Character's last speech.

What they would talk about in a speech if they only had a day left to live.

It does not have to have a specific speech structure, and can be more of a reflection on the character's part. They can talk about what they went through in their life, lessons they want to tell others, things they have done that they are proud of or that they regret. Your character can either be reflecting individually, or speaking to another character.

The goal of this challenge is to work with characters, get inside their heads, and develop them as realistic people with whom the reader can relate. This is essential for any story, and it is important to be able to make one's characters ones that can be understood and sympathized with. Even villains can be understood, and it's important to note that the best antagonists in literature usually have reasons for being evil or cruel that the reader can relate to.

Author's request: This is my first HP fic. So I'm going to ask you to be brutal. Tell me what you think. What I should add. If I should detail certain things. And especially if anything does not fit the prompts.

"All in all I've lived a good life. Sure the beginning was rough. My parents were dead, my aunt and uncle were awful towards me, and the world's most powerful wizard was on my tail trying to kill me. I had escaped death numerous times; the first being a mere months after I was born.

But I lived.

I was raised amidst pity and lies; lied to in hopes of being protected. I was raised by two worlds that barely knew how the other lived. I was oblivious to the truth behind both of them.

Yet I survived.

I've lost a lot in my life. I had lost my parents before being able to understand anything. Friends were sacrificed for the chance to fight for peace. I had lost my god-father, Sirius, before I had the chance to be by his side. I had lost my mentor before I had been able to know about him. I had lost my innocence before others. Countless people had perished for the peace you live in.

And thankfully I had never lost sight of what they wanted to accomplish.

At the ripe age of 17, I walked into the battle ground to defend the world. The scent of blood surrounded me that night; the blood of friends, the blood of enemies, and even my very own blood. To end the bloodshed, I had to shed the blood of the man who was troubled. The man who had looked at life with remorse and murdered many innocent people, the man named Voldemort.

And that night the 'Boy who Lived' had truly died.

There was no way for me to finish the pain without killing the part of Voldemort that resided in me. For the peace you feel and live in today, ' the Boy who lived' died the same night as Voldemort did.

And sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself to save the world.

And yet I live.

I lived to see the future for both humans as well as wizards and witches prosper. I lived to see my two best friends wed. I lived to see my children grow and be acknowledged for their own abilities. I lived to see happiness without pain.

I lived a happy life.

I, Harry Potter, lived a happy life.

By removing my self from Voldemort and killing off the 'Boy who Lived'."