Naruto glared harder at Sasuke. The brunette took a step forward, squaring up to the shorter boy. The blonde had to tilt his head back slightly in order to look into Sasuke's eyes.

"You're such a damn bastard," Naruto spat.

Sasuke's derisive snort echoed in the side-room. Off to the side, the din of their friends counting down to the New Year could be heard.


Naruto's hand came up to punch Sasuke. The raven dodged left and grabbed Naruto's wrist. The movement caused Naruto the fall forward into the other's chest.

Sasuke's eyes widened at the sudden weight. Their eye contact broke for a split second, Naruto's blue eyes flickering down to Sasuke's thin lips; his own tongue unconsciously tryesaced his own bottom lip. Sasuke's eyes tracked the movement.

When their eyes connected again, they noticed how close their mouths were. If either spoke or took a deep breath, their lips would brush, they would be kissing.

As the group in the other room chorused 'one' and cheers swelled in the room, Naruto pushed that last fraction of inch towards Sasuke; pressing their lips together for the first time as their friends rang in the New Year.


Naruto whined lightly, bouncing hard in Sasuke's lap. The raven was resting against the headboard, pale hands on tanned, flexing hips, staring up at his beautiful, charismatic boyfriend.

Looking down at the pale man beneath him through half-mast eyes, he grinned. Sasuke's thin fingers flexed on Naruto's shapely hips, Naruto rolled them over, allowing Sasuke to move on top of him. The tan man wrapped his legs around the raven's thin waist, pushing his ass further onto the other's cock.

"Fuck me, Sasu-sama. Please," Naruto whimpered. Lust-filled dark eyes met mischievous blue ones and Sasuke pressed further into the tightness. He pulled back again before slamming home once again.

A pale hand wrapped around Naruto's own dick, tugging on it ruthlessly, squeezing rhythmically. Naruto moaned, his nail scratching down Sasuke's back, no doubt leaving angry, red marks.

Sasuke leaned down, burying his head in the crook of Naruto's neck, his lips brushing the shell of the blonde's ear," Scream for me Naru-chan, tell me what you want."

"Ha-harder, Sasu," Naruto whined, mouth dropping open and gasping on every other breath," Please, let me come."

"Scream, Naruto, scream my name," Sasuke whispered, ending in a moan as the grip around his cock tightened slightly.

And so he did.

"Sa-Sasu! Sasuke!"

Sasuke whined as his hand and hips started working faster. And one, two, three strokes more and Naruto's back bowed as he came, his ass clenching around Sasuke who slammed in once more, before releasing his seed into Naruto's ass.

Sasuke collapsed on top of the blonde before rolling over next to him. Naruto shifted, resting his head on Sasuke's sweat-soaked chest. The television, on mute, was softly glowing against the opposite wall.

"Looks like we finished just in time," Naruto sighed, watching the soundless crowd cheer in the crowded Times Square.

Sasuke glanced down at his smaller lover," For what?"

"For this," Naruto said, leaning up to place a soft, chaste kiss on Sasuke's lips as the ball touched down.

"You're such a romantic," Sasuke chuckled against Naruto's mouth.

Naruto's nose wrinkled," You're one to talk, bastard."



A/N: Happy almost New Year! I'm posting this less than half an hour from 2009 (for those on the East Coast).

Uhm, I'm kind of almost blushing. But…I wanted porn. So I wrote it. With a theme. Kinda. I think it's…okay, right?


Hope y'all enjoyed. See ya in '09!