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Sam woke up suddenly a few hours later. Sometime during their sleep Sam had shifted to his back, and Elle had moved with him. She was still sleeping, tucked into the crook of his arm, as any sane person should have been at this ungodly hour, her breathing deep and even. Sam wondered why he had woken up. He thought he had heard a noise down the hall, but he was pretty sure he was imagining things.

That was until he heard a bump coming from somewhere in the apartment. Elle's eyes opened, and she sat up at the same time Sam did. He put a finger to his lips.

'Stay here.' He told her, reaching underneath the bed for a baseball bat.

'No.' she responded immediately pulling a knife from underneath the bed on the other side.

He sighed, exasperated. 'Fine. Stay behind me then.'

She nodded as they both got up and went to the door. Sam opened it quietly, and they crept down the hallway, towards the family room.

Sam could hear someone walking around, and they were muttering something under their breath.

'Stay here until I tell you otherwise. On the count of three Elle. One…two…


Sam burst into the room and hit the intruder from behind.

They exchanged a few punches, until they landed on the floor, the intruder on the top. Sam couldn't believe his eyes as a beam of moonlight lit the trespasser's face.

"Dean?" Sam asked, astounded.

"Getting a little rusty there, college boy. That was so easy I'm embarrassed for you." Dean said, the grin evident in his tone.

Sam grunted as he kicked Dean and flipped him onto his back.

"Or not. Get off 'o me."

Sam got off of Dean, and offered him a hand up, which Dean took.

"What are you doing here Dean?" Sam asked, as Elle walked into the room, flicking the light on.

"Well, I was looking for a beer…Elle?"

"Hi Dean." Elle said softly.

"You…wow…you sure are growing up."

Elle allowed herself a small smile before it turned into a grimace as Dean's thoughts went through her mind

"Thanks for the memo Captain Obvious. And by the way, that was disgusting."

"Well Sam, it sounds like even though she's been with you for a year and a half, she still has my snarky side."

Sam snorted. "And that's something to be real proud of Dean."

"Damn straight it is."

Sam glanced at the doorway when he didn't hear Elle respond, and noticed that Elle was shaking a bit.

"You never answered my question." Sam said as he walked over to the couch and picked up the nearest blanket. He then walked over to stand next to Elle, and he handed her the blanket.

Elle wrapped it around her shoulders.

'Thanks Sam.'

"That's cuz I'm still waiting on that beer."
Sam sighed. "Come on."

He turned around and left the room, leaving Elle and Dean eying each other.

"Are you going to follow him?" Dean asked his sister.

"The question is, are you going to follow him? I know my way to the kitchen."

Dean stood there, staring at his sister.

"Unless…you have something that you want to say to me." Elle said softly.

Dean was silent, and then…

"What happened to you tonight?"

Elle smiled.

"I forgot how insightful you are."

"Are you going to answer my question?"

"Hello? I'm sitting here all by myself." Sam called from down the hallway.

"Sammy's waiting for us."

Elle turned and started down the hallway.

Dean sighed and followed his little sister.

"You're not off the hook you know." Dean said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Who's not off the hook?" Sam asked, as Elle sat down next to him on the left, reaching for the water that Sam had set on the table for her.

Dean plopped down in the seat across from Sam and took a swig of beer.

"Dean." Sam prompted.

"What happened to Elle tonight?"
Sam sighed and glanced at Elle. Her face was incredibly pale, and it was obvious that she was still in pain.

"She had a vision."

Dean looked at Elle. She was silent as she drew her legs up onto the seat of the chair, and pulled the blanket onto her head. Dean could only see her piercing hazel eyes shining in the darkness of the blanket.

Sam cleared his throat softly, and Dean looked at him, ready for an explanation.

"Dean…she hasn't had a vision since we moved here…until tonight."

Dean glanced at Elle.

"And, I'm guessing that it wasn't about rainbows and unicorns."

Elle emitted a snort from underneath the blanket. "If you must know, it was about lollipops and candy canes."

Dean grimaced. It may have been a year since he had seen his two younger siblings, but he hadn't forgotten anything about them, and he knew that Elle only acted this way when she was in severe amounts of pain…or if she was truly terrified.

'And if Elle is acting this way…that means that Sam…' Dean's eyes locked onto his younger brother's face.

Sam's hazel eyes bore into Dean's green ones, and Dean's worse fears came alive, and he saw, for the first time in a year, why the saying 'the eyes are the window to the soul' was true. All Dean could see was pain and fear in those tear filled puppy dog eyes of Sam's.

'Sammy's terrified.' Dean thought to himself.

"It was one of the worst vision she's ever had Dean." Sam said inaudibly, his voice shaking.

'Damn it…I was always worried that something like this was going to happen. And it's happening now? It's not a coincidence.' Dean thought as he subconsciously leaned forward.

"I…what did she see?" Dean asked quietly.

Sam cleared his throat, and Dean took a swig of beer.

"Are you up to…you can chime in when you're ready." Sam said softly.

The blanket blob known as Elle nodded her head.

"It's…difficult to describe Elle's visions…but I can give you the gist. She saw Dad leaving you…you calling out for our help…a voice saying that we are in danger…Dad calling us traitors…an exorcism…" Sam stopped, glancing curiously at Dean, who was gripping his beer bottle tightly.

"So it is true…Dad is missing?" Elle whispered from underneath her blanket.

"And there is something after us?" Sam added softly.

Dean looked at his younger siblings, his heart aching. He wanted nothing more than to be able to tell them that Dad was safe, that there wasn't something evil coming to kill them…but he couldn't, because it wasn't true.

When Sam and Elle had left, Dean was secretly relieved. Not because he wanted them gone — no, he knew that he would miss them like hell — because they would finally be safe. Dean could finally breathe a sigh of relief; he didn't have to worry that they'd get hurt while on a hunt. And most of all, they'd get to live a normal life, the life that Dean wished whole heartily they could live.

And now…Dean had to take them away from that life.


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