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"Please be my girlfriend." I blurted out. I knew it was too soon to ask, but what the heck.

I heard be sigh. "You have to earn it Edward." she finally replied, her voice almost cracking. My heart sank but I knew she was right. I couldn't have it all in just one day, that would be too much, even if it would be the one thing I wanted.

"I won't force you. When you're ready, I'm always here." I avowed. I shifted so I could face her and found that she has done the same. We looked at each other, our views connecting. Bella truly was an angel, every particle of her being just glowed, her blemish free face had a blush that I knew was natural. Her lips were naturally red and I would want nothing more than to press them against my own.

Her arm was around the sleeping child and as I put my hand above hers, I could never be more content. Bella closed her eyes, letting sleep take over. I knew that tonight was something I would not forget, and should have done a lot earlier, prior the events of yesterday.

When the only sounds in the room was Bella's soft breathing and Tracy's light snore, I closed my eyes, looking forward to the what would happen tomorrow.

I awoke the next day, the light from the window blinding me momentarily. I felt someone jump on the bed and opened my eyes to find Tracy jumping up and down, Bella no where in sight. "Wakie! Wakie! Edward." Tracy sang. she looked excited and I noticed that she had already bathed and changed to a new set of clothes that Alice must have brought over.

"Good morning Tracy. Where's Bella?" I asked, rubbing my eyes and sitting up. Tracy stopped jumping and sat down once she landed on the bed. she pointed to the door, Bella must be outside with Charlie. "Come on, let's bring you to Bella." she clapped her hands as I picked her up.

We went downstairs to find Bella, Alice and Charlie in the kitchen cooking breakfast. We walked along and soon gained attention from the three. "Good morning Edward." Bella greeted from her position on the stove, cooking. I smiled at her, setting Tracy down next to Charlie who was sitting at the table with Alice. I walked over to bella and gave her a kiss on the cheek, which earned a squeal from Alice.

"Hey! Not in front of the man.... not even in front of anybody!" Charlie suddenly barked. I stiffened and stepped away from Bella. I didn't want Bella's father to hate me, that would be a bad start. I heard Bella laugh and remove the pancakes from the pan and placed it on a serving dish.

"You know you're the man in my world Chief." Bella objected, placing the plate on the table and giving his father a pat on the back. "Glad you're are well informed Bells." Charlie laughed. I felt like someone stabbed me on the chest. But of course there was no competition, I think.

I sat down and put Tracy on my lap but not before stealing a glance at Bella.

she winked at me and smirked. I blushed and she laughed when she noticed.

God she'll be the death of me.

"Edward! Cake!" Tracy pulled on my hair, demanding for the pancake. I playfully glared at her and took a pancake and set it on the plate beside me. I sliced it into bite size pieces, making it more easier for her to eat. Bella stood up and helped me take Tracy to the chair beside me so she could eat. since we didn't have a high chair, Bella placed a hard pillow on the chair and sat Tracy there.

I gave Bella a thankful smile as she returned to her seat. Everyone started eating, me stealing glances towards Bella. I could feel Charlie glare at me from his position at the head of the table and Alice giggle to her self. To sum it all up, breakfast was awkward, really awkward.

Bella's phone rang and she excused herself to take the call. "Edward, I heard from Carlisle that you took over the company?" Charlie posed as Bella left our sight. "Um, yes chief sw-"

"I'm retired Edward, call me Charlie." he said, looking at me like I was a criminal. "Okay, chie- I mean Charlie." I stuttered.

"Well answer me boy!" he demanded, obviously amused of his affect on me. "Yes, I took over after graduation, that was about three years ago." I hurriedly spoke. "That's right Charlie! Edward here is so smart he beat the crap out of James at the finals! He's ahead of his class and graduated a few years earlier than the others." Alice continued, putting an instant smile on Charlie's face. I was amused that my sister remembered all this, she really did care about her family's affairs.

"I accepted the deal because they told me we could do it here in Forks!" We heard Bella go frantic outside. "There she goes again."Charlie sighed.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Charlie took a bite on his toast, like he never heard me.

"Yeah. What do you mean by 'There she goes again' Charlie." Alice asked, mimicking Charlie's voice.

Charlie sighed, obviously planning to answer Alice's question and completely ignoring mine. "she's always too focused when it comes to work. I think that's why she became sick a few years back." he said, sipping some coffee from his cup, sadness evident in his features.

I became instantly concerned, and by the looks of it Alice did too. I looked at Tracy who was still eating her pancakes, not aware of what we were talking about. "she became too busy, always forgetting about herself, always me or her employees, then when.... maybe you should talk to her about it."

We didn't speak after that. At least no until Bella came back.

"I'm sorry I took so long. I still have a few problems left to take care of." she said, almost out of breath as she sat down and finished the rest of her meal.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Bella asked as she came down the stairs looking as gorgeous as ever in a simple black pencil dress. Her wavy hair in a half-pony and her make-up naturally done, with just a hint of bronze on her eyes. "Yeah, sure." I said patting my pockets to see if I still had my keys, wallet and phone. Bella took Tracy's coat and her own and carried the kid outside.

After breakfast this morning, Alice left the house and we all got ready for our day at the mall. Thank god Alice brought clothes for Tracy or we would have to settle for another tank top and an unhappy 2 year old. I opened the back door for Tracy to be settled in and the front door for Bella. "I found my old baby car seat in the attic and vacuumed it. It still looks usable." Bella said as she buckled Tracy to it. soon we were out of the front yard and into the route going to the mall.

Truth to be told, it's been awhile since I've been here in Forks. The decade passed so quickly and the only time I've ever been back was twice. Mom and Dad always flew in to spend Christmas with Alice and I, while Alice sometimes spend her holidays with her paternal aunt. Esme really loved Alice, and so does Carlisle and I, even though we weren't really related.

suddenly Bella's phone rang, making me look at her. she shot me an apologetic smile and answered her phone. The car's practically divided our communication with each other. Bella was talking on the phone and if you listen carefully you could hear the distinct sound of a woman on the other line. Tracy was mumbling nonsense, singing an unknown tune I'm sure she has made up.

"Tell Marc I'll be back in a few days, two days at the least. And no, if Mr. Yamashita calls, tell him he'll have to wait for me to come back." I heard Bella say, her voice full of authority. she snapped her phone shut and took a deep breath, closing her eyes and relaxing further in her seat.

"Everything Okay?" I asked noticing that she couldn't calm down.

"Yeah I'm fine, I just need to go home earlier than expected." she assured. My heart sank. It's only her third day here and she's going in such short notice. "Are you not attending Michael Newton's barbecue this Saturday? Our batch is coming, I mean it's only Wednesday..."

"I guess not. My flight is due on that day. I wouldn't want to take my private jet if I'm not going with my clients, that would be wasteful." she said giving me a sad smile which I returned equally. We both stayed silent, only Tracy's movements echoing in the car. We arrived a few minutes later, the mall filled with the little population Forks could offer.

I parked near the entrance noticing that it was starting to rain outside. Bella put her Trench coat on and I can't help notice how amazing she looked in it, her toned legs looked inviting, like it was begging for me to touch it. "Like what you see Cullen?" she teased, unbuckling her seatbelt but her eyes never leaving mine.

"Of course, swans are always the prettiest." and then I heard her laugh. We entered the mall, Tracy in the middle holding both our hands as we walked. "What do you want to do Tracy?" I asked kindly.

"Make a Teddy!!" she replied, giggling. "Then let's do just that." Bella agreed. We found the Build-a-Bear at the second floor of the mall and went directly there, not wanting to waste time because Lunch was about to start in an hour.

We entered the store, a smile forming on my face as I look at Tracy, her eyes amazed by the colors seen inside. "Teddy!!!" Tracy squeaked, jumping up and down while pointing at the unstuffed animals. We neared the animal skins to pick out what we wanted, Tracy's smile suddenly disappearing.

"Dead!! Teddy!! Nooo!!" Tracy shouted, upset. I crouched in front of Tracy so we were face to face. "Tracy, the teddy is not dead. They're just too.....thin." I could hear Bella giggle behind me. "Yes, so we need to feed it with cotton candy." Bella added, going along with my plan.

"Really?!" she said, her eyes going wide with excitement. I nodded, taking her hand and leading her to the selection. "I want!!" she pointed at the very top, a pink teddy bear. I gladly reached for it handing it to the sales lady I didn't know was behind us. "Lunch Time!!" Tracy said, looking at the bear as the lady stuffed it with cotton.

Bella helped Tracy pick out the clothes for the Teddy bear, deciding that it was a girl. Before I could follow them, my phone vibrated causing me to yelp and Bella to look at me curiously. "I'll be there in a minute." I motioned to my phone, she nodded turning her attention back to Tracy.


"Edward, it's mom." her voice almost sounded like she was worried.

"Oh, hi mom. I'm just out with Bella and Tracy, is something wrong?"

"There's a man that called earlier and is looking for Tracy. I told him she was with you and he said he'll be here later at night." I became silent for awhile, sad that Tracy had to leave so soon. "Edward? Honey? Are you still there."

"Yeah mom, I'll call you later. I'll come over in a few hours." I hung up the phone, sighed and went back inside, still sad and trying to figure out how to say it to Bella. As I entered the store for the second time I could hear the giggles of Bella and Tracy. I followed the sound, being careful not to disturb them.

When I finally thought I was going to see what they were giggling about they disappeared, not knowing where they are I scratched my head and looked around the spot. "Boo!" a voice said surprising me and making the two girls laugh even louder than before.

"You.... should have...... seen... the look....on... your face!" Bella said in between laughs. But I wasn't offended, I liked seeing her smile and laugh and be so carefree, it made me forget all my worries. Tracy jumped on my leg, pulling it, signaling me to pick her up.

"Are you done picking your Teddy?" I said kissing her forehead. she shook her head no. I handed her to Bella and they took off, going to the clothing section. I planned to follow but something made me stop, I looked to my right, noticing the 'say it with a sound YOU record' five inch puppy. It was calling me, like it was of great use. I took it, thanking god that it was already stuffed and all I had to do was press a button to start recording.

I paid for it, making sure hide it from Bella. since it was smile I had no problem putting it on my coat pocket. I found the two dressing the stuffed animal. Ten minutes and a satisfied kid later, we were off to the food court. "You didn't have to pay for it you know." Bella said as she carried Tracy whose head was lying on the crook of her neck.

"Now that would be too unmanly of me. Don't hurt my ego by letting a woman pay." I joked, smirking.

"Ha! Always the old fashioned one." she teased. suddenly a rather large man comes up to Bella, looking at her from head to toe. "Dude! You're Isabella!" he announced. Bella smiled, obviously uncomfortable because of the guy who was at least a few inches away from her face. "Come on man, back off a bit." I said coming in front of her and trying to stay calm. "Hey, no big! I just wanted to get my arm signed." I looked at Bella and she already put Tracy down and was ready to sign the guy's arm.

"Gosh I've been waiting for this day!" the man squealed in a sort of unmanly way. He turned to his side and gave Bella his marker. Bella signed, her elegant script covering half of the man's huge arms. "Thanks! I'm so getting this tattooed." Bella smiled up to the man. "My pleasure, and I'll be looking forward to the day I'll be seeing it..." Bella trailed off. "Jacob. Jacob Black."

"Yeah, Jacob. Well I'll see you. Thanks for your support." she waved at him and we continued to walk, Jacob obviously starstruck by her. I just looked at her, curious to how she has overcome the stalker act by such a large man like that. "What?" she asked, stifling her laugh. "Nothing, you never cease to amaze me." I said.

"You may have mentioned that a couple of times." now I know we were flirting with each other. Which made things become more complicated between us, in a way. We took our seats in the almost empty food court, deciding if we should have subway or Japanese or maybe Italian.

"I think I'd love to eat some sushi, how about you my sweet?" Bella asked Tracy. "Egg! I want egg!!" she demanded, crossing her arms above her chest. "Okay Tracy but say please." I said. Tracy pouted, wow Bella must've taught her how to do that. "Fine." I sighed giving up.

Half an hour later we were done with eating and decided to sit in of the benches so Tracy could play with the other kids in the indoor playground, luckily not much people were around. "Bella. I have to tell you something." I said, once we were settled. "yeah?" she faced towards me, her freesia scent just tingling my senses.

"someone called earlier...."

"Is Tracy coming home tonight?" she said, cutting me off before I could say it. I nodded, and put my head down. "I knew this was going to happen, it's no surprise. Tracy doesn't belong with us, so we have no righ to stop her father for getting her." she sighed.

"I'm going to miss her though." she admitted. All I did was listen, taking her hand in mine and kissing the back of it. "soon we'll have one of our own." I whispered. she laughed. "What?"

"It's just that you said the word 'we' like you're so sure we'd be together" she had the biggest smile on her face and I can't help but mirror it. "Well, I do hope so." I confessed. We stared at each other in silence, her face changing every now and then. Like she wanted to say something but was hesitating.

"Edward? What if I can't have children?" her eyes were looking at the floor, looking at nothing but the marble below us. I took he face between my hands, rubbing soothing strokes on her cheek with my thumb. "I don't believe th-"

"I'm sick okay! I can't control it! I'm a horrible person...." now tears were coming out of her eyes and her lips were turned into a frown. "No you're not. We could... I'll be here." I stuttered for a second. "I'll tell you if you promise not to tell Charlie. I wouldn't want to hurt him."

I pulled her to my chest, rubbing her back. "I promise. I'll help you get through it."

"I-I.... suffered from a disorder a few years back, I- it ruined everything." now my shirt was soaking but I couldn't care less about it. Bella was hurting and she needed someone right now. "We'll get through this. Ill never leave you. I'll help you. I love you Isabella. That's all there is to it." I whispered as I held her closer and inhaled the scent of her hair.

"Promise?" she said looking up, her eyes still wet with tears. "Promise. Forever and always." I replied. kissing her.

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