Chapter 1

Brennan was walking to a coffee shop when she bumped into someone. A wave of recognition swept through her body and she gasped. The man turned to face her and apologize for running into her when she said, "You."

The man's face darkened. "Temperance Brennan. I was hoping I would never run into you."

She started to pull out her cell though he grabbed her arm and hinted towards his gun and then some children down the street. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

She froze. "What do you want me to do?"

"You'll tell Booth if I let you go and then my life will be over. So, you're going to come with me. My car is over there. And one wrong move, I won't hesitate in killing those kids even if it means that I go down in the process. You know I won't."

Telling herself to remain calm as the wave of memories that she had forgotten came crushing back; Brennan let herself be led to his car.

Once inside, he dialed a number. "It's me. I just ran into Temperance Brennan. She recognized me. You know where to meet."

The next morning at the Jeffersonian…

Booth walked into the lab and smiled at the squints. They had finally solved their last case

and it was one that he was not afraid to admit that it had taken its toll on all of them. "Where's Bones?"

"She hasn't come in yet today," Angela spoke. "Don't tell me we have a new case already?"

"What's the matter?" he smirked. "I thought you guys all liked having a case."

"Not so soon after one is finished," Cam sighed. "So what are you doing here if not for a case?"

"In celebration of solving our last case, the bureau has decided that we are all entitled to a little something."

"Such as?" Hodgins eyed the envelope that he was holding.

"Not until Bones gets in. Did she have a meeting or something? She's usually the first person in."

"Not that I'm aware." Cam replied her eyes coming together in confusion. It definitely was not like Dr. Brennan to be this late and not to have called.

Angela's phone beeped, signaling a message. She looked down and read her text. She looked up at the others. "Well, it looks like Bren's not coming in for at least a couple of days."

"Why?" Max immediately asked, worried.

"She just said that a friend out of town needs her and she'll be back as soon as she can."

"So, about what the bureau left for us…" Hodgins hinted.

Before Booth could say anything a voice called out from behind admittance to the lab, "Hey Hodgins, do you think that you could let me in?"

Everyone turned and Hodgins' felt his mouth drop open. "Kyle—you're alive."