"If you pair a deuces is lookin for work, I suggest you get your scrawny asses in here, pronto!"

My, my, what have we here? Sure is a sweet baby-faced boy. It's Goldilocks, right here in person. Wanna try my bed Goldi? I guarantee it's hard enough for ya! And my porridge is HOT. Them curls is real fetchin; like to run my fingers through'em.

"Now up on Brokeback, the Forest Service . . . . "

Ass ain't too scrawny for my taste, that's for sure.

" . . . . in the morning we'll truck you up to the jump off."

Been a few weeks, I need a reason to go on up there and visit the Camp Tender on Brokeback Allotment #3. He might be gittin lonely 'bout now, sleepin in camp all alone. I can take care a that, for damn sure.

Would ya look at that! Them two's playing hide the salami, and all manner of reindeer games. Shit, look at their muddy knees. Way they're chasin around, and grinning to beat the band, they act like they invented fuckin. I could teach'em a thing or three. Lookin forward to it, in fact.

What the fuck? Twist is choppin firewood in camp and the other one went up top with the sheep. That ain't the way I laid it out. It'd be too obvious if I take my hot iron rod and trot on up to the grazin grounds. . .he'd know I'm pantin after his ass and so will everyone else once these two get back to the jump off.

Fuck! I'll have to deal with them somehow different. Thinkin on the way that blond sits his horse could fuel my afternoon delights for quite awhile. Hoped for more than my fantasy though. Shit.

Came back, tried one more time for an opportunity to get into Del Mar's pants. Same deal, he was up sleepin with the sheep, snow up to his ass. My pecker perked up right nice when I thought about gettin me some a that. Shit, there's enough to go around. I'll take mine on shares.

Told Twist to bring'em down. It's early but that one is drivin me crazy. Can't have it on the payroll if I can't get me some of it. I'll have to go home and bang the old lady if things don't improve.

"You two found a way to make the time pass up dere. You wasn't getting paid to let the dogs baby sit the sheep while you stemmed the rose!

Now get outa my trailer!"