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As we pulled Close to the shop Nicolas grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze"nervous" he guessed " yeah,you?"nah" We got out of the car and pulled the door open "Hey babies" Skip our father greeted us with a hug "Hey." me and Nicolas said in unison"So I see you still have the twins powers." we laughed at that

"yeah. we said together. "you ready to surf?" we nodded and grabbed our boards the Sun still hadn't made its appearance yet we arrived at the cove"Go"he gestured towards the waves we smiled at each other and took off toward the water racing I charged toward the wave first,beating Nico he flipped me off I mouthed love you too and giggled I went through the wave smooth and fast, Nico had the same style but showed off more.

We got out of the water Skip had a proud smile on his face"How'd we do skipper?" I said smugly Nico laughed at my tone he didn't answer me he knew I had already gotten my answer by his smile he drove us back toward Zeypher shop A big group of guys was outside skating I walked right past them catching there attention. I looked to my side at Nico who looked at me confused then smiled once he realized what was gonna happen. Just then I felt someone grab my butt I spun around knowing who'd it be. Jay.

The last time I had seen Jay was when we were six it was now 7 years ago jay was my best friend he was like my brother, Philane was more of a mother to me than mine could ever be."hey sexy what's your name" I started giggling hysterically "Baby"I manged between giggles his eyes widened then roamed over my body I did the same his hair was really blonde his skin tan he was shirtless with a decent build more than a thirteen year old should have his green eyes smoldering "b-bu-but you"he stuttered "I'm back"I finished for him he pulled me into a hug slinking his arms around my waste and burring his head in my hair,my reaction however caught me off guard.

His touch sent tingles down my spine he smelled like the ocean fresh and clean,he was gorgeous I pushed him off me grabbed his skateboard and took off he laughed and grabbed a boy with long brown hair's skateboard and caught up to me pushing me down we broke out into laughter and just layed there.


A girl with long blonde almost white hair walked past us she was hot I fallowed her and smacked her butt, she was wearing short short cutoffs and a purple lace top showing off her tan stomach and sandals when she turned around her long hair twirled she smiled so I began."hey sexy whats your name?". and licked my lips"Baby" she answered laughing. What it cant be it just cant be there is no way its her it cant be! She left years ago she's gone, I looked into her eyes they were the biggest eyes I had ever seen there were brown her lashes swept across her cheek It was her Aphrodite Engblom she looked up at me her nose wrinkled and the corners of her mouth turned upward into a beautiful smile "b-bu-but you" I said stupidly at a loss for words she finished giving me an answer "I'm back".

I pulled her into a hug my arms slung around her waist my head wresting on her shoulder she smelled like vanilla and sun if thats possible she felt so right in my arms my"baby" my nickname for her when we were kids because I couldn't say her name. She was so skinny she had to be 70 pounds at 5'4 she was like a baby she pushed me off her getting that mischievous look on her face when we were little when she had a plan for trouble. She was playfully laughing and grabbing my board and starting to skate off I ran after grabbing Sid's board fallowing her I grabbed her waist pulling her down and lay there on top of her buried in her white hair counting her freckles on her nose. Ah how I missed her.