Let's get one thing straight people: This is slash. If you don't like it, don't read it—it's as simple as that. If you flame me, you're just wasting your time because I'm not about to stop writing slash. Get over it.

On a more friendly note, this story will be DuncanXNoah. Weird? Well, they're my two favourite characters so I decided to put them together. After all, it could be funny, right? We'll see I suppose.

There will also be one-sided CodyXNoah, one-sided HeatherXDuncan, and anything else I feel the need to throw in there.

One more thing: this is just an informational chapter on where the characters are; who's gonna be there and who's not. May be a tad boring but if you skip it you won't miss anything, I promise. (I'll recap in Chapter One) Enjoy~


(It all starts with a)




The campers from Wawanakwa were invited to the island one year later for a reunion. There would be no voting off; there would be no challenges. There would only be the twenty-two campers relaxing for a month or two...or however long it was. None of the teens really read the pamphlet—not even Noah.

But, it was going to be a time of relaxation. At least, that's what they were told.

A few couldn't make it to the camp that summer, though. Lindsey had become a model and couldn't afford taking time off—she couldn't read the pamphlet to even consider the idea, either.

Her boyfriend, Tyler, had better things to do than get canoes thrown on him at some camp. If there was any chance that Heather was going, he certainly was not. And if his girlfriend wasn't going to be there, he wouldn't bother.

Owen had gotten offers to become a movie star and was working in Hollywood. He would have loved to go to camp again and eat Chef's food, but he simply couldn't take the time off of his hot career.

Izzy had been put into a mental hospital, so she didn't receive the pamphlet.

Beth decided that Chris was way too manipulative and that he had something else planned rather than a few months of vacation. It all just seemed too innocent. Alas, she didn't go.

Gwen and Trent talked it over and decided that they didn't need whatever drama Chris was cooking up. Gwen was sick to the brim of everything related to that camp, so Trent agreed to stay home with her.

The rest of the campers, for some reason or another, packed up their things and headed off to camp.