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In my Supernatural world, Sam and Dean have a little sister, Eleanor (who goes by Elle, Elles, Ellie, and Lennie).

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The room was dark, with the only light coming from the television. Two teenage girls were lying on the bed, watching The O.C. Phantom Planet's "California" came on, and one of the girls stretched. Her deep dark brown hair fell around her face, hiding its beauty.

"I forgot you don't like this show, Kay. I'll change the channel." The girl next to her said.

Kay parted her hair, so her striking deep blue eyes could look at her friend.

"The O.C. is starting to grow on me, Elle."

Her friend's stunning green eyes lit up. "It's about time!" She said happily as she threw her light brown hair behind one shoulder. "'Cause really, all of those Seth-isms can be used in daily life."

Kay rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah. Everyone needs to know a few sarcastic comments to make about sea monkeys."

"You're just mad that he's more sarcastic than you."

"Oh yes. I'm sure that's it." Kay started laughing.

"Now shut up. It's back on."

Kay heard some ruffling of papers coming from the kitchen, and a scrape of a chair as someone moved to sit down.

She glanced at Elle. "Are you sure that Sam doesn't mind that I'm here?"

"You wouldn't want to bother Sam would you, Kay? After all, if you want a relationship, you have to keep on his good side."

"You know what Elle!" She humphed as she pushed Elle off the bed.

"Oh Sam! Hold me close! Lay one on me! Muah, muah!" Elle rolled around on the floor, cracking up.

"Shut it!" Kay shrieked as she started bombarding Elle with pillows.

"Uncle, uncle! You have all the amo anyway..this fight isn't fair." She climbed back onto the bed, grabbing a pillow on her way up.

"Let's just watch the O.C. and not talk about Sam's "hunkiness" as you like to put it."

Elle turned back to the tv, staring intently at Seth and Summer arguing. Kay glanced at it briefly before going on.

"He is a hunk Elle, you just don't see it because he's your brother. You should hear what the other girls at school say about him when he comes within gawking distance. 'Oh, look at those muscles!' 'That butt is scrumptious!' And my personal favorite, 'He's a walking orgasm!' And they're completely right you know. He's perfect. I mean, he's smart, sexy, caring, compassionate.." Elle cut her off with a brief glare.

Kay waited until the next commercial to continue. "Anyway, I can't understand why he doesn't have a girlfriend. It's slightly unbelievable, considering what happens when he walks into the grocery store, so you would think that college girls would fall all over him too, not just little old ladies or soccer moms."

Elle didn't respond to Kay's little speech.


She responded while keeping your eyes trained on the TV. "He hasn't found the right girl."

"Is that what he told you?" Kay asked, surprised.

Elle nodded.

"You know what I think?" Kay shot out.

"No, but I'm sure you're going to tell me."

"I think he won't date because he thinks that it will be awkward for you."

"Is that so?"


"Well, it's a free country. You are entitled to your own opinion."

"That I am."

"Well thanks for sharing it."

"Don't mention it."

With that they both went back to the TV, for it was much easier to watch a teen soap then deal with your own issues. They managed to finish The O.C. and a few episodes of The Hills before Kay's phone started vibrating, and both of them jumped. Kay dug into her pants and pulled out her phone, groaning as she opened it.

"Hello? Yeah……..yeah….fine." She snapped the phone shut. "A poopy head. That's what she is. 'Don't be a nuisance Leigh. Let them live their lives in peace."

"You are a nuisance, Kay. An annoying flea that buzzes around constantly."

Kay punched her in the arm as they both stood up. Elle opened the door and pushed her friend out. They walked past the kitchen where Sam was hunched over his books, reading silently to himself.

"Mom called?" he asked without even looking up.

"Yeah," Kay replied. "I'm a nuisance. I'll see you tomorrow morning Elle."

"Bright and early!" Elle replied as she opened the door.

Kay walked out without a goodbye and got into her car. But that wasn't because she was mad at her friend. The two never said goodbye, because in Elle's experience, 'goodbye' could bet he last thing you ever say to someone.

While she drove home Kay mulled over her friend Elle.

Even though it had taken Elle awhile to fully open up to her, several months in fact, they had clicked instantly the moment they met in English class. After that they had been inseperable, but there was this secretiveness about her. Like whenever she asked Elle about her family. Her face would become this blank slate, and her answer would be generic. But that had all changed when, one day, when she had gone over to her friend's house to get some homework help, and she wasn't home. Sam had let her in, and told her to make herself comfortable, that Elle would be home soon, she was just at the library.

So, Kaleigh had wandered into Elle's room, and turned on the TV. That's when she noticed something shiny sticking out from underneath the dresser. Getting up to investigate, she bent down and pulled it out. It was a curved, sharp edged knife, with jagged edges. She dropped it in fear. That's when she noticed that there was a cross sticking out as well. She had collapsed onto the bed in shock. Why would her friend have such a weapon? She was stunned. She heard the front door open, and Sam yelling to Elle that Kay was waiting for her in her room. "Crap!" Elle had shouted. She ran into the room, and glanced at the floor, and then back at her friend. Sam had run into the room right behind her, "What?" He too looked at the floor, and his face clouded over. "Oh."

"Why do you have a dagger stashed under your dresser?" She had asked shrilly.

Elle sighed, and in that sigh there was a sound of defeat. "Sam, I..we, have to tell her the truth. She deserves to know. I can't keep doing this."

Kay remembered the way Sam had looked at Elle, a look filled with such sorrow, such anguish. "Alright." He had whispered. They both left the room, Elle motioning for Kay to follow. Kaleigh did, and sat down on the love seat, while Elle sat on the couch across from her, and Sam stood behind Elle, looking sad. Kay knew that she was going to finally hear about her friend's life, and her family.

"We used to live in Lawrence, Kansas." Elle had begun, sighing. "My dad John, my mom, Mary, my older brother Dean, Sam and I. From what I've heard from Sam, we were a happy normal family like everyone else. Mom would sing to us when she put us to bed, she read us Doctor Seuss books, and we went to church every Sunday. But when I was a year old, that all changed. The night of my birthday, there was a fire in my nursery…" Elle stopped talking looking pleadingly at Sam. He sat down next to her, and continued.

"Our dad ran in, to find our mom pinned to the ceiling, and Elle in her crib. He grabbed Elle and handed her off to Dean, who was standing dazed in the hallway, with me next to him. Dean carried both of us out, while Dad went back in to see…mom…but…The police said that it was a faulty wire that caused the fire. But Dad knew…..it wasn't a faulty wire that killed our mother. It was something else….something evil, and it wanted to kill the rest of us as well."

"So you're saying that someone killed your mother?"

"Not someone, something." Elle responded. "There are things out there, in the dark…the things that go bump in the night are real."

"No. It's not possible. You both..you're crazy!" Kay had jumped up and yelled.

"Just hear us out Kay." Sam had pleaded.

She sat back down.

"From that point on, we all bounced around from place to place, while dad went after evil entities. And all the while we were raised like soldiers. When I was afraid of the things in our closet he gave me a .45. Elle learned to shoot a gun before she could tie her shoes."

"We still went to school and everything," Elle continued. "We just went to a lot of them. But we all managed to do well in school, well, Dean did average but that's not saying much.."

"Anyway," Sam had cut her off, before she had time to insult Dean anymore. "There was always a reason for us moving around, and that reason was for a new job, hunting…"

"A monster?" Kay had interjected.

"If you use that term loosely. Anyway, we never went with him on a hunt when we were young. Dad would leave us in the hotel room while he went after whatever the new monster was that week. Dean would be in charge, sometimes for days. Elle would attach herself to my side on the couch while we watched cartoons, and Dean would sit in a chair with his gun on his lap, always on alert.

Dean and I were more like Elle's father than Dad was. If Elle would scrape her knee she would cry out for me, not Dad. Dean taught her how to ride a bike; I taught her how to tie her shoes, how to read. If she had a nightmare it would be me she would clutch on to, not Dad. And Dean will swear to this day that Elle said 'Sam' before she said 'Dad.' I mean don't get me wrong. Dad was around, just…not a lot. And when he was around, most of that time was spent yelling or training."

"Training?" Kay asked timidly.

Elle nodded as Sam continued. "Hmm. We weren't the Brady Bunch, we were the G.I. Joe family. Push ups, sit ups, crunches, laps…and weapon training. We all learned how to handle knives, guns, bows, and stakes. And then there was the…what did you call it Elles?"

"The creepers academy." She said, smiling a bit.

"Ahh. That's it. The creepers academy. Sometimes Dad would give us speeches on certain creepers, but more often than not, he would give us reading material, which we'd have to read while he was gone. But, Elle was little, and she couldn't stay focused for very long. Plus, this stuff was pretty scary, especially for a seven year old. So…Dean and I would act the info out."


Elle giggled, and Kay believed she did so because she was remembering some crazy childhood memory. Kay herself could picture at least Sam pretending to be some big spooky monster for his little sis.