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This is the day I confess to my long time crush. Ever since the day we met I was obviously star struck.

It started when we were in the second grade. I was constantly being bullied by a girl named Jessica.


"Hey! Swan! I heard your parents got divorced! You're probably living in the orphanage since your parents DON'T want you!" Jessica shouted straight at my face.

It was true, my mom filed a divorce and left us soon after. She planned to take me from Charlie but my dad insisted that he should take care of me. My mom flew to Los Angeles and I was left here in forks.

I started to cry, and Jessica smirked. She pulled on my pigtails making my hair dishevelled. She laughed in victory and I just sat on the corner crying my eyes out, my head resting on my knees as Jessica threw dirty comments about me and my parents.

"My mommy said your mother is an ugly selfish person who doesn't care about you." She shouted with more hatred in her voice. Why was this happening to me?

It was recess and none of the teachers were in sight. The other children didn't notice because Jessica dragged me further away from the playground where no one came.

She started kicking me hard and throwing sand on my hair while I covered my eyes. I was so defenceless; I wanted this to be over soon.

"Get away from her!" suddenly I heard an unfamiliar voice behind Jessica. I opened my eyes and looked ahead of me. It was a boy, a boy I cannot see due to the sun making him appear as a silhouette.

"I'm- sorry Ed-ward." Said Jessica in a nervous voice. Who's Edward?

Jessica quickly ran off leaving me a mess on the floor. I looked at my saviour and saw the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. They were like the emerald earrings my mom used to wear on special occasions only better.

"Are you okay? I'll call Mrs. Holly if you're hurt." He asked me, I blushed and stared at him. He tilted his head to the side and I gave out a sigh.

"Can you stand up?" he tried to help me up but I felt the pain on my right knee. I looked at it and saw that it was bleeding. I started to whimper and eventually the tears in my eyes rolled down my cheeks.

"Shhh…. Don't cry I'll take care of you." He turned around and got on one knee. I looked at him curiously and he giggled.

"Let me carry you please." He smiled and I instantly felt better. I climb on his back and he started to walk towards the building.

"What's your name?" he asked. We were nearing the doors and some of the children noticed us already.

"Bella. What's yours?" I stated shyly.

"Edward." He carefully set me down on my feet and called Mrs. Holly.

I will never forget this day, the day I had met my soul mate.


Hmm… those were one of the days I cherish the most. The day I spent with Edward, him giving me a piggy back ride and the envious glares Jessica, Lauren, Tanya and the endless list of Edward's admirers shot me.

And now, finally after the long wait, I stand before everyone to tell him how I really feel, because I, Isabella Marie Swan am in love with her best friend's brother, Edward Cullen.

I made my way towards the crowd of students. It was our graduation party, typically being held in the Cullen's gigantic house. Their parents were at Mexico leaving after the graduation of their children.

I wrestled through the noisy crowd, the music too loud for my ears. Soon, I found Alice in the kitchen refilling the empty bowls with chips.

"Hey Alice! Where's Edward?" I asked excited. I know Alice knows I like his brother, she said it was the most obvious thing in the world.

She turned around and placed the bowl of chip on the counter.

"He's in his room. Good luck bells, I know you'll be able to say it." She said with a knowing smile. I grinned and fled to the stairs. I love Alice like a sister, it's like she knows everything that's going to happen. I swear she could be mistaken as a psychic.

My heart sped up, like it would burst out anytime. Is this really love? Am I ready to face Edward and a whole new step in our relationship? Of course that's a ridiculous question. I'm sure, I'm ready.

I ran faster towards Edward's room, hoping I could see those emerald eyes and say what I've been dying to say ever since we've met.

I finally came to a stop. Edward's door was slightly open. I knocked then opened the door seeing something I was definitely not ready for.

Edward, sitting on a bean bag with a strawberry blonde haired girl on his lap, making out like crazy.

I stared at them with wide eyes. I couldn't breath, I couldn't run away. Once again I let my emotions take over and the tears came out uncontrollably.

I felt like my heart was being pounded with something hard, I put my hand over my chest, trying to find were it hurt.

It was like I was being sucked inside a black hole. Alone. Painfully sucked, waiting for my doom.

Edward shifted on the bean bag and saw me standing by the door. His eyes widened and he immediately pulled away from a now panting Tanya.

Ha, Tanya, figures. She's beautiful and popular, everybody wants her. I'm no match for someone like her. I'm too dumb to think Edward would have any interest in me.

Plain, shy, geeky me.

Edward stood up and ran towards me. I immediately ran away from him but he was just darn too fast.

"Wait Bella, I can explain." Explain! Explain! What is there to explain about? There was nothing between us in the first place. Why would he care about my feelings? He broke my heart, the heart that always belonged to him though he never really claimed it.

"I'm fine." I said as I turned my head away from him. He gripped my shoulders and told me to face him.

"Then why are you crying Bella?" he said with a shocking tone, his angry.

I stared at him. What was he trying to say? Did he like me back? Or was it for the sake of our friendship? A spark of hope lit up from me as I wandered about these questions.

"I'm crying because I have feelings for you Edward!" I exclaimed louder than I should have.

He took a large intake of breath and remained still, frozen. Why wasn't he saying anything? Why is he just standing there?"

Suddenly I heard clapping behind Edward. It was Tanya, smiling wickedly like she was about to burn me alive for her enjoyment.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

"Great show Bella, too bad he's with me now." She said as she clung into Edward, who still stood frozen in place. I felt the tears starting to build up in my eyes again.

Tanya saw this and a smirk formed on her glossy lips.

"Well, what do you expect? Edward has high standards……..and I guess yours isn't high enough." She laughed and a crowd gathered around us. Tanya glared at me as he caressed Edward's cheeks with her hands.

"Bella, Bella, Bella….. Can't you accept that you'll never be as pretty as me? I mean look at you! Your boobs are small, you're a geek and you're uglier than a rat! Edward will never be in love with you!" she said with such venom in her voice.

The tears rolled down mu cheeks and Tanya smiled in victory. Alice came in with a plate full of nachos, heading to her room but stopped when she saw me.

"Bella? What happened?" Alice rushed in front of me. Tanya suddenly grabbed the nachos from Alice's hands and dumped it on me.

I could have died in embarrassment, the crowd started to laugh and some began to whisper. I covered my ears trying to hide myself. Definitely not working. I glanced at Edward's way to see him being kissed by Tanya.

I quickly ran through the front door, getting my bag in the process. Tanya continued to scream ugly comments at me as I got on my old truck.

How can Edward do this to me? He didn't say a word! Was I that bad looking, unworthy and despised to be embarrassed in front of hundreds of people?

I finally arrived home. Charlie's cruiser was no where in sight, joy.

I ran to my room and jumped on my bed, still covered with nacho chips and cheese. I sobbed and sobbed until I grew tired of it and my eyes couldn't produce any.

I got up from bed and took off my 5 sizes bigger hoodie, leaving me in only my tank top and baggy jeans. I stared at myself through the mirror.

I was a mess. My hair was still as bushy as ever, bushy, disheveled, ugly, and big whatever you want to call it. My square rimmed glasses were too big for my face. My eyebrows hid my eyes because of its bushiness.

I looked so pale that I could be mistaken as a ghost. My skin was paper white, no hint of tan, except that hint of crimson on my cheeks whenever I get embarrassed. God?! Why did you make me like this?! I thought to myself.

And don't even get me started about my body. It was a complete disaster. I had no curves, no breasts, and no hips, no anything; I was flat, too flat.

And now I face a different step in my life. More different than I imagined. I made my decision. I would change when I come back Tanya will be a sorry little bitch when i give her a spank or two. And all the poeple who made fun of me, teased me, blamed me for something i never did will pay big time. and let's just say someone will be begging on their knees for me to take him back.

Revenge. Sweet revenge.

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