"I wonder what he needs these for," Chuckles poked at the bouquet of roses Joker had sent him to get.

Mime shrugged a reply, "Maybe they're for that Harley chick," he suggested examining a switchblade with boredom.

It had been an uneventful day in comparison to the previous night. After seeing what had happened to Jonathan Crane, all the remaining employees just sat around, unoccupied, avoiding trouble from they're boss.

Chuckles sat down on the couch beside Mime, still holding the deep red flowers. Four other henchmen sat in different places around the room, as if waiting for something to happen.

"No way man," Chuckles finally said, "The Joker wouldn't do that, he just uses girls... Unless this one's gonna ya know stick around... naw, never mind,"

"I dunno Chuckles III'm just full of uh, sur-prisssess," Joker spoke up.

"Oh shit! I, um, I didn't hear ya back there boss," he turned around making excuses for his latest screw up, "Whatchyou gonna do with these is you're business. I messed up, shouldn't be talkin' bout you," he apologized quickly before the clown had time to do anything like blow the henchman's head off or carve any permanent smiles.

Instead Joker just shrugged and took the roses.

"What are you doing with them?" a random henchie questioned, "Sir," he added quickly.

Everyone looked at him, both in confusion and disbelief at what he just asked. It was obviously an inappropriate question, hence Chuckles's speedy explanation.

Joker rolled his eyes. "Well since every-one's so damn eager to knooow..." he tossed the bouquet from one hand to the other, "I'm uh, setting a scene,"

"What do you mean?" the same henchmen spoke up, again earning several strange looks from his fellow henchmen, "Like for Harl-" Joker cut him off.

"You're not a smart man are you?" the clown cocked his head to one side.

The particularly bold henchmen shook his head eager to agree with his boss.

The Joker merely rolled his eyes at the crazy little suck-up, contemplating whether he kill him. The clown decided no since he didn't have enough time to turn into a gory lesson in manners for the other henchies.

Joker sighed, " Yeah. It involves Harley... let's just say it's something I've thought about since the day we met," he spun the flowers around, "And increasingly in the past for daaays-uh," the clown chewed on his lip a moment, "It doesn't really involve you people sooo go away,"

No one moved, "Where?" Chuckles asked.

"I don't care, just leave. If I ever need you again I'll find you," was the Joker's odd response, "Go. Now,"

The henchmen quickly got to there feet. Only a few of them had personal possessions, packed in a back pack laying in the warehouse. After getting their things, they did exactly as their boss had ordered; they left.

"Did we just get fired?" Chuckles asked no one in particular after stepping outside the warehouse.

"Seems like it," Mime shrugged.

"I guess I should just be glad I didn't get like, fired from life. I mean, shit, A few more weeks in there and I mighta blew it," the other henchmen said with some relief.

"Oh yeah," Mime agreed, "Spades and me had money riding on that,"

"That's cold... who won?"

"Spades," Mime replied, "But he's in jail, I ain't gotta pay him now,"

"And just how much were you gonna get if I was killed, ya jackass," Chuckles questioned.

"Twenty bucks,"

"Damn dog," Chuckles shoved him slightly, "I gotta be worth more than a twenty to you,"

Mime shook his head no.

"So where we goin'?" Chuckles pulled his hood up.

Mime replied, "I heard a this guy, just got released from Arkham, the Riddler or something. We could check that out, unless you're done workin' for whackos,"

"The Riddler? Sounds like a Joker ripoff," Chuckles paused, "Hold up, if he just got released, shouldn't he be... I dunno, sane?"

"I heard the new head of Arkham's as fucked up as his patients, he's letting a lot of inmates out," explained Mime.

Chuckles laughed slightly, "Maybe we should go work for him,"

Harley's eyes opened suddenly, waking from a fear toxin induced nightmare. A mild wave of amnesia seemed to come over her as she quickly forgot the nightmare, as well as where she was. She looked at the room from her laying position on the mattress, trying to recall her surroundings. It was of course she and Joker's room in the warehouse. The door was back, so was the small window. The blueish light of a rainy afternoon fading into evening was shining through it.

Reality felt good. Harley Quinn thought she would never escape her door-less prison from the night before. Though she still could not grasp exactly what was going on. She tried to recall the events before everything went black. Slowly, blurry memories came back to her.

Harley remembered Scarecrow making an appearance for the first time around her. It gave her chills to contemplate him, she could still see Jonathan's pale blue eyes change into something almost inhuman. She had always wondered during their therapy sessions what is was that made Jonathan Crane so terrifying to his victims; beside fear toxin. Jonathan Crane lacked in physical presence, being a fairly small man. Harleen Quinzel had always found him to have a certain geeky charm with his glasses and his longish hair flipped in all directions. He was nothing to be in fear of, but she now knew that Scarecrow was something to fear.

Harley thought for a moment, had Scarecrow sprayed her? She remembered him standing over her, blue eyes piercing though the torn holes in his mask, but she could not recall the spray of toxin. No, he didn't spray her, someone stopped him. Images of the horrific night began coming back to her in brief sections like someone searching through television channels.

Joker came. Harley suddenly remembered what stopped the Scarecrow from harming her; the Joker. Despite being sprayed with toxin himself the clown managed to save his Harley Quinn and made sure that her attacker was punished. Her heart fluttered for a moment, to think that he did in fact care for her...

But wait, where had he been all night? Where was he when she was afraid. Harley had nearly forgot that she had obviously felt the effects of the Scarecrow's toxin in all her admiration of Mr. J.

So if Scarecrow was not to blame for her suffering, the only other person to spray her... would be Joker. Harley's heart sank at the thought as she began making a million excuses for why he would do such a thing. She had become quite good at overlooking his faults after all.

"Haarley," a voice from behind her said, "You up yet?" it was Joker.

"Yeah Mistah J," she responded softly.

"Feelin' better?" he asked.


"Good, cause I got a surprise for ya," he got up.

Harley rubbed her eyes and begin to sit up on the bare mattress. Though the room was beginning to become darkened Harley noticed that nearly all the green dye had rinsed out of the Joker's hair. Over the past few days the dye had been wearing off. It was dark blond and pleasantly curly, not as messy and greasy as usual. Harley Quinn watched him from across the room as he picked up some flowers.

As he turned she was surprised to see him without makeup. Not a trace of his black, red or white grease paint remained on his face. Harley had not seen the paint completely removed since the night she dared to remove it herself. He looked worse from beneath the makeup than he had that night. Joker's dark circles were even more obvious, lining his eyes just like the black grease paint did.

"These are for you," he handed her the roses with a genuine smile.

Harley smiled in return, happy with her gift, though at the same time something felt strange. Joker was being very nice for a change, but somehow it seemed false. It seemed almost dream-like. A colorful pleasing illusion but it seemed as though at any moment something would go horribly wrong.

Harley began to push her fearful feelings aside and decided to try and enjoy Mr. J's rare moment of gentleness. She assumed it was fear toxin, still in her system that was making her wary.

"You don't have any make up on Mistah J," Harley attempted to make conversation, taking her mind of her current thoughts.

"Nope... you like that don't you?" he asked.

She gave a bashful nod as she felt the delicate rose petals, "But I'm in love with the Joker. With or without his make up,"

Harley sat the roses on the bed and stood despite her wobbly legs. Her knees threatening to give out due to her anxiety. But she still went to Joker, with the slight hope that his embrace would once again make everything okay. It would make things seem real again. Not to mention after the night she had spent without him made her want him more than ever.

Harley didn't stop to contemplate how strange that reasoning was, it didn't matter anyway. All the time she had spent with Mr. J proved to become continuously strange. At this point going to a homicidal clown for comfort was not out of the ordinary.

As she approached her clown prince she noted a different expression across his pale, unpainted face. She could not quite place it. Was it nerves, much like her own? Harley had never seen that face; she had seen variations of anger and happiness on the Joker, but she couldn't recall nervousness. It was so unlike him, so... human.

He sucked on his scarred bottom lip and looked everywhere but directly at her eyes. His hand fidgeted at his sides. Harley stilled him, holding them in her own. She stood on her tip-toes slightly and began to lean closer to him, hoping for a fairy tale kiss. All the good stories ended that way. With a gentle kiss that saved the princess and let the couple live happily ever after

"Do you wanna know why I'm not wearing make up?" Joker blurted out before Harley Quinn's lips came any closer to his.

"Why?" she became somewhat disappointed.

"I hadta run some errands," he began, "I got you something else for ya,"

He handed her another gift that had been waiting on the floor.

Harley reached into the plastic bag that Mr. J had just handed her and pulled out a new dress. Not just any dress though. It was a black and red mini dress, covered in harlequin diamonds and small red ruffled on the skirt. It was a perfect costume for Harley Quin.

"It's beautiful," she smiled holding it up to herself.

"So you'll uh, where it tonight?" Joker questioned.

Harley nodded, somewhat confused, "Kay, what's tanight puddin'," she found her fake accent growing thicker as she felt safe and happier once again.

"Yooouu'll seeee," the clown replied in a sing song voice, "Why don't you get ready? Hair, make up, all that," he waved his hands around.

Harley giggled, "What are we gonna do Mistah J?"

"If I tell you Harley-kins, it won't be a suuur-pri-ise," he called as he headed towards the door.

After he had left Harley looked down at the strapless little dress in her hands and excitedly began undressing so she could try it on.

For once the Joker wanted everything to be perfect. He dropped his usual chaotic ways of planning, or lack thereof, just this once for Harley. Harley Quinn deserved the best.

And he had not necessarily planned this out, it was more like a vision. He had a very clear vision of how the events of tonight should look. Of how they should feel.

So far he was pleased. Things had went almost exactly the way he had imagined (Joker refused to recall his bad reaction to Harley's attempted kiss). Yet still enough to give Harley the surprise of a lifetime, she deserved it.

He gave a one-sided smile at his reflection in his dirty mirror, brushing a lock of freshly dyed hair off of his forehead.

It had been nearly two hours now, Harley should be all dressed up and ready. Let the games begin.

Harley Quinn's make up was on perfectly. The clown paint carefully smoothed across her face with a white base, black mask shape and a red smile. Her new dress fit wonderfully, she matched it with a pair of black and red platform boots. She fluffed one of her pigtails, judging by her reflection in the darkened window not a hair was out of place. Though she caught sight of a few blond roots peeking down her parted hair, that bothered her a bit.

Harley needed everything to be in order since Mr. J obviously had something very important in store for her. Could it possibly be that she had made a break through with her former patient? Perhaps he would tell her that he was ready to leave Gotham, ready to forget the Bat and admit that he loves her.

She nearly squealed with excitement at the thought.

Quickly, she hurried out of the makeshift bedroom and down the staircase to find Joker. Her platform shoes clanked on the metal stairs and echoed throughout the warehouse.

"Mist-ah Jaaaay," she called, "I'm all ready, can ya tell me ya surprise now,"

As she hopped excitedly off the last stair, Harley noticed the warehouse looked different then when they had moved in. Most of the furniture was ripped with long, jagged slashes in the upholstery. Some of the lighter objects were turned on their sides or upside down and a few were splashed with blood.

"Mistah J... I said I'm ready," Harley's voice shook slightly as she looked around the disheveled room.

"I heard you Harley dar-liiing," Joker's voice rang out, indeterminately bouncing of the warehouse walls, "We're gonna play a lit-tle game," he explained, still from an unknown area in the room, "And it's called Joker's Wild cause ya neeever know what I'm gonna do to you,"

Harley spun around searching for the source of the voice. Familiar pangs of fear and panic flooding back as her dream began turning into a nightmare. Yet this was all to real.

"I-I don't know how to play that game puddin', can we do somethin' else?" she called.

"Aaaw don't be so hard on yourself pumpkin, you'll catch on fast. Besides there's really nothing to know... there is uh, no rules," Joker snicked.

"I'm scared," Harley whimpered.

Joker lowered his voice to reply, "You should be,"

Harley Quinn stared towards the office spaces above the staircase, wondering if the Joker was up there. The footsteps behind her told her otherwise. She whirled around to see him only a few feet away from where she stood. His face was freshly painted once again and his hair a noticeable shade of green. Now fully costumed complete with his dark purple trench coat, the intimidating side of Joker returned.

"Now, since there isn't any rules, there isn't much to explain," he cracked his neck as he stepped towards her, "I've decided its basically like a cross betweeeen uh, tag and hide-and-go seek," Mr. J waved his gloved fingers in the air, "Only you'll never be "it"-uh,"

He caressed her painted jawline leaving a cool, sticky substance behind. Harley glanced at the leather gloves, it was blood. She hastily attempted to wipe it from her face as she had no idea who it had belonged to.

Joker began walking a slow circle around Harley, "Unless you reeeaally want to fight back," he twisted one of her pigtails around his finger, "You know I like that in a girl,"

By now Harley thought that she had seen the worst of Joker's mood swings and personality reconstruction. She thought that she had seen him at his worst and endured him during his cruelest moments. At that moment Harley realized he had not yet scratched the surface of what the Joker was. And now she had no idea what to do but stand frozen hoping that another mood swing would come along and make him change his mind.

"I don't understand," Harley finally uttered.

"What?" Joker replied, dangerously close, "Don't understand what?"

"Well it's just that upstairs you gave me flowers and, and this," she tugged on her dress, "What are you doing?"

Joker smiled, "I like to be unpredictable, I like to confuse you and I like to see you break when you just can't understand me," his arm snaked around her waist smearing some blood across the new dress.

Harley wanted to protest, to tell him he was wrong. All this time she had told herself that she was the only one who could understand Mr. J, now she was at a loss. At this moment she did not understand.

It gave her a bad feeling. It felt like falling, letting go of everything she had known to be love. The Joker was all she knew, Harley Quinn did not want to let go.

She stood staring blankly, mouth agape trying to form words. She wanted to prove Mr. J wrong and show that she loved and understood him like no one else could but she could not find her voice.

Joker still stood close to her, bloodied hands lingering across her. Harley felt numb. Could she have been wrong about Mr. J? Impossible, Harleen Quinzel was never wrong, she was best at everything she did. Of course, she was no longer Harleen...

Finally, Joker broke the silence, "I'll give you a head start," he whispered, letting go and taking a few steps back, "Reeaaady, sssset-uh... go!"

Harley jumped and did her best to bring herself back into reality. As much as she hated to she had to face facts, Joker's games were never nice and never ended well. The clown girl had lost enough blood over the past few days in the Palisades then she cared to again, she knew she had to take action know and make up later.

She looked towards the door. It was not far away, with her "head start" she could make it. And yet something kept her still, she did not want to leave Joker no matter what he wanted to do to her.

"Har-leey, I'm waiting," he reminded her taking a knife from his trench coat pocket.

The silvery blade gave Harley the incentive she needed and with that she darted towards the door.

The clown girl had just grasped the nob when a loud bang echoed and the sound of shattering glass made her fall to the floor in fear.

"Don't leave Harl. Where's the fun in that-uh," Joker waved a hand gun around.

Harley looked up at the broken pane of glass in the center of the door and then at her hands. The stinging sensation seemed to appear at the sight of them. Bleeding in jagged lines across her small hands where broken glass had sliced her skin.

"What if you hide and I find you hmm? Would you like that?," the clown continued, "Obviously the game hasn't been uh, ex-citing enough thus far. Ya know since you're trying to le-ave," he said so honestly that he appeared to believe that to be Harley's actually reason for escape, "I'll count to ten,"

Harley scrambled to her feet as the Joker began to count. Her mind would not seem to work quickly enough. The only solution it had produced was to go along with what Mr. J said and try not to make him mad. Eventually she assumed she could make her way out of the warehouse. Though she began to wonder if that would solve her problem or just make the game of hide and seek larger and her punishment for losing worse.

She began to search among the labyrinth of over-turned furniture for somewhere to hide. Harley ducked underneath a couch turned upside down so that it created a cave like shape.

"Ready or noooot,"

Harley Quinn crouched beneath the couch for a few moments. As Joker's footsteps neared she decided to change her hiding place. Attempting to go unnoticed she crawled on her hands and knees, smearing blood across the floor. Despite the pain, she hurried, trying to find another spot before the Joker found her. Unfortunately for her that was not fast enough. Joker followed stealthy behind her.

"You are just determined not to have fun aren't chya?" he growled grabbing Harley by one of her pigtails and then shoving her back to the floor.

He stepped over her and headed across the room. Harley was puzzled as to what her clown prince was doing until she noticed a row of light switches on the wall. And with a smirk across Joker's painted face he flipped all of them downward, everything went black.

With this Harley feared she might break again, the complete darkness had returned. Everything fell quiet except for the tapping of rain outside and the occasion sound of Joker snickering at Harley Quinn's plight. His voice seemed to echo everywhere, distorting any idea Harley had of where he was standing. She tucked her knees up to her chin and held them tightly against her, desperately searching for a plan when everything was now hopeless.

She realized that this was now a battle of wills, the loser of the game would be the one who gave in first... or was killed. Harley tried not to think of that part and for the hundredth time in their relationship convince herself that Joker would never do such a thing. Harley could not see anything in this darkness, including the Joker. Which meant he could not see her. The thought occurred to her that she could use this to her advantage.

Tears filled Harley's eyes and steadily ran down her cheeks. She did her best not to sob and give away her position in the dark. Then crawling again she made her way back to the couch. Harley rubbed and scratched at her white face paint, knowing that he might see it in the dark. After she removed most of it she pulled off her platform shoes and slowly stood up.

There was a very faint outline of the door across the warehouse. Streetlights from outside shone in dimly through the door's broken window. She stepped in its direction, slowly at first. Harley was not sure that this was what she wanted. Though she was terrified at the moment, she was no less in love. She wanted to save herself, but where would that leave Joker?

Her heart pounded so loudly that she heard it quickly thumping in her own ears. Harley carefully and quietly continued towards the door. She was approaching her salvation, seemingly unnoticed, she should have been happy. Instead it made her cry more.

Joker scanned the room, able to see shapes in the dark, he looked for Harley.

He was not sure how long his little game was going to last. He had not planned that far ahead. All he knew was it wouldn't end yet, in fact it was only beginning. It seemed he was finally getting his Harley Quinn to cooperate with him.

At that moment he caught sight of her as a car passed by the warehouse, its headlights shed temporary light on the scene. What he saw turned his joyful, though sadistic, mood into just plain angry. Yet again Harley was a the door, a foot or so away from freedom.

What did she think she was doing? He had already told her no. Joker watched Harley's barely visible silhouette at the door. She placed a hand on the door nob once again but stopped, seeming to contemplate her actions. Joker took advantage of her pause to think.

He was not sure what this feeling was, but he did not want her to leave. If anything Joker would leave Harley, not the other way around. He refused to let her go without his say in the matter.

Approaching quickly and not bothering to stay quiet he grabbed Harley. His one hand wound in her hair the other grasping the back of her neck. The clown pushed her away from the door and any plans to escape. He slammed her against the wall, she screamed and slid to the floor. But she only stayed still for a few moments and she was back up again.

She stared at him for a moment, clearly crying. Joker could hear her making those sharp, little hiccup-sounding breaths. And then suddenly she hit him. In the face, with her closed fist. Next, she ran blindly into the dark warehouse.

Joker began to follow and in the midst of the blackness stumbled over something. He picked it up, ready to throw it in rage and found it was a sledge hammer. He decided it could prove itself useful in teaching Harley a lesson about running away from home He tossed the long, wooden handle of the hammer over his shoulder and started to search for Harley Quinn.

Thunder erupted outside, adding to the scene. And with thunder came lightning, briefly consuming the darkness in a bright flash of light. It could not have been more perfect. The few seconds of brightness every so often allowed him to see Harley, ducking from one hiding place to another. He made his way quickly towards her, Harley knew it. She stumbled several times in her hast.

Joker slammed the sledge hammer into a nearby chair. The loud crash of breaking furniture startled Harley even more. She tripped and fell on to the hard, unforgiving concrete floor. Harley cried out in panic as Joker approached her. Just as she was about to get to her feet, Joker's hammer came down on her left leg with a sickening crack. Harley froze, unable to scream, she could barely breathe through the pain and shock of her now broken leg.

That didn't satisfy the Joker. He swung his makeshift weapon again, this time bringing it down on Harley's other leg.

Harley gasped, the disgusting sound of her bone break ringing in her ears.

Joker dropped the hammer and stepped back. By now Harley began to whimper in pain. She was not screaming or crying like Joker had expected, she almost seemed to be holding back. But still he relished in the sound and in her pain and fear.

Harley had never broken a bone in her life. This new pain in both her legs was intense and relentless. Just as she thought it would climax and subside it continued on, bring the same waves if dull pain in her bones.

She closed her eyes tightly, as if she were still in that fear toxin nightmare or that she could wish all of this away. Of course she couldn't do that and part of her thought that she should just face that. But part of her would not let go.

Harley Quinn opened her eyes again and attempted to sit up. The action brought new pain rushing up her legs, making her scream.

Thunder boomed outside of the warehouse and a flash of lightning revealed to her a quick image of her legs. They contorted in unnatural positions and looked as though they were already beginning to swell. Hot tears rushed to Harley's eyes.

"What did I do wrong?" she sobbed quietly, "What'd I do to deserve this?" she looked around for Mr. J who was not answering.

Just then the lights flicked back on, Joker stood by the switch, animalistic eyes fixed on her. Harley had never felt more vulnerable, she felt like prey. He stalked toward her, his tongue probing the inside of his cheek and making his left scar bulge. A couple feet from Harley he sat up a metal folding chair that had been thrown on its side.

"What could I possibly have done?" Harley choked out.

Again the Joker didn't answer. He walked behind her and picked her up before sitting Harley back down in the chair. Another scream in pain forced its way out when he sat Harley down, though she tried to repress it.

It took her a moment to catch her breathe, the pain had taken it away, "I've given you everything Mistah J," she cried.

He ignored her as he searched through the warehouse for something. Harley watched the clown return with some nylon chord.

"I'd do it again," she said softly this time, "I love you. I always will,"

Joker wrapped the chord around her waist and tied it to the back of the chair, followed swiftly by Harley's hands.

She raised her voice, "Did you hear me? I said I love you! It doesn't matter what you do, I can't stop it. It's like- like breathing or something. Stopping would just kill me,"

No response.

"I made a commitment in Arkham to make you better Mr. J and I intend to do that. Not because I have to, because I want to,"

Joker's piercing gaze agitated her. She just wanted him to say something, anything at this point. She didn't know what she expected, maybe nothing at all. Maybe she was just losing her mind completely, that or it was the pain causing her to go into a bit of a rant.

"Damn it say something," she moaned.

"Remember the first time we met Harley?" Joker finally spoke, "You were so cute, trying to look as confident and professional as you could, going through aaalll the right steps to get me to uh, tell my secrets... but you made one mistake,"

She sobbed a pathetic response.

"You under-esssstimated me darling. See, I'm not like the whack jobs in Arkham, I'm not like the mob or any of the other uuuh, criminals in Gotham... and I'm not like you," He was right in front of her now, dark hazel eyes staring into her making her feel as uncomfortable as when he first stared at her from across a table in Arkham, "Believe me sweetheart, I know, cause I saw riiight through you, from the beginning, when you first started playing doctor with me," Joker circled her before standing behind her, "I saw your fear, your fascination... your luust," he twisted her pigtail around his fingers, "But ya know what else I saw?" he bent down, his face close to her's.

"Po-ten-tial," he answered nuzzling her neck for a moment, "Aaaand as usual I was right. But I gotta ask ya puddin'," he stood to face her now, "Just how long did you plan on believing that I loved you?"

Harley had thought about it more than once, the possibility that he didn't share her strong feelings of love. But nothing could have prepared her for that, Mr. J's words still hurt, more than her broken legs. And the worse thing was she could not convince herself she was just being insecure, as she did when the thought presented itself in her own mind. Joker just said it and as harshly as possible.

"Did you reeeally think that you could uh, turn me from my "wicked ways" and love happily ever after in a castle far, far away from Gotham?" he waved his hands around, "Hmm, princess?" Joker stroked her face with the back of his gloved hand, "Let me tell you something I learned the hard way Harley-kins," he licked his lips pushed her chin upwards to face him, "Things don't always work out the way you plaanned,"

"But I did everything for you," Harley Quinn sobbed through her gritted teeth.

"No," Joker corrected, "It's like you said. Loving me is like breath, you would die without it. You would die," he pointed out.

"I said that to prove to you how much you mean to me," the clown girl was barely audible through her crying.

"Doooon't lie to me Harl. You did this for yourself, for some excitement, for some confidence... so you wouldn't have to be alone in this world," Joker pulled a knife out of his trench coat and held it up to the light examining the bright, shining blade, "And I'll uh, spare you of that burden,"

He cocked his head to one side and then downward while he continued to watch her. Joker approached her slowly, knife in hand. Harley was visibly shaking now, most of her black paint running from her eyes and down her cheeks leaving stripes on her barely painted face.

"Harley Quinn," his face was inches away from her's, "Stop lov-ing meee,"

For several moments that seemed to last hours, Harley did not know what was happening to her. A hot pain rushed through one-side of her face as she heard a rip like pulling apart Velcro. It was not until she caught sight of a deep red liquid in her perifial vision that she knew what was going on. By then it was to late, but of course, what could she have done anyway with her hands bound behind her. Harley was in to much shock to accept that fate anyway.

Joker dug the knife deep into the opposite side of Harley's once whole cheek. Another rip and a gush of blood. He lowered his knife. Harley's blue eyes grew wide, her mouth hung opened involuntarily, the lower half of her severed flesh fell limp on each side of her face. Harley's blood ran out of her mouth and down her neck, across her chest before it forever stained that new dress he got her. She had never looked so beautiful to him.

Quickly, Joker grasped either side of Harley Quinn's broken face, holding it together and crashed his lips into her's for a farewell kiss. Thick blood began filling his own mouth as his kiss deepened. After that he pulled away, still holding her and taking one last look at the prettiest smile he had ever seen. And then let go.

Harley sat motionless and watched him go. The horrible stinging in her mutilated face seemed to be dulling, as well as the sick feeling in her stomach. Both were replaced by a high-pitched ringing sound and a light headed feeling. Static began to blur her vision until everything went dark.

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