Land Before Time: The Time of Wolves

Disclaimer: Balto and the Land Before Time are like one of my favorite movies, so I thought to give this story a shot. On a side note I don't own any of the characters except the main sharptooth.

Summery: Every thing was peaceful for Balto until he found himself in the time of the dinosaurs. Now Balto must find out how to get home, and while he's doing that he befriends the well known dinosaur children of the Great Valley.

Rating: K+

Author's Notes: I'll explain the story idea at the end of this chapter. Also this story takes place after the third Balto and the fifth Land Before Time movie.

Genre: Adventure/Friendship

Chapter 1: A Precious Thing to Waste

Nome Alaska 1927

Dawn was coming to the town of Nome. Soon everyone in the town would be waking up and be on with their daily lives. However when the sun was coming up there was still one who lived on an abandoned fishing boat that wasn't waking up. The famous wolfdog of Nome Balto. Balto would usually wake up before most of the town did, but today he was completely tired than he usually was. Reason being was that he was up all night looking at the stars. It felt like just yesterday when he found out that his mother was the great spirit Aniu. Even when it's been months since he found out he still couldn't believe it. Anyway today was meant to be a special day and Balto was about to miss it if he doesn't wake up.

"Balto, Balto!" shouted a voice somewhere on the boat. The voice came from an old goose named Boris; Balto's oldest friend. "Wake up boy chick you're going to miss the big day." Boris got a bucket of water and threw it in Balto's face.

Balto jumped up in surprise until he realized what happened. "Uh Boris couldn't you find a more peaceful way of waking me up?" he asked as he stretched and started shaking the water off.

"How can I you're such a heavy sleeper." Boris replied as Balto was still stretching. "Anyway you should be in town to congratulate Kodi on his first day of being lead dog."

Balto then remembered why this day was so important. Today was the day his son, Kodi was coming back from his first day of being lead dog on the mail team. Balto didn't want to miss this day for the world. Balto thanked Boris for reminding him and ran off into town before it was too late.

When Balto got into town he noticed that everyone was already awake, but he couldn't find the mail team. Balto sighed in relief knowing that he wasn't late for his son's return.

"Balto!" said a voice from behind him. Balto looked to see it came from his mate Jenna. Balto went over and nuzzled his mate. "You were almost late sleepyhead; what were you doing all night?"

"Ah just looking at the stars." he answered. "I'm just glad I didn't overslept to miss this." Balto and Jenna decided to walk to the post office to wait for the mail team. "So Jenna how's Duke feeling lately? Is he getting any better since Kodi and I rescued him?"

"Actually he's doing just fine." Jenna answered. "They just said he had to wear a cast over his leg for awhile."

Balto smiled and nuzzled his mate again.

For those who don't know Duke is the bush plane pilot for the U.S mail who arrived in Nome a week ago. During that week the mail team of Nome challenged Duke to a race to see who would be the ones to keep their jobs. In the middle of the race Duke got lost in a blizzard and ended up crashing in the middle of nowhere. When Balto found out he went out to help Duke and bring him back into town. When Balto found him he carried Duke back to town, but Balto found himself in a situation that almost led him to his death. Luckily his son Kodi and some of the other dogs on the mail team came at the last minute to save him. In fact it was Kodi that led the mail team all the way to save Balto and Duke, and that's the reason he's lead dog now. After they reached Nome the people of the town and Duke made a deal. The mail dogs would deliver the mail during the winter while Duke delivered it during the summer. All of this is what leads up to now.

The mail team was finally coming to the town about an hour after sunrise. Kodi of course was in the front leading the team. When the team stopped at the post office Balto and Jenna went over to greet their son.

"Hey Mom, Dad!" Kodi said excited to see his parents.

"Hello Kodi did you have a great time being lead dog?" asked Jenna as she welcomed her son with a nuzzle.

"Oh it was the best thing ever, and we actually got the mail on time." he answered.

At that time it was Balto's turn to greet his son. "You did good out there son; I'm proud of you."

Kodi smiled when he heard that. "Thanks Dad I only hope I'm as good as you someday."

"Well if you keep practicing you'll become even faster then me." Balto replied.

"I don't think anyone's faster than you."

After that Kodi went to hangout with his friends from the mail team Kirby, Dusty, and Ralph. Balto and Jenna watched their son until he was out of site with his friends. After that Balto decided to stay with Jenna for the rest of the day. However something was bothering Balto. Today Balto felt like something was going to happen. He couldn't explain it, it was just one of those feelings he gets.

Soon day turned to dusk and it was almost time for everyone to turn in. Balto was heading back to his boat to get some sleep tonight until Kodi came and stopped him.

"Kodi what are you doing here?" Balto asked.

"Well I was wondering if you can practice with me Dad." Kodi replied.

Balto couldn't say no to his son when it came to spending time together. Since Kodi was off delivering the mail he and Balto didn't get to spend much time together as they used to. So before Kodi went to deliver the mail he and Balto would spend as much time they had, since time is a precious thing to waste.

Balto and Kodi went to the forest to practice. The practices would involve some sort races, maneuvering through trees, and Balto setting up a small obstacle course for Kodi. However Kodi just brushed through them like they were nothing. Balto was impressed of how much Kodi has progressed since he started being on the mail team. Balto couldn't help but feel proud of his son right now.

"Well son it's getting late we should get back." Balto said when his son was done practicing.

Kodi then had an idea in mind. "Hey Dad how about we have a race back home?"

Balto agreed to that and got in position to race. A minute later the race started with the both of them neck and neck. Of course it didn't take long for Balto to get ahead of Kodi. Balto was half way to Nome before he fell in a river of thin ice that was hidden by the snow. Balto tried to swim to shore, but the current was too strong for him. However Balto noticed a rock in the water and tried his hardest to swim over to it and grabbed hold of it when he did. Seconds later Kodi came along and realized what was happening.

"Oh my God, Dad!" Kodi shouted as he was getting ready to jump in the water. "Don't worry Dad I'll save you."

"No Kodi stay right there." Balto said worried that his son would get hurt helping him. "Just stay there son I'll be fine."

Not long after he said that a huge chunk of ice came and hit him off the rock. Balto was then being pushed down stream with Kodi following from the shoreline trying to find a way to help his father. As things couldn't get any worse the river was heading straight for a waterfall. Balto then tried his hardest to get to shore, but the current was still too strong for him. Kodi had a hard time catching up with the current to even do anything to help his father. Minutes later Balto was over the edge of the waterfall plummeting to the bottom.

"NO!" Kodi yelled.

Kodi raced to the edge of the waterfall only to see Balto falling straight to the bottom. Since the bottom was misty, Kodi couldn't really see the bottom at all. He then felt tears coming from his eyes as he thought the worst for his father.


The Great Valley 65 million years ago

It was the middle of the night in the land of the dinosaurs and everyone was sound asleep. Since here in the Great Valley was where leaf eaters were protected from carnivores by a giant wall the surrounded it. Only one dinosaur wasn't sleeping; a longneck named Littlefoot. In fact he was having a nightmare of some sort, and it took awhile before he woke up screaming. After that he started panting until he realized it was just a dream and sighed in relief.

"Littlefoot?" a voice said from behind him. Littlefoot looked to see that it was his grandpa. "What's the matter Littlefoot is something wrong?"

"Nothing it was just another bad dream." Littlefoot answered as he was catching his breath.

His grandpa then gave a concerned look. "Littlefoot you've been having these bad dreams for awhile now; maybe it's time you tell me what they're about." since this was the third night Littlefoot had these dream, so his grandfather was simply worried about him.

Littlefoot took a deep breath before he started. "Well Grandpa I keep dreaming that I fell in the fast water and I can't get out." Littlefoot paused for a moment to remember the dream. "I try my hardest to swim out cause it's so much colder then usual but the current is too strong. I also keep hearing someone I don't recognize trying to help me but they can't for some reason, and then the fast water sends me over the thundering falls. The rest is a blur." after that took awhile for either of them to say anything.

"My goodness." was all Grandpa could say at that moment. "No wonder you have trouble sleeping Littlefoot. Why I remember having such dreams like that scared me awake from time to time."

"What do you suppose is making me have the same dream over and over again Grandpa?" Littlefoot looked to him for answers. "What does it all mean?"

"I don't know Littlefoot. Dreams are truely one of the greatest mystery of our world; why who really knows how we have them?" Grandpa however knew this wasn't the answer his grandson wanted, "But the important thing is that it's over." Grandpa then nuzzled Littlefoot to let him know it was safe. "Now try to go back to sleep."

Littlefoot did as his grandfather said and laid back down. However Littlefoot couldn't help but feel like something was about to happen and soon.

Somewhere outside the Great Valley

The sun was already high in the sky and Balto was lying unconscious on the shoreline of the river. When he woke up he coughed up some water that went down his throat during his ordeal, and tried to catch his breath. Balto then looked at his surroundings and realized that wherever he was it wasn't Nome. This place had trees and plants that he had never seen before, he noticed some of the mountains were volcanoes, and this place was way too humid to be Nome. I mean spring was coming, but it was never this humid at Nome. It was easy to say that Balto was completely lost.

"Where am I? What is this place?" Balto asked himself as he was getting used to his surroundings. "More importantly how did I get here?"

Balto then shook himself dry and started to walk away from the river to find any clues to where he was. Everything around him seemed different like he was on another planet or something. He then heard something over a small hill in front of him, so he ran over to investigate. When Balto went over the hill he was surprised by what he saw. He saw a group of huge reptiles like creatures grazing around a field. Balto recognized these creatures form Rosy's (Jenna's owner) picture books that she had around.

"Dinosaurs? But that's impossible." Balto said trying not to go into shock. Balto then started walking in circles to keep his mind preoccupied. "Okay settle down Balto this has to be some sort of dream that's it; I hit my head in the river and now I'm having a crazy dream." after saying that Balto accidentally hit his head on a nearby tree and noticed that it hurt. "Okay scratch that this is not a dream."

With that in mind Balto decided it might be best if he kept his distant from the dinosaurs. Even though Balto could tell that these dinosaurs were plant eaters he thought that if he went near them there would be two possibilities. The dinosaurs might think he was just an odd creature and leave him alone, or they might think he was a type of carnivore and attack him out of self-defense. Balto then had no idea what to do at this point. All he wanted was to go home, but he didn't know how. Suddenly Balto heard a loud roar coming from the nearby jungle, and saw all the plant eaters running in circles shouting "Sharptooth!" Balto just stood there confused until he saw what the plant eaters were worked up about. Out of the jungle came out a huge black two-legged dinosaur with red stripes and two horns on the top of it's head (Carnotaurus). Balto then realized why they called it a sharptooth after seeing all the teeth in it's mouth and knew it was a meat eater.

The large meat eater then started attacking any plant eater it could find. However it had a hard time catching anything since it's pray was running around in every direction, so it couldn't focus on just one. Suddenly the sharptooth noticed something that wasn't running, and made a mad dash at it. It took a minute for Balto to realize what it was running at.

"Oh no." Balto said as the sharptooth came closer to him with it's mouth wide open.

The meat eater made a strike at Balto, but Balto jumped out of the way just in time not to be a meal for the monster. Balto then started running for his life with the sharptooth right on his tail. Balto went straight for the jungle so he could out maneuver that thing. The dinosaur made another strike at Balto before entering the jungle but missed. When Balto reached the jungle his plan was working perfectly with him running clearly through it, and the sharptooth having a hard time maneuvering through the trees. Balto then jumped through two trees that were close together with the sharptooth making a strike in that area. After that the large meat eater found its head stuck between the two trees while Balto was getting away, so it made a loud roar in anger as if saying "I'll get you back for humiliating me like this!" but Balto couldn't understand it. When Balto exited the jungle and noticed the dinosaur wasn't chasing him anymore so he decided to rest.

"Now I know what a rabbit feels like."

Balto then heard some voices coming from a few feet away and went over to see what it was. When he got to where the voices were coming from he hid behind a large rock and looked over to see what was going on. What he saw were two club tail type dinosaurs having a conversation.

"You know I'm getting tried of being chased around by sharpteeth everyday." one of the clubtail said.

"I know." replied the other. "If only there was a place we wouldn't have to worry about them anymore."

"Well there is one place that I know about." the first clubtail informed. "It's called the Great Valley; a fertile place protected from any sharptooth."

The other clubtail awed in disbelief. "But I thought the Great Valley was just a myth."

"No it's a real place; my brother lives there after we went off on our own." the first clubtail reassured his friend. "All you have to do is follow the Bright Circle through the smoking mountains, and it will lead you straight to a giant wall. There should be a trail in the wall that leads in the valley in a place no sharptooth would think to look."

"But if it's the last place they would look wouldn't they look there first?"

"Of course not, sharpteeth are just dumb brutes. Trust me I visited my brother there loads of times." the clubtail then smelled something. "Oh what's that awkward smell?"

Balto then hid back behind the rock knowing that it was him the clubtail smelled. After all he did smell like a wet dog. At least Balto knew what to do now. "If I go to this Great Valley then I could think of how I could get home without worrying about being someone's meal." he then tried to remember the club tail's direction. However he didn't understand what the Bright Circle was until he looked up at the sun. "The sun that's the Bright Circle?" At that time Balto realized that the dinosaurs had their own name for things. He then started thinking what the smoking mountains were suppose to be, and he remembered the volcanoes he saw earlier and knew that's what the clubtail meant. "Well I better get there before that monster comes after me."

Balto then headed west to where the sun was setting like the clubtail said. While he was heading to the Great Valley, Balto encountered many different dinosaurs, but he still kept his distant from them. After an hour or so Balto then found himself about to enter a valley filled with nothing but volcanoes. At that time Balto knew he was on the right track so went straight through the valley. The road through the volcano valley was a difficult one; the place was hot and the rocks were completely unstable. Balto almost fell in lava four times because the rock were so unstable. When Balto got out of the valley his fur was filled with dust and soot; luckily he found a lake where he could wash up before continuing. It then took him the rest of the day when he found the giant wall the clubtail talked about.

"Okay that clubtail dinosaur said that the trail inside the valley is in a place where no sharptooth would ever look." Balto then started thinking about where that might be. "So if I was a sharptooth where is the place I wouldn't look?"

Balto then looked around the giant wall to find a way in the Great Valley. In an hour Balto found something that was interesting. He found a weird rock formation that looked like a type of staircase that led to the top of the giant wall.

"That's the place that no meat eater would ever look?" Balto asked himself as he stared at the rock formation. "Well that clubtail did say sharpteeth were dumb brutes. Didn't think he meant this dumb."

Balto smelled something strange, but ignored it and scaled the wall to enter the Great Valley. While he was doing that Balto decided to look down when he was half way there and noticed how high he was. At that time Balto thought that maybe the reason that sharpteeth didn't come this way was because they thought they might fall off, but it was just a hunch he couldn't be sure. When Balto got to the top of the wall he was amazed by what he saw; even though it was dark he could see everything perfectly. He saw how big the valley was, how much life it could support, and that the giant wall he scaled stretched all the way around the valley. Even though it was dark Balto could tell that the valley was a beautiful place that he could get used to. So he went down another path that lead to the Great Valley floor. When he got down, his stomach was starting to growl and remembered that he had nothing to eat all day.

"Oh I have to eat something, but I really don't want to hurt any of the dinosaurs." Balto tried to think of something but his stomach was driving him crazy. "What should I do?"

Balto then caught the smell of something and whatever it was it smelled edible so he decided to follow it. In a matter of seconds the scent led him straight to a bush, and the scent was coming from a star shaped plant. Balto then found himself wondering if this plant was edible, so he smelled it again to make sure if the scent was coming from the plant. After he was sure of it he then decided to lick the plant and noticed it tasted much sweeter than any other plant he tasted. Only after that did he take the plant in his mouth and started eating it and found that he actually liked it. Although crunchy as a plant would be; the sweet, juicy nectar it produced just melted away in his mouth. Balto then found himself eating most of the plants on the bush until his stomach was filled. After that Balto then started to feel tired, so he started to find a place to sleep. It took awhile but Balto found a cave that would be perfect for him not to be seen by any dinosaurs. He went inside the cave and curled up into a ball.

"Tomorrow I'll find out how I got here, and when I do I'll go back where I belong." after saying that Balto went to sleep.

Even after going to sleep Balto felt like something was going to happen here. He didn't know what, he didn't know when. It was just one of those feelings he has, and it made Balto more anxious to leave before it did; since this was one of those feelings that would lead to a heartache of some sort.

End of Chapter 1

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