yes..."was all she managed to squeak out. To this he nodded and mumbled a "good" before shutting the door behind him, (which pushed her head into an uncomfortable angle) stepped over her sprawled body, and walked down the street. She watched him with her eyes narrowed menacingly, no longer feeling any pity toward him.

"Don't lean on doors." He advised smartly as he disappeared over the hillside.

Well, duh…

She growled as she pulled herself into a sitting position and placed one hand against her head gingerly. Unfriendly was one thing, Gill was a jerk.

Later that day she collapsed in a chair at the bar completely exhausted. She actually hadn't done any work but just looking at all the work that needed to be done on her little farm drained the energy from of her. A tall waiter with reddish blond hair set the drink she had ordered in front of her with a smile and said, "Tell me if you need anything."

She gave a smile back and said, "Thanks, I do need something, I need someone to talk to. Why don't you join me?"

He raised an eyebrow and politely pointed out the obvious that he was working.

"I can see that, and I can also see that nobody is here."

He looked around to see that, indeed, nobody was there, and even the owner had disappeared somewhere. So he shrugged his shoulders as if to say why not? And sat down at her table.

"So, you are…?"

"Akari." She said taking a sip of the drink he had given her. "…I'm the new girl working on that farm." She answered his next question before he had the chance to ask it. "What's your name?"

"Chihaya. I work here at the bar."

"Yeah, I kind of guessed that."

He chuckled. He looked cute when he chuckled.

"So you said you needed someone to talk to? What about?"

"Gill." She proclaimed. "I need to vent on my hatred for Gill. And I only just met him this morning!"

He laughed again. "That's not surprising. He does have that effect on people."

"No kidding. I felt bad for him at first, with such a crazy father as the mayor, I probably would be a little antisocial too. But he has no heart!"

"He does, it's just buried."


"Who knows…"

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Maybe you should give him another try…" Chihaya offered finally. "It could have been just a bad first impression."

"He stepped over me like I was lower than dirt…literally!"

He frowned thoughtfully as the little chime over the door rang, and lo and behold Gill stood there like a dark cloud.

"Speak of the devil…" Chihaya whispered to the frowning girl next to him, his violet eyes widening. He then stood up to greet the sour puss. "Hey Gill, haven't seen you here in a long time… What do you want?"

Gill extended one pale finger toward Akari who was in mid sip.


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