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A note found in Sam Puckett's locker one Tuesday:

It's taken me forever to realize this, and even longer to admit it, even to myself. And now I've finally got the courage up to tell you. I love you. I always have and I always will. If you don't feel the same way, ignore this note.

A sign found on Sam Puckett's locker the next day, Wednesday:


A response to the original note, found in (you guessed it!) Sam Puckett's locker early Wednesday morning:

To the Idiot who left a note in my locker,

First off, that note better not have been for me. If it wasn't, I guess that I don't mind. Hopefully the sign set you straight. Anyway, never ever write a note like that again. And never pick my lock again. There's a vent you know, genius. Perfect for note-dropping. That's about it. Oh, and again, NO MORE NOTES. Got it?


A note found the next day, in Sam's locker, later Wednesday morning:

Yes, the note was meant for you. No, I won't stop sending you notes. Yes, I just realized that there was (is?) a vent. But how will I read your responses then? Yes, I love you.

A note found just after lunch, on Wednesday, in Sam's locker:


You're one lucky dweeb. If I was in a bad mood, you'd be dead. And then, I would tease you for the rest of your life. Luckily, today's a good day. And so, I'll only threaten death and a painful wedgie. And I never asked if you loved me. I really don't want to know.


A note found the next day, early Thursday morning, in Sam's locker:

Maybe you never asked me, but now that I've got the courage up, I can't seem to stop saying it. I love you. See? Involuntary! Anyway, why do you think that I'm a dweeb? Other than the fact that you do threaten death and give me wedgies constantly. Well, I guess that's it. I love you. Always.

A note found late Thursday morning, in Sam's locker:


Now, wasn't that touching. Oh, and why do you think I think of you as a dork? Using words like "involuntary" wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it? Anyway, I knew you were a dork from the beginning. I mean, a normal boy would just write "Wanna go out sometime" or something like that. Actually, a normal boy would just ask me out, no notes necessary. Writing takes so much confidence!


A note found in Sam's locker just before lunch on Thursday:

Would you prefer me writing, Sam, you pretty. We go out? Really, Sam, you really have no romance in your soul. And I am a dweeb. I accept that, even if you don't.

A note found in Sam's locker on Thursday afternoon, just before dismissal:


Maybe I would.


A note found in Sam's locker just as school starts on Friday:


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you. I love you.

A note found in Sam's locker just after lunch on Friday:

Where the hell are you?

A note found in Sam's locker on Friday:

Sam, really, where are you?

A note found in Sam's locker on Monday morning:

Paranoid Idiot,

Wow, I miss school for one day and you have a heart attack! Looks like your mom's rubbing off on you, eh?


A note found in Sam's locker minutes after Sam's note was put in:

Oh my God Puckett! I love you and all but, please, tell me next time you skip school! I almost did have a heart attack!

-You know who I am

P.S. I do sound like my mom. Wait... HOW DID YOU KNOW?

A note found in Sam's locker right after lunch:

My Idiot,

Remember how you said learning everyone's handwriting wouldn't pay off? Guess the tech geek was W-R-O-N-G! Oh yes, victory! Oh, and by the way, I love you too, Benson. See you after school.



A note left in Sam's locker just after Sam leaves for class:

Dear Sam,

Really? God, you're evil! I was so worried! You knew the whole time? And you love me? And I'll see you after school? I love you, but I'm really not getting what's going on!


A confused Freddie

A note left in Fredward Benson's locker just before school lets out on Monday


Yes to all. I'll explain it all after school. It shouldn't take long, 'cause you're smart, right?



The End