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Kahoko's POV -- 8 years later

"Hey honey. How's the day of my pregnant wife?" Len wrapped his hands around my bulging stomach. Again. I'm pregnant for our fourth child.

"Exhausting. Even the smallest of all movements makes me tired." I complained. I am really having a hard time moving around. Being a housewife is no good for someone like me. I have 8 year old twins who are busy studying their sheet music and a five year old son who's fooling around.

"Don't worry. I'm always here to help you rest at night right?" He kissed me, then patted my stomach. "Naughty girl. Don't give mommy a hard time." He kissed my stomach.

"The baby inside is already asleep. Scolding won't do anything good." I smiled at him. Out of nowhere, two pairs of arms hugged Len's and my legs.

"Hi Mom! Hi Dad!", my daughter greeted cheerfully. She's such a ball of energy.

"Hey dear princess." Len carried her to our bed. Daddy's girl.

"Hey Dad. Hi Mom.", my eldest son climbed our bed and kissed my cheek with a wet kiss.

"Mama. Dada.", a small voice said from the doorway. Our youngest son. Len stood up, got him and placed him on bed.

"How are you little man? You're growing up so fast." Len ruffled the hair of our son as he smiled.

"So. What are we going to do tonight?" I asked them.

"Can you tell us the story of Violin Romance? Please?" my daughter begged.

"I'm a boy, but I really love that story.", my eldest son added.

"Once upon a time, a prince and a princess met at a ball. At first, the prince is cold-hearted, telling everyone he doesn't need anything. For him, he's just hiding at the shadow of his parents. He tols them that his life is nothing for him. The princess is a happy-go-lucky girl who can cheer up everyone. All the boys at the ball are head-over-heels on her, but her eyes are only to the cold-hearted prince playing a violin at the middle of the night." I started. I saw Len shrug at the 'head over heels' comment, but it's his idea. I continued.

"One night, the princess went out to the gardens to think and have some fresh air. The princess is also a skilled violin player. She played the song that the prince is playing the first time she saw him play. The prince is sleeping is sleeping in his room, but he woke up as soon as he heard the wonderful sound. It warmed his heart. He grabbed his violin and went to the balcony, seeing the princess playing. He played with her, their music in perfect harmony. All the people at the castle heard them play, and for the first time, love blossomed between the two."I smiled, remembering the that time at the beach house.

"Soon after the ball, the prince confessed his feelings for the princess, which she returned back. Everyone expected it to happen, and they cheered for the lovely couple. Since that time, they're together and were inseparable." It's not what happened, obviously. We just admitted it to ourselves that we are in love. With each other.

"One day, the prince has to go away to study and meet the world. Even though it hurts for both of them, they can't do anything. Before the prince left, he gave the princess a letter and a necklace. The half of the necklace's pendant is with the prince. They are both hoping that one day, they'd meet each other again.

"The princess was devastated since that day. She stopped playing music. She stopped coming to balls. Everything that reminds her of him -- he shoved them away. She quitted on her past life, and pursued for another dream. For six years, she lived an agony filled life. She's always crying. One day, she received an invitation to a friend's ball, which she can't let down. She went there, not knowing the surprise that awaits her." This time, Len interrupted me because this is his favorite part of 'our' fairytale.

"The prince returned. He prepared a surprise for the princess. He let their friends get her violin case which holds every memory of him. He set things up. Once again, he joined the halves of the pendant. He waited for her at the palace gardens. When she arrived, he put the necklace on her. She forgave him quickly, something he didn't expect. One night, once again, love filled the air." He stopped to let me continue.

"They waited for a pretty long time. They both need it, seeing that they have to take things slowly but surely. After waiting they got married. It's really magical. The prince and the princess exchanged their vows, promising to love each other forever, and they sealed it with a passionate kiss. Everyone's happy that they've got their happy ending, but it's not yet the end."

"You see, there's this jealous prince who likes the princess a lot. He planned to kill the princess when he learned that she's pregnant. He doesn't want them to be happy together. One night, during a ball, the jealous prince put his plan into action. He tried to kill the princess, but the prince is there to protect her. Thus, it's the prince's life that was put into danger." The kids' eyes were wide. They always have that reaction in that part of the story.

"They tried to heal the prince, using machines to help him. He didn't wake up for a long time, but the princess never left his side. She knows that he's going to wake up to be be with his new family as a husband and father."

"The night before they put the machines away, the princess dreamed. The princes talked to the princess. He told her to remove the machines that were connected to him. She told him he'll die if they do that, but he promised to be there."

"Whe she woke up, the time has come. They're going to remove the machines. Before they do that, the princes played their song with her violin. After playing it, the prince grabbed her hand, and he woke up."

"Time passed. They've had the twins." Len shuffled the twin's heads. "They've got a baby boy." I kissed my son at his cheek. "And now, she's pregnant with a new daughter." Len kissed my stomach. "And they lived happily ever after. Again." We said at the same time.

"It's really wonderful. Violin romance. Impossible, but true. Magical." my daughter yawned.

"You're the prince and the princess right? Dada? Mama?" our youngest son asked. We both nodded.

"We're happy you fell in love with each other. We're happy Daddy decided to say.", my eldest son said. I smiled.

"Of course. I love all of you. Now, up to bed. Goodnight." We kissed them as they strolled outside to their rooms, leaving the two of us alone.

"Violin Romance. I thought it's just a myth." Len hugged me as we lay at the bed.

"I thought so too. But we gave life to it." I rested my head on his chest.

"Know what? I can stay like this forever." He kissed me.

"I can say the same too."

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