Because I loved 20 ways to kill Lanancuras I shall make another one! Don't hurt me I know I haven't updated anything for a while but I'll try to get to the other stories soon!

Disclaimer: I don't own Shinzo or any of the other animes/cartoons/movies said in this 20 ways

Random story 8: 20 ways to kill Gyasa

1: Put him in a giant furnace with no means of escape and watch him burn! Though he will shed his skin so he will needed to be burned again and again and again… but that's the fun part!

2: Put an electric collar around his neck (somehow won't help you there), and make him act out the play of Romeo and Juliet with Ryuma, Lanancuras, Daku, Franken, Diehanger, Kimilas, Queen Beeing (preferably her), and/or Rusephine. You will need collars for them too.

3: Make him do the Macarena.

4: Chop off his hair using the booby trap from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… You can only hope it will take a little more than off the top.

5: Sick Lanancuras on him (again use the collar).

6: Make him listen to the song that never ends.

7: Throw him into one of the twilight movies; your choice. Warning: It will only work if you don't like the movies or books.

8: Put him in an episode of SpongeBob. No matter how hard he tries he won't be able to get rid of the square menace… just ask Squidward.

9: Make him join the Host club (again use the collar). Warning: Might scare away customers.

10: Let Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist "play" with him.

11: Give him a mirror.

12: Throw a Pokeball at him. Warning: Training your Gyasa will be hard work.

13: Stick him in a call of duty game with no powers.

14: Make Rusephine shrink him and stick him in your local high school. (For maximum death put collar around him and sick him on the school bullies)

15: Put him in a small room with Mushrambo fan girls and let them loose! (Like Lanancuras they will kill him for hurting Mushrambo).

16: Show him his baby pictures and remind him of how he use to wet the bed.

17: Put headphones on him and play music. He will be running around screaming, "There are voices in my head!" Eventually he will either pass out or die.

18: Let Winry from Fullmetal alchemist beat him with her wrench.

19: Let that same old lady from last chapter beat him with her cane.

20: If that doesn't work then repeat 1-19 over and over again, thank you and hope you had a fun time murdering Gyasa I know I did!

Warning: Mushratheenterran is not responsible for any mental and/or physical harm that said character(s) can and will do to you.

Results may vary.