The phone rang for the sixth time before the answering machine began.

"You have reached Harleen Quinzel. I'm not able to answer the phone right now, but please leave a message after the beep," it said before beeping.

"This is Dr. Leeland, please pick up doctor, I know you're there," she sighed.

Harley sat on the couch staring at the phone.

"Please Harleen. I don't want to fire you, but you've missed an entire week of work. This can't go on. I know you are distressed about your former patient. But, please pick up,"

She picked up the phone and pressed the talk button, followed swiftly by the off button. Then returned to her spot on the couch.

It had been a week, one week since she went to work, one week since she broke the Joker out of Arkham, one week since she had killed. A chill ran down her spine, one week since she had seen Mr. J.

"Patience is a virtue Harley-darling," he said as he kissed her firmly on the lips before disappearing into his hide out, leaving her alone in her car.

She was frustrated with him and herself. Joker made it clear that if they ever met again he'd come find her. She should have protested, she wanted him more than anything in the world right now.

"Do ya have your cell phone?" he asked.

"Uh huh," she handed him the phone.

He viewed her cell's number, after memorizing it he added his own number to her contact list.

"Don't call me I'll call you," he snapped a picture of himself with the phone's camera.

"Why not," she pouted.

He giggled, "That's how it's supposed to be, boy calls the girl sweetheart,"

She picked up her cell phone which sat beside her. She looked at her pictures, Joker's was the only one. She stared at the image of him, his tongue sticking out making a face at her.

"Why won't you call?" she said to the picture.

She rose again, sitting the cell phone on the counter she deleted the message from her boss, as well as three others from days past. Harley could not bring herself to return to work. Not because she feared someone would accuse her of aiding the Joker in his escape. No one suspected her. She had done well at concealing her identity that night, with her make up and costume. And of course that ridiculous accent. No, it was more than that, Harley wanted to forget what she had done.

Eventually the image of Shane bleeding on the cold Asylum floor would fade. It was already beginning to. A longing for Mr. J replaced it.

She looked at the shiny, black phone laying on the counter, "How long do I have to wait," she cried.

Joker stood on the roof of his new hideout. It had a wonderful view. His residence was now an apartment complex. He and his crew basically took over the building, explaining to the land lord it now belonged to the Clown Prince of Crime. The man protested at first, but Joker was very persuasive. It wasn't long be for the man agreed. In fact right that second the land lord was sitting in his own apartment with "smile" on his face.

The clown sat down on the edge of the flat roof top, his legs dangling over the side of the building. Playfully he kicked them back and forth now looking towards the ground. The building was quite large, should he slip and fall he'd surely be killed. But things like that didn't often enter his mind. Joker was a lot of things, cautious was not one of them. He was a wild card. He never spent much time contemplating the consequences of his often times poor choices. If ever. In his mind if he were to lose his balance and drop of the roof, so what. Death was inevitable. Even the Joker couldn't escape it and that was something he easily excepted. Near death experiences have a way of changing your perspective on things. He licked his scars smudging his red lipstick.

He looked up again towards his wonderful view. It wasn't the most picturesque of places however. The Narrows were quite unattractive. They were smokey and dirty. Everything to be a different shade of brown or grey. But to him it was home, despite it's lack of color. It was the perfect place to set up "camp" because it was a breeding ground, a breeding ground for others like himself. Hundreds of children living in the Narrows were poor, had abusive parents and were going to spend the rest of their meaningless lives in this hell hole. And where would most of them end up? In gangs of course. Hopefully there would be plenty willing to join his team.

He giggled. Team Joker. He the sound of liked that. Harley could be their cheerleader. He thought of her bouncing around in a skimpy outfit like a little, blond bunny.

He wondered what his former shrink was doing right now. Maybe he should call her. He wanted to wait a while before they met again. It had been a week or maybe two. All the days sort of blended together for him. It had probably been long enough.

Joker wanted to make her wait. It'd be good for her, take her down a few pegs. She needed to be submissive. She needed to need him, to crave his attention. Just like a good little pet should.

The time apart would make her see just how much she needed her Mr. J. He wanted her to want him. He wanted to see Dr. Harleen Quinzel crawl to him, begging to be with him. It was far from impossible. He could see it beginning already. After all Harley had willingly gave up her virginity to him. She broke him out of Arkham, she even killed for him. He smiled, that last part had been particularly satisfying. Madness like gravity, takes no more then a little push. And that was it. Shooting an innocent man in the head. Joker hadn't forced her to, he didn't threaten her. He just gave her a choice, Harley made the wrong decision. She thought she knew him, she didn't.

He dug through his pockets searching for his phone.

No, maybe not. He could do much better than that.

He stood and headed back down into the building. He walked through the building past rows of apartments. All of them empty, when he and his boys showed up most of the tenants decided to live elsewhere.

All except for one man. Joker convinced him to join the team. He had not named the twitchy little guy yet. The title Ace was now opened. No, it didn't seem to fit the new henchmen. Jester perhaps or maybe Bozo. Still not quite right, he pulled a deck of playing cards out of his pocket. Shuffling them form one hand to the next as he walked down stairs. He drew an ace of spades. Already taken. He added the card back into the deck and pulled out another. Queen of clubs, that would not work at all.

He walked down another hallway and kicked open an Chuckles's apartment door.

Chuckles and Spades laid sleeping on the couch in front of the tv.

"Gooood morning sunshine," Joker sang approaching the sleeping pair of henchmen.

Spades sat up groggily rubbing his eyes.

"Hm Spades is here to. Whatever, I not judge-ing," the clown shrugged.

He wondered into the apartment's kitchenette and opened the fridge door.

"Something you need boss," Chuckles yawned.

"Yeeees," Joker responded while searching through the fridge.

He removed a can of Mountain Dew.

"Do you guys have any straws," he stared at the soda can.

"I don't think so boss," Chuckles said confused, "Is uh, that all you wanted?"

"No," he returned the can to the refrigerator, "Our uh, newest addition to the teeamm, what should we name him?"

"What about Happy?" Spades suggested going with the clown theme.

"Nah, have you seen this guy. No, I was thiiinking something with cards,"

"Cards, uh... clubs, hearts, diamonds, Spades is taken. So's Joker, king ain't right," Chuckles thought out loud, "Well what about Jack?"

Joker licked his scars, "No, thaaat, that wouldn't work-uh," he looked downward and fingered a knife in one of his pockets.

The two henchmen froze, alert due to their bosses sudden change in mood.

Chuckles was somewhat relieved when he removed his hand from his pocket.

The clown looked up at him and smiled, "I guess I'll have to think on it, for now I need a uh, chauffeur. I think it's time a paid my shrink a visit-uh,"

I'm baaaack!

Sorry if you're disappointed about the first chapter being short. The following chapters are longer.

The title is after a song by Atreyu btw. Look up the lyrics it's a pretty cool song for Joker and Harley Quinn as well as this story.

I wanted to give some insight on the Joker's relationship with his henchmen. I had him kinda bust into their apartment and look through there stuff to show how much power he holds over them. Because keep in mind Chuckles and Spades are criminals to. But there's a level of fear there. Even though they are big tough gangsters they know they can't cross the Joker. And he wants them to know that as well.

The thing with the straws is not only because Joker doesn't want to mess up his sexy lipstick. I was thinking about his scars (NO I don't have a problem) and I thought they look kinda stiff. I thought they problem limit certain facial movements and it might be difficult for him to do everyday things like drinking a can of mountain dew.