Kahoko's POV

It's been 6 years since I've played my violin. I tried to occupy myself with other hobbies. I concentrated on cooking, and now I have my own bakeshop.

Time never helped me to have justice. They say time heals all wounds, but maybe heartbreak is an exception. It's been a long time, but I've never gooten over hus smile, his face, his eyes, every small detail about him.


"Kaho-senpai.", Shimizu-kun called.

:Hi. Shimizu-kun. Why are you here? Do you need help?", I asked.

"Tsukimori-senpai wants to talk to you. At the rooftop."

I was taken back. He wants to talk to me?

"Did he say why?"

"Iie. Gomen."

"It's nothing. I;ll figure it out myself. Arigatou!". I smiled at him, and run to the rooftop.


I reached the rooftop. When I opened the door, I saw someone's back facing me. Obviously he's unaware of my presence.

"Tsu-Tsukimori-kun.", I called him.''


"Shimizu-kun said that you want to talk to me."



He came closer, with hesitant steps. He stood on my back, and started to place something on my neck.

The pendant is a beautiful ring. There's a diamond in the middle, and two smaller gems on the side, sapphire and garnet.

"This is. Beautiful Arigatou, Tsukimori-kun. Uhm. Why did you give this to me?", I asked.

"You'll know the reason here." He handed me a letter. "Don't open it until tomorrow. Read it at exactly 3 pm, at the practice room. Make sure no one sees you there. Don't bring anyone with you."

Then he left me there.

End of Flashback

Today, the necklace is placed at the pouch of my violin case. Every memory of him is locked there, my music score sheets, pieces, the violin itself, and the letter along with the necklace. I tried to thro them away, or bury them, but I can'. It's suicidal.

Every now and then, though 6 years has passed, every time I close my eyes, I was haunted by him. Every time I close my eyes, I can see his face. How am I going to get over it?

The memory of that day still hurts. The day I've read the letter. The pain is too much. Why does it have to be that way?


Tsukimori-kun was absent today. Something unusual. He's never been absent before, not that I know.

No one bothered to open that topic, so I ignored it too. I can't help it, but anxiety keeps on hovering in me. This is not right; something's wrong.

I followed his instructions. 3 pm. Practice room. Alone.

"Mio. Nao. Nami. I can't come with you today. I'll see you tomorrow.", I waved them goodbye, and left for the practice room.

I ran quickly. Good thing no one's there, so I entered one of the practice rooms.

I opened my bag and took the letter. I opened to read it.


When you read this letter, I'm not in Japan anymore. I'm coming with my parents and living with them for a long time. The teachers know, but I don't want them to break the news. I don't know how to say a proper goodbye to everyone, especially to you. That's the reason why I gave you this letter.

Thank you for helping me open my heart so that I can reach the perfect music I want. Thank you for giving me the inspiration, that's why I'm doing my best. I thank you for just being there, watching me. It gives me joy and confidence.

The necklace you're wearing was passed on from generation to generation in our clan. The other half of it is with me. I hope one day we'll meet, so that we can bind them together.

Sorry for being cold-hearted and stubborn. Thank you for breaking my walls. I love you. This is the only way.


Ï felt tears rush down. There should be another way.

End of Flashback

I was crying the whole time I was reading the letter. I tried to act normal after what happened. But there seems to be no way.

I gave up music. I quit the concours and stopped playing the violin. I tried to ignore everything that reminds me of him. I tried, buy I simply can't.