As I dressed in a light purple bikini I grabbed my wet suit and my airbrushed purple board I threw a shoe at Nico "dearest brother you care to join me?"I smiled "meet you there"Nico smiled back "Kay" I agreed and went and kissed Skip on the forehead. "see you there"he slurred sleepily.

I left I fallowed the directions Evie gave me and pulled up to a big white house and climbed into the window she told me to. "Aphrodite?" "Yeah" "getting dressed which one?"she held up two bikini's a light yellow one and a green one "the yellow one"I smiled " "Hey is your dad outside?"she asked "no do you happen to skate?"I said hopefully "definitely not but I do have a bike" she suggested "cool,lets roll" and we climbed out the window.

When we arrived at pacific ocean pier I smiled the waves were big today. "You guys surf this?!"Evie said sounding shocked.

Just then Tony went charging toward a wave and rid it smooth Jay was next he was different he cut through it fast and sharp doing cutbacks. Then Nico he showed off a bit I was already in the water I did it fast and freely I got out Peggy was sitting with her, Evie was laughing just then Stacy charged toward a wave he bailed and the wave crashed on top of him "Ooooow" I said sympathetically "milk n cookies" I head Montoya yell out just then Stacy recovered skip whistled to him "Back to the bone yard for you pal" Stacy walked up looking disappointed and sat down next to me. I put my arm around his shoulder "you still have prettier hair than me" I joked he just laughed and rolled his eyes.


Later we were at the shop hanging out after Stacy left for work, "hey maggot's gather around"Skip slurred he continued "when your riding for one of these shops around town...Yeah?

"You mean a little fagot shop?" Jay said like a smart ass

"your gonna have off days"he said ignoring Jays comment

"you have an off day riding for this shop its treason." Stecyk added.

"Yeah you gotta approach every day like it's your last. all right? Skip looked around. "anyone got a problem with that?" I shook my head. Stecyk started calling names and throwing shirts at us.

"Peggy." " oh no way."she said excited.

"Take off your shirt,Peggy"red dog yelled.


" Let's see them tater tots"

"Shut up" we both pushed red dog.

"Jay,Biniak,Shogo,red dog" "Yeah man"Shogo said excited.

Stecyk continued "T.A, Baby Sid, Nico" they all congratulated each other. " Last probably least of all, Barbie"I squealed and hugged Jay boy I wasn't as shy as Peggy so I threw my Shirt off exposing my Tan skin and hot pink bra getting wolf whistles and hollers from each of the guys except from Nico, When I pulled the Zephyr shirt over my head my father looked me right in the eye a warning. don't ever do that again look in his eyes I just laughed and waved him off.

"We got you gifts,I don't know why."Skip said sounding bored. And Billy grabbed a bag we reached in and out came Skateboards. "No way"Sid cheered I grabbed a bright Red one.

"hey Skip you got one for Stacy right?"Jay asked hopefully That brought Stacy to the forefront of my mind I never thought he wasn't one of us I mean I knew him since I was six years old he was like my older brother like all the other Boys just more compassionate.

I leaned my head on Jay shoulder and he nodded,we could always do that have conversations with our eyes sometimes Peggy or Tony or Stacy would look at us weird and we stopped, But for some reason this time I got lost in his green eyes and a weird expression crossed his face I smiled at him and we started skating.

Just as I got outside red dog was skating and his board flew up and smashed a cop car window. "Shit."Nico and I said together. Just as I turned around Skip and the guys went running inside while yelling "get the gate,get the gate" we turned and ran and pounded on the gate the cop was yelling after us. The last thing I heard was skip "It was suppose to keep them out of trouble man." "Run pig run" I yelled back Jay started laughing so did Nico We started skating faster and the Cop just gave up we took off down a back alley way. Just when we crossed the street Biniak was Skating behind Sid "Speed wobble!" Biniak screamed as loud as he could,Sid screamed and flew off his board just then jay crouched down and Biniak was going too fast to stop and went flying over him into a trash can I started cracking up. "Asshole."

"Dude he's got the inner ear problem." Jay defended Sid

"Suck my inner ear Jay boy."he said as he got up

"Fuck you dick."Jay retorted as he skated forward.

We went down Jays street I saw Donny's van all packed I took a sharp intake of breath and shot a knowing glance at Donny who looked back helplessly and shook his head. As we walked up the Stairs Mark was carrying Boxes When we walked in the door Philane Instantly perked up

"You guys look bad as Shit look at you!"She smiled she pulled Jay into a hug "You get off me lady"he tried smiling I could see her tear stained cheeks she smiled when she saw me. "Aphrodite look at you! Your so much older and hot,Right boys?" "yeah" wentzle,Shogo, Red dog,and Sid agreed

"pretty Bitchin huh?"Tony said pointing at his shirt. "hey you guys hungry?,there's Tamales in the kitchen" the rest of the guys all went in the kitchen pretending nothing but I poked my head around the corner watching them I saw Jay look around at the broken Items on the ground. "What's going on?"Philane just waved her arms weekly in response on the verge of tears. Jay disappeared into the back room where Donny was moving boxes.

I went to Philane and hugged her "you know Barbie you really do look good and I'm so glad your back J.B really missed you sweetie"she whispered in my ear "thanks I really missed my second mother ." "don't be so hard on your mommy baby," she said as she stroked my hair "She wasn't the greatest but she did love you guys she just didn't know where to begin with you two." Just then Jay stormed out of the room grabbing his skateboard. I ran after him so did Sid who I learned had become friends with him Sid was really good for Jay he was goofy but sweet. "Jay!"he yelled "he needs his time" I smiled "come on" I pulled Sid back inside as Jay skated off.