I don't own Kingdom Hearts, but if I did, Sora would totally be all mine...haha. Story is mostly original, but it is inspired by Vampire Knight. I hope that you guys enjoy. Reviews and criticism would be appreciated.

Summery: Sora disappeared from Kairi's life for unknown reasons. A year later, he returns to her and Riku with little to say about his absence. Blood, lust, fear, secrets, friendships, reunions, and promises change their lives.

9. The Luna-tic Arrives
~Tsuki ni Mau Majin~

When I woke up, I was lying on the ground and my room was completely dark except for a spotlight strangely placed above me. I looked around, trying to see if there was anything in the room, but the intensity of the light directly above me was near blinding. I stood up only to realize that I wasn't wearing my cotton pajamas, but an ornate white strapless dress that had several layers of ruffle under the already full skirt. There were also white elbow-length gloves covering my hands and then I felt a tiara on my head. If I wasn't completely confused and afraid, I would've felt entirely like a princess in the attire.

"Where am I?" I called out into the darkness.

At first, nothing responded, but then the spotlight suddenly shut off, plunging me into complete and eternal darkness. I remained still, unmoving, afraid that any movement would result in an unfavorable consequence. It was dark for several moments and then a warm light slowly started to grow from in the corner of my eye. I debated going to the source, instinct telling me that some sort of danger was awaiting me, but I wanted to the return of my sight. The distance wasn't too far away, so I took the risk.

With each step I took, the heels that had somehow gotten on my feet clicked, the sound echoing continuously. As I got closer to the light source, what looked like a large fire started to take shape. Beyond the fire, an outline of a person steadily grew clearer. Whoever it was, it seemed that he was fighting, as if he was chained to the wall. The sound of chains soon mingled with the roar of the overgrown fire. Once I worked my way around the flame, I saw who it was.

"Sora!" I said, running to his side. "Sora, where are we? What's happened? How did this happen to you?"

He looked up to me, his eyes pleading. The chained around his ankles disabled him from standing up. His hand caressed my cheek slowly as he whispered a word of apology. I had no clue why he was apologizing to me. He was the one strapped to chains, not me. His head jerked up suddenly and his eyes glared at someone.

"You've finally woken up," a male voice greeted me calmly. His hand was touching my shoulder gently.

I turned my head around to meet who it was. The man was wearing a black hooded cloak, the hood covering his face to hide his identity from my eyes. Sora seemed to know who he was, for the look in his eyes was spiteful. The hooded man grabbed my forearm, yanking me up from the ground and pulling me along with him. The room then suddenly lit up, revealing 9 other people wearing almost identical black coats.

Then I was thrown to the nearest one, the glove on my right hand pulled off. The cloaked figure caught me, taking my wrist to his lips and biting it. Whoever it was, he were a vampire. The person drew blood as I tried to break lose. After a few seconds, the man thrust me toward another, who also repeated the same routine. This was done with the other 7 vampires.

I was returned to the first cloaked figure, who didn't do what the others had done. Instead, he held both my wrist, locked in his grip. Someone started reciting what sounded like a prayer in some strange language. I fought to break free, but I was too weak. My kicking and tugging didn't faze him whatsoever. Looking into the hood, I saw two red eyes staring back at me.

"I do," he said when the strange poem was finished.

He leaned in toward me, his eyes malicious and bloodthirsty. His hand grabbed my chin and forced my face toward his. He kissed me, his filthy disgusting lips crushing against mine. I punched at him with my free hand, but it was pointless. When he removed his lips from mine, he received a jagged hand knife from one of the other members.

A feeling in the pit of my stomach told me that my heart was where the knife was going to end up. With the tool in one hand, he started to remove his hood. My mouth opened to a soundless scream as he swung the knife immediately after his hood fell.


Kairi sat up in her bed, her blanket flying to the floor as a scream filled the room. She opened her eyes, relieved to see the pale pink walls of her room and grateful that her bed was underneath her. She grabbed her pillow and pressed it to her chest, which rose and dropped heavily.

"It was just a dream," she told herself, checking her wrist for any sign of a bite. Nothing. "Just a dream."

"Kairi?" Her father's voice boomed from behind the door before it was thrown open. Kaito marched into the room in an anxious manner. "Honey, are you okay?"

"Y-yeah," Kairi answered, taken back by her father's sudden appearance. "I guess I had a bad dream or something."

"Okay," he replied, pushing his glasses back up his nose closer to his face. "You need to get ready so you can come with me to work. Apparently, we have a surprise visitor from the High Council. He says he wants to meet you and Riku."

"The vampire council?" she questioned, wondering why they would come now. "Wants to see me and Riku?"

"Yes," Kaito answered, sounding rushed as he walked to the door. "Axel stated that we should hurry over. Apparently the Council doesn't like to wait."

"Oh, okay," she replied, waiting till her father closed the door behind him to get ready.


"Professor Kaito, this is the High Council's second-in-command, Saïx," Axel said, introducing the two men. "Saïx, this is Kaito, primary chief of this clinic and ex-hunter."

"It's nice to meet you, Saïx-sama," the professor greeted, extending his hand to the man before him. "It's an honor to meet someone of your status in the vampire community."

"As is mine, Kaito-sensei," Saïx answered, taking the hand in his. Saïx was dressed in the usual garment of the Council members, a black coat with a hood. "It seems that the accommodations you offer are of the highest standards."

"I would never offer anything less," Kaito answered proudly. "May I inquire what the nature of your visit is?"

"The Council's Superior sent me here to observe, for a week, how your proposal is holding up and the two humans which the vampires had so closely befriended," Saïx responded. "You are fine with that, I assume?"

"Yes," Kaito replied, his voice wavering slightly. "I will draw up the details of where you'll be residing for the duration of your stay shortly."

"That would be appreciated. Thank you." Saïx walked to one corner of the room. "May I ask where your daughter Kairi is? And her friend Riku? I too am intrigued upon why Roxas and the others would become close friends to those mere humans instead of taking their blood."

"Saïx, at this place, we don't talk about drinking blood," Axel explained.

"My dearest apologizes," Saïx stated. "I forgot the nature of this environment."

"No, it's fine," Kaito told him. "Kairi went to get Riku and tell him about your visit. They should be here shortly."

"Kaito-sensei, there was something I wanted to talk to you about," Sora said as he walked into the room. "I think we shou—" he stopped midsentence when he saw Saïx. His hands balled into fist at his side and his eyes filled with hatred for the man who had suddenly showed up.

"Sora, don't just stand there," Axel scolded, pushing Sora's head down so his upper body bent over in a bow. "Be respectful. He's the Council's number 2, if you don't recall."

"I apologize for my ignorance," Sora stated, his eyes staring at the ground. He was grateful that Axel was forcing his head down because neither of the adults could see how forced the words were. "Please forgive me."

"Axel, let the child go," Saïx told him. "You know better than to mess with the Superior's favorite." Sora could hear the venom underneath Saïx's words, the true intention of the message.

"Sora," the professor said, "could you show Saïx-sama the bedroom directly across the hallway from yours. That is where he'll be residing for the next seven days of his visit."

"No way am I gon—!"

"Sora!" Axel cut him off. "Escort Saïx to his room. Remember where you stand."

"Shall we proceed?" Saïx questioned, waiting for Sora to take the lead.

"Hai…" Sora moaned, forcing his feet to move. He could feel Saïx's eyes on his back the entire way, curiously watching his movements and actions. He didn't dare turn to look at the man behind him until they reached their destination.

"Well, aren't you going to open it?" Saïx questioned Sora, an expectant look on his face.

Letting out an annoyed sigh, Sora opened the door and waited for Saïx to say something.

"Come with me, boy," he commanded, dragging Sora into the room by the wrist. The room was very much like Sora's, except with more furniture. "I can feel how much you're fighting the prophecy. You, of all people, should know that resisting in useless. The inevitable will happen."

"Nothing's ever set in stone," Sora retorted, not stunned by the change in behavior. "Xemnas made a mistake in choosing me to carry out his dirty work. I won't do what he tells me."

"Which is exactly why I'm here," Saïx responded, chuckling quietly to himself. "That will of yours is why he chose you. That will is also the only hindrance to the completion of the prophecy. I'm here to break that will. To force you to do our bidding. You're the key to seeing the future unfold in our favor, but at the same time, you're also the lock. Without you or the human bride, nothing can be done."

"I guess that's tough luck for you then," Sora stated proudly.

"You haven't seen what I can do," Saïx told Sora. "You're gonna learn what it's like to have your will crushed and replaced by ours."

A knock came at the door. Saïx looked at Sora expectantly again.

"You're not gonna get it?" he said in a scolding tone. "It's impolite to leave guests waiting at the door."

"I may be your tool," he whispered under his breath angrily, "but I'm certainly not your door boy. Get the freakin' door yourself." He opened the door to find Kairi and Riku waiting to be let in.

"Hey Sora," Kairi greeted happily. "Daddy told us that you went to show our guest his room. How nice of you."

"Uh…yeah," he responded. Guess her daddy didn't tell her that I was forced to do this.

Saïx stepped into view behind Sora, his eyes automatically locking onto Kairi. "You two must be Sora's friends." He looked over to Riku, briefly acknowledging the silver haired boy's presence. "I assume that you're this Riku I've heard about." He turned back to Kairi, reaching over Sora's shoulder to take her hand in his. "And you must be Kaito-sensei's beautiful daughter, Kairi," he took her hand to his lips, "It's my pleasure to meet you."

Her face went red. "N-nice to meet you too."

Sora had to fight the urge to hit Saïx. He knew Saïx wouldn't try anything now while it was still early. Saïx was a professional schemer, capable of masking his true intentions till the very end.

"I know that I was the one who asked to see you," Saïx stated, "but may I have some time to myself? The trip here was very tiring."

"What are you talking about?"Sora remarked. "You're a vampire. You don't get t—" His phrase was cut short as something stomped on his foot.

"That's fine with me," Riku answered, already walking down the hallway. "If anyone needs me, you know where to find me."

"Would you like me to bring you anything?" Kairi offered. "Water? Tea?"

"I believe that your father developed a blood tablet which Axel informed me of," he replied. "I'm intrigued by those. Would it be too much to ask for one?"

"It'll be no trouble," Kairi answered, starting down the hallway. "I'll be right back with one for you."

"Thank you," he called after her. He pushed Sora into the hallway. "Remember what I have told you," he stated ominously. "The future will unfold when the prophecy is fulfilled."

As the door closed behind him, Sora glared at it, knowing this visit had more purpose than Saïx let on. He had to be more careful for the next week. He had to make sure that Kairi stayed away from Saïx, that she didn't get too close to him. Who knew what the lunatic had up his sleeve?


"Hey Riku," Sora greeted, as he walked into the courtyard just outside the walls of the clinic. Riku was perched on a low branch that stood in the middle of the green field. Riku waved at him before returning to his thoughts. "How's your leg?"

"They got all the glass out and bandaged everything up. They told me that I was lucky that I didn't need to get stitches," Riku explained. "It still hurts a little when I walk, but nothing major."

"That's good," Sora said, leaning against the trunk next to his friend. "I'm sorry I couldn't get there sooner. I was around when I heard the first shot go off, but I didn't get there soon enough."

"Don't beat yourself up over this. Besides, I was thrown into the building before the gunshot. Either way, I would've still had these wounds," Riku told him. "I don't know what would've happened if you didn't show up."

"I told you already," Sora stated. "I didn't ask for any of this. I would do anything to get my old life back. Anything to make it so that I don't have this burning sensation in my throat…so I don't crave blood, Kairi's blood…so I don't have these powers…"

"That's been on my mind," Riku commented. "According to all the archives, only vampires of Noble and Superior status can possess those kinds of powers. Yet you, someone who was turned into a vampire, has this power that only Superior vampires have. What's with that?"

"I dunno," Sora answered. "Whoever it was that changed me must've seen something in me. And this power is something Superior vampires don't even have."

"What do ya mean?"

"The ability they have is limited only to controlling vampires of lower status. They can't exercise their control over humans either," Sora explained. "But I can use my control freely on anyone. Humans, Renegades, and even Noble and Superior vampires."

Sora waited for Riku to make some sign of a response, but the air was silent and still.

"Like I said, I'd do anything to return to how things were before. To be human again." Sora hit his fist against the tree trunk. "To be able to be around Kairi and have her safe."

"Sora," Riku said in a calm voice, "have you used that power on anyone?"

"Well, yeah. At first, I didn't know about if or how it worked," Sora responded. "But the more I used it, the more I came to understand it."

"No, I meant, did you use it on anyone here?"

"N-no, I haven't," Sora stuttered, hoping Riku wouldn't catch the lie on his lips.

"Okay," Riku simply said, leaving things at that. He turned back to the sky. "Someone's coming this way."

Sora looked at the entrance to the courtyard. "It's Roxas," he stated, watching his friend, his hands in his pocket, stroll over in their direction. His strut was casual, but there was something urgent about it.

"Seems like he needs to talk to you," Riku commented, briefly glancing in Roxas' direction. "Looks like it's important."

"What do you think it could be about?" Sora asked.

"How would I know?" Riku shrugged. "I guess you're about to find out."

"Sora," Roxas said without acknowledging Riku's presence, "I need to talk to you."

"Umm…sure," Sora answered, pushing himself off the tree trunk. "I'll see you later, Riku."

"See ya later," Riku responded, suddenly remembering something. "Kaito-sensei told me to tell you that we've got a job tonight. We'll be working in our usual pairs."

"Alright," he replied, following Roxas back into the building. "I'll see you tonight then," he shouted back before he left.

"You don't mind if we head into town, do you?" Roxas asked. "I need a change in scenery."

"Sure," Sora responded, glad to get away from the place himself. Who knows what Saïx could do to me?


They walked into a quaint coffee shop located not too far from the clinic which was named "The Moogle and Magic." Sora thought that the name was a little strange (weren't Moogles creatures from another world?), but Roxas assured him that they had the most amazing menu, so he decided to give it a chance. They were immediately seated and given menus. Sora, since this was his first time here, took a few extra moments to look through the selection.

"You ready?" Roxas asked when Sora put down his menu.

"Yeah," Sora answered.

Sora anticipated for Roxas to signal a waiter over to their table, but that wasn't the case. Instead, Roxas pushed a button that was located right next to the table and a holographic figure of some strange creature appeared. It was white with a red nose and closed eyes. A red ball was attached to the antenna on the top of its head, causing the antenna to droop over in front of its face. Sora studied it, fascinated by the use of technology.

"I'm guessing that this is a Moogle," Sora half inquired.

"Yeah," Roxas answered, amused at Sora's curiosity with the hologram. He directed his next statement to the Moogle. "I'll have a Sea-Salt Smoothie."

The Moogle pressed some invisible button, jumped joyously, and then turned to Sora with an expectant look on its face.

"Oh," Sora said when he realized that the Moogle was waiting for his order, "I'll have a Tropical Island Shake."

The Moogle repeated the same process and then disappeared. A few seconds later, a real Moogle showed up at their table with the drinks in hand. After it served the drinks, it quickly disappeared.

"Has this place always been here?" Sora asked, realizing that he had never seen it before.

"Yeah, but only we can access it," Roxas responded. "It caters specifically to vampires. You see, when Kaito-sensei found success with his blood tablets, he established this place for us. The drinks have the smallest traces of his tablets incorporated into them."

"Oh." Sora took a sip of his drink. Sure it was delicious, the fruit mix was a refreshing taste, but it didn't do anything to quell the slight burning in his throat. Further proof that the tablets had no effect on him. "This is really good!"

"I'm addicted to their Sea-Salt Smoothies," Roxas stated after taking a drink from his glass. "It's salty at first, but then it gets sweeter. Axel-sama got me hooked onto them."

"I'll have to try that one sometime," Sora stated.

The conversation died, leaving the air between the two friends somewhat tense. Sora tried to fill the emptiness, but an appropriate topic wouldn't come to mind. Instead, he drank from the glass in front of him.

"You know," Roxas said, finally breaking the silence, "Naminé's realized that there's some hole in her memory."

"A hole?" Sora repeated uneasily. "What do you mean?"

"It's a memory that involves you," Roxas continued. "One second, she's talking to you, then darkness, and then you're on the ground like someone punched you in the stomach."

"Darkness," he said again. "What do you mean by that?"

"It's as I said. Darkness. Nothing." Roxas looked down at his drink, his eyes worried. "She doesn't understand why it's there. Her memory is her gift, like mine's is the manipulation of light. Nothing should be wrong with her memory."

"Do you think I had something to do with it?" Sora questioned. "Since it's about me?"

"I guess so," Roxas answered. "Just…do you remember what happened then? Naminé may not remember, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't."

Sora recalled that afternoon all too well. It's the one he didn't want her to remember, so he made it that way. Having Naminé notice added another worry to his list. He didn't need any more on top of what he already had, so he promptly lied to his friend, a habit he found himself doing more often.

"I can't remember what happened that day," he stated, hoping Roxas wouldn't catch his bluff.

"Naminé can sample your memory to see what happened," Roxas remembered, recalling the conversation he had with Naminé a few nights ago. That also reminded him of the blood he found in the dark room on the night of the dance.

Knowing about Naminé's power, Sora knew having her glance at his memory would not be a good thing. But if he made a fuss about it, Roxas could suspect something. He could use his power to make Roxas forget about it, but Riku was beginning to catch on. His choices were starting to look not too bright now.

"Hey Sora," Roxas said quietly, "there's something else I wanted to talk to you about."

"What?" Sora asked, grateful for a change in subject.

"On the night of the dance, after you and Kairi disappeared, I found some blood in this empty room." Roxas considered continuing, but in a room of vampires who could be listening, it seemed like a bad choice. He told Sora to quickly finish his drink and then they left the shop.

Sora followed as Roxas led him through the town in a series of random turns at any which street. "What were you saying, Roxas?"

"I found blood in one of the rooms, but it wasn't human blood. It tasted like that of a Superior vampire." Roxas paused, briefly glancing back at the unchanged expression on Sora's face. "There's this prophecy among our kind, one that speaks of some marriage between a human and a vampire. This marriage will grant awesome power to the vampire who participates in it. But the catch is that it can't be any human girl…"

"This human has to possess the blood of a Superior vampire," Sora finished for him, knowing the story all too well.

"I'm not surprised that you know about this," Roxas said. "Sora, we know about how you can only live off of human blood. We've kept quiet about that. But when I found that blood, the Superior blood, something clicked. Kairi's human, completely and undeniably human. But is she the human bride destined for the prophecy?"

"Looks like we've found out who it is," a voice stated. It came from the shadows of the near setting day. "The prophecy is now in our reach."

"Now all we have to do is find her," a second voice replied.

"Whoever you are," Sora called, his hand outstretched. "Show yourselves." The Keyblade appeared in his hands, shining brilliantly in the darkening day.

Two figures stepped out from the shadows of the alley beside them. Roxas waved his hand and a cage of light surrounded the two vampires.

"I didn't actually think they would walk out like that," Roxas commented, finding it weird for two vampires to listen to someone of Sora's status.

"Yeah, that's a little strange," Sora agreed, watching the captured vampires for any sign of retaliation.

But there was none. The two captured vampires remained still inside the cage.

"Something's off here," Roxas said. "Why aren't they struggling? Trying to get out?"

"You're right," Sora agreed, moving closer to investigate the strange behavior.

The expression on the vampires' faces were blank, their eyes void of any thought or emotion. Their bodies were still and unmoving also. It was as if they had been frozen into these positions. Sora, knowing the potential risks, reached through the bars, careful not to touch the light, and tried to stir a reaction from one of them. As he was about to poke one on the shoulder, it suddenly lashed out and grabbed Sora's arm.

"Roxas!" Sora called for help. "Removed the cage!"

With another wave of his arm, the light disappeared, allowing for Sora, and the other vampires, to move freely. The second vampire, the one not engaged in battle with Sora, started after Roxas. In defense, Roxas held his arms up, and a wall of light surrounded him. He thrust his arms out, causing the wall to radiate away from him. It repelled the on-coming enemy, but Roxas withdrew it so it wouldn't harm Sora. The vampire got up again and threw itself after Roxas again. Holding his hands away from his body, Roxas conjured a sword of light, which he used to slice through the vampire's body. The creature fell to the ground, cringing in pain. Feeling slightly sorry for the being, Roxas pointed directly at the vampire's chest and a pillar of light engulfed it. It incinerated the creature, leaving behind dust, which drifted into the wind.

Meanwhile, Sora was locked in a more physical battle. The vampire, after the light cage disappeared, pulled Sora into itself, disabling Sora's other arm in the process. The vampire then bit into Sora's shoulder. He suppressed a cry of pain, but a whisper of agony escaped his lips. Remembering what metal the Keyblade was made of, Sora skillfully maneuvered the handle of his blade and stabbed the creature in the leg. The vampire's grip on him loosened and Sora seized the opportunity to toss the being over his head onto the ground in front of him. Ignoring his bloody shoulder, he quickly moved to pierce the creature through the chest with the Keyblade. The vampire screamed, shrieked out in unfathomable pain and agony. It echoed through the sky, filling Sora's and Roxas' ears with the unbearable sound. As the sound faded, the vampire faded to dust, the wind capturing the particles and blowing them away.

"Sora," Roxas walked up to his friend, "we should get your shoulder checked."

"No," he answered, his chest rapidly rising and dropping from the adrenaline of the battle. "I'll be fine. My wounds heal quickly; I just need time for them to heal over."

"But shouldn't you sti—"

"I don't want them to worry about me. Everyone would freak out if they saw this," he clasped his hand over the now not bleeding shoulder, "especially Kairi. She needs to worry about herself ore than she does me."


Kairi watched the Superior vampire entering the Briefing Room. Saïx moved so swiftly, as if his feet never touched the ground, like he was gliding above the floor. He also seemed so calm and had a regal air about him. It was also mysterious, the nature of this vampire. Everything about him was shrouded in mystery. He had shown up out of nowhere and decided to take residence. His intentions seemed like there was more than he let on. But what intrigued her the most was the history of the scars on his face. Did he get them in battle? Or was there some significance behind them?

"Kairi," Saïx' spoke, breaking Kairi of her trance, "may I inquire to what are you so intently watching?"

"N-nothing," she replied, realizing that she had previously been staring.

Saïx laughed quietly to himself and walked over to Kairi. He took a strand of her hair in his hand and took in its scent. "You look very much like your mother."

"You knew my mother?" she questioned, remembering what Sora had told her.

"Not exactly," he answered in his slow manner of speaking. "I met her once, but never saw her again."

"Why?" she asked, wondering if Saïx had the answers to her questions. "Do you know what happened to her when I was little?"

"She got caught in the middle of a horrible conflict," he told her. "I don't remember all the details, but it's tragic how your mother died."

"How?" she quickly questioned. "How? For what reasons?"

"I'm not the best person to answer those questions," Saïx responded. "But I know of someone who can get you all the answers you desire."

"Who?" she eagerly inquired. Ever since Sora told her about her mother's death, questions constantly bombarded her any moment she wasn't worried about Sora. How did her mother die exactly? For what reason was she killed? By whom? Why didn't someone tell her?

"Your friends Roxas, Naminé, and Demyx hold the answer," Saïx told her. "Sora could tell you the story, but –"

"Sorry I'm late," Riku announced, walking into the room in a hurry. "I feel asleep outside…where's Sora and Roxas?"

"We're here!" Roxas called as they ran into the room. "We got a little held up."

Kaito marched into the room, this time without any manila folders. He flew past the children and Saïx and took a seat at his desk. There was a grave expression on his face. "I've just been informed that there was a sighting of hunter vampires in the area."

Hunter vampires were vampires of any status that decided to hunt the Renegade hunters as their profession. They are of rare numbers in the population, but there was a substantial number of them to do damage if they weren't careful.

"You don't say," Sora said in a joking manner, placing his hand on his nearly healed shoulder. Someone must've been nearby when he and Roxas were attacked.

"There's no mission tonight, but I want the four of you to patrol the area," Kaito informed them. "Don't underestimate these hunters. They don't hold any restraint when they want to attack, so be careful."

"Got'cha daddy," Kairi answered, getting up from her seat. "Let's go Riku." She walked over to the wall of weaponry and picked up her Flowering Strength.

"I'm gonna go ahead," Roxas told Sora, who was glaring intently at Saïx. "I'll wait for you outside."

"You're not partnered with Kairi?" Saïx questioned Sora. "Why I'm disappointed. I was hoping to do some observation tonight on this human-vampire interaction."

"Well, if that's the case," Kaito said, "Kairi, you work with Sora tonight. Riku, you're with Roxas."

"Thank you, Kaito-sensei," Saïx stated. "I am grateful for this opportunity of observation."

Sora glared at Saïx of sheer rage. Saïx was working the strings behind everything to get what he wanted. Saïx wanted Sora to spend more time with Kairi. Even though he loved her company more than anything in the world, the more time he spent with her, the faster the other side of him took over. Saïx knew that Kairi would bring out the vampire in him. He was going to exploit this weakness to his advantage.


"I think he left," Kairi commented.

Sora paused, listening to the air around them. "I think he went to check on the other two."

"You know, something's been on my mind," she admitted. "I noticed something about Saïx-sama."


The two of them walked down the street in a steady rhythm. The night air was warm on their skin. Stars twinkled in the sky above. They had not encountered anything on their patrol and Sora hoped it would remain that way. She was already in enough danger with him around. Add in a few more vampires and things would only get worse.

"He was the one in the robe that give him the hand knife," she said. "He's wearing the same robe I saw in my dream."

"What dream?" he questioned, suddenly curious.

"You were in it too. I was in this weird room. It was completely dark, but then a fire came out of nowhere. I walked toward it, only to find you chained to the wall and floor. You apologized to me for some strange reason. And then some man in a black cloak showed up. He pulled me away from you toward 9 others wearing similar black coats.

"I was tossed from guy to guy and they each took my wrist and drank some blood. Then I ended up back with the first black coat. A strange prayer was recited then he said, 'I do.' He kissed me and then received a hand knife."

"What happened next?" Sora asked, making mental detailed notes about her dream.

"I woke up," Kairi replied. "I woke up screaming. It seemed so real."

"Do you remember anything else?"

"Nothing much," she said. "Nothing other than that I was wearing a white dress and a tiara."

Human bride.

Those words just popped into her head. She didn't understand their meaning or why there were related. But as quickly as they appeared, they didn't sit on her mind for too long before fading back into the background.

"How are you two faring?" Riku asked, walking toward the two of them.

"We haven't found anything," Sora answered. "How 'bout you two?"

"Nothin'," Roxas replied. "But I realized that this guy," he pointed his thumb to Riku, "is no fun to be around."

"It wasn't my fault that Saïx convinced Kaito-sensei to rearrange us," Riku retorted. "If anyone's to blame, it's him."

"I'd be careful of what I was saying," Sora urged. "He could be listening right now."

"Well, we're gonna get going then," Riku stated, an uneasiness in his voice. "We're gonna do one more check and then head back to the clinic."

"We're going to what?" Roxas complained, following Riku as he marched away.

"I guess we can call it a night," Kairi stated. "Let's go back."

Sora followed, capturing her scent as it drifted in the breeze. His will was slowly weakening, as he noticed. Each time he drank her blood, it weakened further. It became more vulnerable to Xemnas' hold. If it kept weakening, it would soon become inevitable. Kairi's recent nightmare, Xemnas' dream, would come true.

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