Ok this is a random thingy my sister and I thought of, and it does go along with shinzo.

Disclaimer: I don't own shinzo

Random story 1: Don't you

Hollie and Heather where dancing to the song 'Girls just want to have fun'.

They where jumping up and down now, just being girls, when Heather jumped up to high and landed in the celestial realm.

"How do I get back to Earth?" Heather said jumping up and down trying to break a hole in the clouds.

Soon guardians surrounded her. "Cool if you guardians are here that means Mushra is real!" Heather said with excitement.

"Yes he is" One of the guardians said.

"Where is he?" Heather asked with excitement.

"Over there" The guardians said in union.

It turned all dark, and then a spot light was on Celestial Mushra. Mist filled the stage he was on. Music started to play.

Mushra turned around and sang. "Don't you wish your girl friend, was hot like me, don't you." Mushra sang while dancing.

See, very random. If you want email me and make up a random story and I might put it on here. If not well you have to wait for awhile till another random story crosses our minds and is posted up.