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"….And that is the story of Angelina Cecelia Cullen Clearwater, and her son Gabriel, who I am proud to call my ancestors." Steven Clearwater, current pack alpha and tribe elder, continued with his story in front of the crowd gathered at the bonfire on the cliffs overlooking First Beach as a group of visitors made their way toward the gathering staying in the shadows. A dozen heads all snapped up gazing in the direction of the coming visitors as their senses warned them that potential enemies were near. They instinctively sniffed the air a bit and then relaxed and resumed their evening when the scents they discovered on the air were familiar and friendly. The visitors stopped at the edge of the forest and listened as Steven continued with a smile.

"Lina Clearwater sacrificed her life that day over a hundred years ago. She risked her life and paid a heavy price in order to save not only the children of the pack members being harmed by the evil red eye army, but the rest of the tribe as well. It was with her sacrifice that we sit here today alive and well and safe from the red eye threat with a strong and unwavering alliance with our yellow eye family. Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen created the first binding links between the yellow eye family and our own, but Lina Clearwater and her son Gabe turned that link into a strong metal cable that will forever tie our lives and fates. And tonight, for the first time in nearly ninety years, the yellow eyes have returned to our lands to once again permanently live in our presence in peace."

Steven motioned toward the visitors standing on the perimeters of the clearing inviting them to step forward and join the group. From the stand of trees twelve individuals stepped forth into the light of the campfire's glow inciting gasps from the tribal council and bonfire guests. There in the clearing stood nine unearthly beautiful pale creatures with glowing ochre eyes, one pale female with curly bronze hair and brown eyes, and two tall strong Quileute males.

One of the Quileute males held hands with the woman with the brown eyes, but most eyes of the bonfire guests were cast with unabashed amazement at the Quileute man holding hands with a beautiful yellow eyed woman with long mahogany hair, a bright adoring smile, and warm loving eyes. They had all heard stories their entire life and again just a few moments before of the wolf whose wife had been changed into a vampire to save her life after defeating the Red Eye army as a human, but to see it for themselves was too much for their minds to fully comprehend. All, except for Steven and a few of the other descendents of both Seth and Lina Clearwater and Jacob and Nessie Black, continued to stare in shock as the visitors made their way toward Steven all reaching out to shake his hand except for Lina and Seth who pulled him into affectionate hugs.

After Alice's vision the decision had been made, much to Seth's relief, to begin the process. Edward, Carlisle, and Bella all worked together to spread their venom into Lina's system to begin the change and hopefully beat out death in a race for time. Seth stayed by her side the entire time, encouraging her and telling her that he loved her and he wanted her to stay with him forever. He begged and prayed and pleaded with God and Lina to not take her away from him.

Three days later she awoke from her transformation fully healed from her burns with eyes of bright red. The fire of thirst burned in her throat, but she found immediately, to her great relief, that she did not find her husband's blood at all appealing in any edible way and was not repulsed by the odor as her family had warned. The call for human blood was unbearably strong, but that call thankfully excluded the love of her life. Her control rivaled Bella's as she quickly learned to manage her thirst for human blood and live off the blood of animals. She had done so well that after a week of her begging to see her children and be part of Faith's first birthday celebration, the family very cautiously allowed them to be in the same room and to everyone's great relief, the same truth applied to them as it did Seth. She did not thirst for their blood at all. She was so relieved when she found that she would still be able to hold and care for her babies. She was different now, but the love for them that she carried in her heart had burned even brighter throughout her transformation. She had not believed it was possible to love them even more and yet she did.

In the years that followed, Seth continued to retain his reacquired wolf form in order to stay with Lina. They stayed in the La Push area and raised their children together with the help of Lina's family until the children were old enough to be on their own and then went on to watch over them as they became adults and had families of their own from a slightly greater distance. They indeed did get to sit on the porch of the family homestead and watch their grandchildren play in the yard as their children watched on lovingly. Each generation were quickly taught the difference between the vampires to be feared and those to be trusted and the grandchildren quickly bonded with Seth and Lina and thought nothing of climbing into their laps and listening for hours as Lina would tell them stories of their ancestors and sing songs as they drifted off to sleep in her arms. Lina was in heaven.

Not everything was perfect though, as always life can never go without its trials. With the decimation of the Volturi, the vampire world began to fall into chaos. Without Chelsea to hold allegiances together, what was left of the defeated guard disbanded and disappeared into the far reaches of the world. As word spread that the ruling force who had kept the peace and secrecy of the vampire community under constant watch was no more, the southern clans once again began to rise and grow, inciting mayhem as did a few other rebellious entities in the world.

The Cullen family had no desire to become the new heads of state for the vampire community, but at the same time they couldn't just sit back and watch everything fall apart. As a result they once again set to work bringing together allies who in turn brought with them their own allies who began what could loosely be referred to as a vampire neighborhood watch program. The groups would all work together and then band together to stop anyone who was causing trouble.

At first many seemed to think it a useless attempt. They believed that there was no way that small bands of vampires working as quasi peacekeeping militia would ever be capable of upholding the peace as the threat of the ever present and deadly Volturi guard had done, but after the first few years they were proven wrong. The working together of individuals toward the common goal of peace for their people worked far better than an army ever could. It took about a decade, but eventually the vampire world was once again a pretty calm place to be a part of.

Many in the vampire world had become intrigued by the strange behaviors of the Cullen family from their drinking habits to their ability to mate with a species that truly was designed to be their mortal enemy. It puzzled them at how such a large group of vampires would live together perpetually and not destroy one another. It was enough of a puzzlement that it resulted in many other vampires attempting the 'vegetarian' lifestyle and while not all stuck with it, many decided that they liked the new lifestyle and the ways it made them capable of living more stabile lives in a single location for extended periods of time.

Even though he never assumed the role officially and never set himself up to be the royalty of the vampire kingdom, Carlisle had basically became as much anyway. His name was legend amongst the vampires of the world as was the rest of the family. The Romanians at one point had planned to use the destruction of the Volturi to attempt to resume power, but once they saw the loyalty he inspired amongst the greater vampire population, they thought better of it and returned to their lair in Romania, still smugly pleased that the Volturi finally met the end that they deserved.

As a human, Lina had been quite amazing in her own respect and a force to be reckoned with, but as a vampire she was even more so. Once she was changed and venom replaced the blood in her veins her powers became much more precise. Instead of gleaning pieces of the powers of her loved ones she was able to either directly replicate their abilities or meld them as she instinctually had as a human. Her powers were still very much linked to her emotions though still limiting her to only being able to share powers with those she loved.

There had been many other negatives of living forever, as your children grow older and live out their human lives. Seth and Lina, along with Jacob and Nessie both perpetually mourned the loss of their loved ones, beginning with their children and then their grandchildren. There was joy at watching each new generation be born and grow, but the pain of losing their progeny was equally as difficult.

Gabe grew into a big strong man with an amazing heart. The sacrifice of his mother and his links to the Cullen family gave him an even more unique outlook on the relationship between the pack and the vampires. He experienced his growth spurt once he entered puberty and began to phase into a graceful and powerful wolf with an amazing control of his phasing even early on. He had also had a bit of his mother's ability, but nowhere near as strongly as Lina had. Occasionally he would dream of events of the future, but never with the clarity of Lina.

Sarina had no desire to be Alpha, so once Gabe was trained and graduated high school Jacob passed on the role of Alpha to Gabe effectively retiring and moving away with the rest of the Cullens. Gabe imprinted soon after on a girl from Seattle and married in the presence of his parents and extended vampire and pack family. He became a respected alpha serving many years before retiring and taking over as tribal chief. His two eldest sons later grew to be strong pack members.

Faith had from the beginning been a normal baby maturing as all babies do. She grew into a beautiful young lady with long silky raven hair, and a smile and sparkling green eyes that were an exact replica of Lina's. Levi and Becky Uley gave birth to a baby boy six months after Faith had been born that they named Gavin. Levi and Becky had always held a special place in Lina's heart and vice versa, so when she was changed in service of protecting them and their people, Levi and Becky were the first to approach her once she was changed and offered to help with Faith in any way needed. As a result, Gavin and Faith grew up together and were always very close. Everyone always suspected that when they grew up they would end up together, so it was actually a bit of a relief when at sixteen Gavin began to phase and imprinted on Faith less than twenty minutes after his first full phase. They too married and carried on the Clearwater bloodline making both sets of parents exceptionally pleased.

It was a double edge sword for Seth and Lina. They got to watch their children grow and have families of their own and live full and happy lives, but they also had to watch their children leave the world, leaving them behind to mourn for the rest of their days.

Sarina had grown to be just as beautiful as her mother and just as determined and strong as her father. When she became old enough she began to phase and shocked everyone when her phased form was in fact not a wolf, but instead a mountain lion. Not that she needed to have a phased form since one aspect of Lina's dream before Sarina was born did actually turn out to be valid. During the great vampire uprising following the defeat of the Volturi she was nearly captured by scouting nomads from the Southern clans. It was in the moment when she was in most imminent peril that everyone finally knew what lay within sweet quiet Sarina. Not only did she have a shield that protected her from physical attack, but she also had the ability to implant fear directly into the minds of those who meant her harm. In a matter of seconds she repelled a team of six nomads and left them screaming in madness on the forest floor until the pack and her family arrived to finish them off.

Sarina later became a strong leader among the tribe and eventually met her mate and imprinted letting go of her inner lion. She married and had children as well but chose to keep her family name and pass it to her children in honor of the Black family's history within the tribe. The Clearwaters and the Blacks were still deeply entrenched in the Quileute community long after the passing of both couple's children and often ended up holding leadership roles helping others adjust to the more macabre aspects of their world.

The bonfire began to disband as the guests warily maneuvered past the Cullens in order to leave with only the newest generations of Blacks and Clearwaters staying behind to get to know the rest of the family better. Seth, Lina, Jake, and Nessie were regular visitors to the area, often coming through at least yearly in order to make sure everyone was okay, but the rest of the Cullens typically chose not to come and were new to this generation of descendents.

Seth and Lina made their way around the group hugging their family members and taking turns holding the newest babies to be added to the family tree. The sadness when they would remember their own children was great, and a day did not pass that they didn't miss them, but at least they still had each other and even after over a hundred years together, they were still very much in love.

As the last of the guests left to return home and the fire died down to glowing orange embers, the Cullens excused themselves to return home and unpack as Seth and Lina sat on an old log facing out toward the ocean where the moon hovered large and white above the cresting waves. Seth reached out and wrapped Lina in his arms pulling her close and placing kisses on her head before tipping her face up to look into his eyes.

"Remember the night after I proposed and we sat here just like this?" he asked before bending down and placing a gentle kiss on her smooth lips.

She smiled, the faint memory coming to the forefront of her mind and snuggled closer to his chest nodding.

Seth sighed as he looked out at the water beyond before turning back to gaze into her eyes which were no longer the green he loved, but the topaz he had grown to adore just as much. "It's still true today. My Present, My Future, My Always and forever…no mater what happens, when it happens, or how it happens….we are going to face it together. I promise you that."

Lina reached her cool hand up to rest on his face. "Always and forever" she whispered in a higher and more musical timber than she had when last she spoke those words to Seth on that very bluff, but the sentiment was still the same. She placed a gentle kiss on his lips before laying her head against his chest as they both stared out into the dark expanse beyond and she breathed in and out to the rhythm of Seth's calm and faithful heartbeat.

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