Belleville Park, Pond Island. 7:30 AM

The sun hit the small pond around the island I was standing on. The light reflected giving it some sort of majestic glow. It was morning, and I usually always came here to reminesce. It has been 3 years since I have been serving with the Yakuza; Asuka and Kenji, both dead now; They were my only 'friends', well they were nice to me anyway. When the casino was destroyed I had no purpose. I decided to fight back. I left and some of Yakuza's members followed me. We started our own little gang; The Angry Dragons. I was chosen to be the leader, due to my expertise in the field.

9:00 AM, Back at Boat House.

I walked slowly as I usually do, but I always arrive back here at 9:00 AM, this was my daily routine. Of course, when I came in Sanosuke; my second in command always greeted me. He was like my father figure; he was around 70 and was getting older everyday. He was sickly but always wanted to make sure of my health, even at the cost of his.

"Oh, Master Kalisto. You are back." He smiled, and ended off with a polite bow.

I smiled back, returning his bow. "You know me, always on time."

"Yes, of course. Come, breakfast is ready." He spoke as he walked toward the dining room.

"Alright Sano, I'm coming." I aspoke as I walked behind him.

The smell of pancakes rushed into m lungs as I took a deep breath of the sweet smell. If Sano was good at something, it was cooking. He was busy at work with his assistant Jera. She was cute, and my age too. She always acted shy and nervous around me; but I couldn't have her, her life would be endangered.

"Hey Jera, Pancakes today huh?" I spoke with smile.

"Oh Hi Kalisto!" She spoke as she turned all red, and bowed forward.

"Well, let us eat then." Sanosuke stated as he placed the food down on the low table.

12:00 PM, BoatHouse.

I decided to take a trip down to the garage to see what car I had in stock today. I almost always had a new car everyday, Kanta, My mechanic always 'aquired' new cars. I hit the elevator button and awaited for it to come up.

9:00 PM, near the Leone condo

Drake drove down the empty street

"So the Cartel gotta new leader eh? Just another punk for the Mafia to take out. No on messes with the Leones', no one...

Drake drove down the path to the Leone home, he parked in the garage and stepped out, he looked at some blood stains on his car and him, he sighed and walked into the house


Jacob sat on the hood of his car at the gates of the mansion looking down over Shoreside. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a blunt along with an old souvenir, his zippo lighter. He stared at the lighter, the Jamaican flag colors slowly chipping away over the years.
Jacob cracked a smile as the memories flooded back. It was 4 years after the 'incident' involving his mother, his mind placed him back in that time and place.


In front of the Jamaican drug lords chateau Jacob stayed crouched hidden in the bushes, his knees weak with angst. He knew this would be it, this is what he had been waiting four years to accomplish, all the crimes he'd done before were small time. But this was different, this was big time and there was no going back, not now, not ever.
Suddenly Jacob was startled by the sound of a Limo driving up the roadway to the estate. He noticed three mercedes escorting the limo, one on either side and one in front. 'This was it' Jacob told himself. The cars came to a stop in front of the chateau. Two men from each Mercedes got out armed with shotguns and pistols, they stood in front of the car doors they just exited, scanning the grounds for a possible threat.
Jacob crouched lower afraid he was visible, but the cover of night kept him well hidden. The driver of the limo stepped out, two more gaurds exited the rear of the limo but they were holding a shotgun each. The driver slowly opened the back door and out stepped a tall thin man in a white suit, very spiffy which didn't seem to go with his short dreads. The man was rather gaunt looking with a long face and droopy cheeks, it looked as though the many years as leader of the Jamaican cartel has taken it's toll on his looks. The gang leader only known as Dreadman looks around then pulls out a real ciggarette and the same zippo, shiny and unscathed.
He lights the smoke then is escorted to the front gate by 4 of the 9 men with him, the other 5 stand huddled around the lead parked mercedes, all talking and laughing it up. Jacob looked down at the ground beside him to see the moonlight shimmering off of the green metallic surface of a rocket launcher. Jacob had to do a lot of wheeling and dealing to get this baby from the black market. He felt the outside of his jacket to make sure the colt .45 he had in there still was, and it was.
'Now Jacob now' his mind screamed as he grabbed hold of the launcher and stood up quickly. The henchmen were still unaware of his presense now all wrapped up in their own converations. He aimed it directly at the back end of the lead car and squeezed the trigger. The rocket flew in a mighty streak of light hitting the rear of the car, totaly obliterating all guards arounds it. Body parts and blood came crashing down all over the grounds.
The explosion sends the car flipping up and forward towards the gate, the gaurds and Dreadman. Two gaurds scatter for cover as the other two attempt to push their leader out of the way. The scorched mercedes lands on the 2 gaurds smearing them along the driveway, as Dreadman doesn't quite make it and ends up on his back with his legs crushed underneath the smoldering wreckage. Jacob sprints from behind the bushes and makes short work of the two remaining gaurds, with his .45, who were stunned. Jacob then casually walks over to the screaming druglord, and looks down at him pointing his gun at his heart. The drug lord looks up at Jacob in obvious agony and speaks:

"What cha want mon, me can give ya anything, jus dun kill me... brotha."

Jacobs eyes filled with hate stare straight into his sole, then speaks in a surprisingly low and clam tone

"No mon, you no Dreadmon, you just a deadmon, watcha took from me ya can neva give back.....

The shot could be heard echoing throughout the muggy night, the bullet hit the Jamaican dead in the heart, kind of symbolic of how his heart was crushed when his mother was killed. Dreadman's eyes rolled into the back of his head and a final gasp of air could be heard escaping. Jacob slowly turned around and walked away, stepping in blood spatter and body parts which littered the yard. Something glimmering caught Jacob's eye and he looked down to see the zippo, a smattering of blood on the side of it. He picked it up and wiped it off on his jeans then placed inside his jacket pocket. He slowly faded into the night and decided to head to America to start over.


He smiled once more hoping somewhere his mother was happy that he had avenged her. Placing the blunt in his mouth he ran the zippo along his jeans causing the lighter to ignite, then lit it up, inhaled the smoke and looked to the heavens wondering why his life has been spared so may times. Perhaps his mother has kept him safe all these years, or perhaps he was the luckiest ma on earth. Jacob contemplated these thoughts as he looked back on allthe people he's killed, he spoke to himself

"I know I got it comin', it's a matter of time now mon."

He knew all this death he had caused would come back to get him in the end, and secretly, not even known to himself, he welcomed it.

(*This is three different people, their stories intertwined quite well. Notice their different styles, and characters.)