I'll admit, this part was rushed. There was more that I wanted to do with it, but my sister kept hassling me while I was trying to write it. Thanks a lot, sis!

P.S. I have the same exact Slipknot ringtone as Barricade. It's fun for when people call me during quiet moments. Like that one time I went to a funeral with a friend of mine and forgot that my phone was in my pocket...

Starscream ended the transmission feeling somewhat disturbed. Those Autobots were up to something, but what? Confused, he sent a transmission via the terminal to the boot camp where Barricade and Blackout were assigned to train recruits. Barricade was the one who answered. "Barricade, I need you and…" There was an explosion followed by screaming coming from somewhere nearby where the terminal Barricade was using was located. "Um… What was that?"

"Blackout and I were playing Minesweeper last night, when we had a power outage. So, we're playing real-life Minesweeper with the rookies to fill that void," Barricade explained.

There was another explosion. "Oh my god, he's dead!" one of the recruits started screaming.

"But the power's obviously back on… Why continue doing it this way?" Starscream asked.

"Screamer, you cannot deny how frigging awesome this is! It's a million times more fun than Extreme Solitaire!" Another explosion splattered Barricade with mech fluids. "It's somewhat messier, though."

"My legs! Somebody help me reattach my legs!"

"So, are you gonna tell me why you called, or can I get back to tormenting…um…I mean…training the recruits?" Barricade asked impatiently.

"The Autobots sent me a disturbing transmission. How soon can you both get back here?" Starscream replied.

"Hmm… I don't know… Hold on a sec." He turned to face somewhere off screen. "Hey Blackout! How many recruits do we got left?!"

"13!" Blackout called back.

Barricade looked back at the terminal. "Yeah, it shouldn't take long."

There was another explosion. Body parts rained down on Barricade. "No! He was just a kid! What are we gonna tell his mother?!"

"Hurry back. I'll explain when you get here."

"Okie dokie, then."

Before Barricade could turn off the terminal and severe the transmission, there was another explosion. "WHY ARE THESE MINES EVEN HERE?!" someone screamed.

"Alright Screamer, what is it this time?" Blackout asked in an annoyed tone.

"This had better be pretty freaking important! It's cutting into my naptime!" Bonecrusher growled. "I get cranky when I don't get any sleep!"

"I take it he doesn't sleep much then?" Barricade whispered to Brawl.

"The Autobots…"

"I am a world before I am a man/I was a creature before I could stand/I will remember before I forget/Before I forget that…" Barricade noticed everybody was staring at him and quickly answered his cell phone.

"Hey, Bumblebee… Look, can I call you back later? This really isn't the best time… Okay… Bye… What?" He paused and gave the phone a weird look. "Iloveyoutoo…" he said as quickly as possible before hanging up. "Sorry…"

Starscream shook his head and continued what he was saying. "The Autobots sent us a transmission… Apparently they want to invite us to a party…" Although Starscream considered this bad, everyone else failed to see what was so horrible about that.

"Really? I love parties!" Barricade said happily.

Blackout nudged him. "Yeah, we know. You started a mosh pit at the last one we went to."

"That's what's so disturbing?" Brawl cocked his head.

"And your point?" Bonecrusher asked.

Starscream face-palmed. "Don't you get it? The Autobots must be up to something! They probably want to get us out of the base so they can sneak inside!" Everyone else stared back at him with disinterest.

"I thought the base was impenetrable, though?" Brawl pointed out. "There's like, six layers of security they need to get through before they can get inside. What will it matter if we're here or not?"

They all looked down when a human randomly walked into the room holding a package. "I've got the complete KoRn discography for a Mr. Bonecrusher," he said.

"That's me," Bonecrusher replied.

"Sign here please…" Bonecrusher signed a clipboard and took the box from him. "Thank you."

Everyone stared at him. "What? I like KoRn. No one else understands me like they do."

"That's why. The back door's unguarded," Starscream sighed.

"Why have six layers of security in the front and nothing in the back? That's really stupid…" Blackout stated.

"Yeah, Screamer, it doesn't make much sense," Brawl agreed.

Starscream was about to say something in response and paused. "Yeah… You're right, actually…"

"Why don't we just put the guard dog out?" Blackout suggested.

"The guard dog? But she's a killer… What if she turns on us?" Brawl shivered.

"Is there any other way?" Everyone was silent, yet fearful. "Let's give it a try, then…"

The Decepticons all stood their distance while they watched Barricade struggle at pushing the crate out into the backyard. The words, "Danger! Rabid dog!" were written on the side in blood. Once Barricade had the crate positioned where he needed it, he used a stick and undid the latch. He took off running when the side fell off, revealing an eight-month-old Pomeranian puppy wearing a collar that said "Waffle" on it. The puppy saw Barricade running and bounded off after him, yipping and trying to give him kisses.

"Run, Barricade! She's gaining on you!" Blackout screamed.

"I'm trying!!" Barricade cried. He dove over the fence and climbed up Blackout's side, shivering as he clung to his rotor mount. Waffle sat down on the other side of the fence, yipped twice, and scratched her head with her hind leg. "Please don't make me do that again! I thought she was gonna do bad things to me!" Barricade whimpered.

"It's okay, Cade," Blackout replied, holding his shaking form and patting him gently on the head. "You're safe, now."

"Alright, now that the guard dog is in place, maybe we should go find out what the Autobots are up to," Starscream said. He suddenly noticed that no one was paying attention to him. They were all surrounding and comforting Barricade. He screamed to get their attention. "Let's go!"

"Oh, yeah… Right…" "Hold on, we're coming!" "Where are we going again?"

"You guys wanted this party! The least you could do is help out in setting it up!" Prowl snapped.

Jazz and Bumblebee sat on the couch eating M&M's and playing Bioshock. "Man, these M&M's are bootleg… Some of them are W's," Jazz said, looking through the bowl.

"Jazz, I'm lost… Where am I supposed to go for that Big Daddy voice-thing?" Bumblebee asked. There was a metallic clink as Prowl chucked a roll of tape at Jazz.

Jazz rubbed his head and glared at Prowl. "What? What did I do?"

"A little help would be nice!"

There was a knock at the door. Trying his hardest to avoid having to help, Jazz jumped up and sprung for the door. "I got it! I got it!"

"I hope Frenzy and Scorponok are okay by themselves," Barricade said as they waited by the door.

"Poor Scorponok… He's not used to being by himself… He's probably so lonely right now…" Blackout added.

Meanwhile…Scorponok was on a romantic candlelight date with a pink bow-wearing female of his species. Frenzy brought them a plate of spaghetti and they reenacted the famous Lady and the Tramp kiss.

"It's spark-breaking just thinking about it," he sniffed.

The door opened just as Starscream was warning Barricade not to start any mosh pits this time. Jazz smiled when he saw who it was. "Hey! I didn't think you guys were coming!"

"Hi, Barricade!" Bumblebee called from where he was playing Bioshock. Barricade waved back.

"So… What is the nature of this party that you invited us to?" Starscream asked suspiciously.

"It's New Year's, dude. I just thought you guys might want to come over for a bit, since you likely don't have anything else to do," Jazz shrugged.

"And what are we supposed to do?" Blackout asked.

"Eat, get drunk, and pass out somewhere on the floor."

"I like this holiday already," Barricade said, pushing past Jazz and diving onto the couch with Bumblebee. He started eating some of the M&M's that he spilled when the bowl bounced up and landed on his head. "Wow, these are some bootleg M&M's you got here…"

"Well, come in! Don't just stand outside in the cold!" Jazz invited, stepping aside. Starscream gave him a look that said, "I'm watching you!" before going in.

Sunstreaker put on Sevendust, causing Barricade to smile mischievously. "MOSH PIT!!"

"Oh no…" Starscream groaned as he got trampled in the ensuing mosh pit.

Starscream shook off while Ratchet got him an ice pack for his head. So far, Barricade seemed to be trying to murder him, but surprisingly, the Autobots didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Yet, anyway. He kept his guard up just in case.

He really didn't like this party… The Autobots had horrible taste in music, and the songs his Decepticon companions were requesting weren't that great either (what the hell kind of a name is "Trivium" for a band, anyway?). He couldn't get anywhere near the food table because Sideswipe was guarding it aggressively. He required a random password to get near it, one which few seemed to know (what seemed most likely was that they just guessed a random word, and if he liked it, he let them get something to eat). The awful sounds coming from the stereo were countered by the awful sounds coming from the video games that Bumblebee was playing on their gynormous television.

"Everything alright, Starscream?" Ratchet asked, slapping the ice pack on his head.

"No," he grumbled. "The only thing getting me through this party is knowing that Bonecrusher is having a worse time than me."


"What the hell?!" Starscream looked over and saw Bonecrusher crowd surfing. "Is everybody a freak but me?!"

"I doubt that, Princess," Ratchet said as he walked away.

"Play a KoRn song!" Bonecrusher called as he continued crowd surfing. To Starscream's horror (mostly because he happened to be standing next to a speaker), Jazz put on Wake Up Hate for Bonecrusher and blasted it.

"Oh sure, play the loudest song they ever made!" he complained.

"Oh, I'm sure we can find louder…" Sunstreaker countered, looking through the CD's for something loud enough to piss Starscream off.

"Ooh, try Killing!" Jazz suggested. "That one's got death metal in it!"

"I like death metal!" Bonecrusher called from somewhere.

"Wow… Bonecrusher actually likes something. Who knew?" Blackout shrugged.

"Hey, Cade… Ya drunk yet?" Brawl slurred, leaning against Barricade when he was too dizzy to sit upright.

"Not yet… But I'll be there shortly," Barricade replied, drinking another high grade. "Hey, Bumblebee, pass me some of those bootleg M&M's."

"What abou' Eminem?" Jazz asked drunkenly from where he was laying across the top of the couch. He rolled over and fell on top of them, spilling Barricade's high grade on himself and sending the spilled M&M's flying. "Oops…"

"Shh, guys, I'm trying to watch the movie," Arcee said. She continued to stare at the static-y television. Bumblebee was passed out with his head in her lap.

"Wow, this party really got out of hand…" Optimus said, watching the remaining Autobots pass out in random places. He looked over to his left and noticed that Blackout somehow managed to pass out standing upright.

"Yeah, well… Happy New Year's," Ironhide replied from his chosen resting place in the middle of the floor.

"I'm not sure I'm gonna have enough medication for all their hangovers," Ratchet sighed. "Especially yours," he said to Ironhide.

Starscream noticed that Sideswipe had fallen asleep and tried to get something to eat. "Password?!" Sideswipe said, waking up fast. Starscream debated what to do a moment, snatched a cupcake, and ran while the red Lamborghini chased after him. The mechs on the floor weren't too happy with being stepped on and tripped over as they bolted across the room.

"I have a feeling that it's going to be very quiet around here tomorrow," Optimus said before turning around to go to bed.

"Shh… I'm trying to watch the movie," Arcee called after him.

No, that's not it! There's still one more part. Happy New Year's, ya'll!