Land Before Time: The Time of Wolves

Disclaimer: Balto and the Land Before Time are like two of my favorite movies, so I thought to give this story a shot. On a side note I don't own any of the characters except the main sharptooth.

Summary: After realizing that there might not be a way back home because the mysterious longneck disappeared; Balto decides that he should come clean and tell his friends about him being a sharptooth. However Jiao has other plans in mind for the wolfdog.

Rating: K+

Author's Notes: This story takes place after the third Balto and the fifth Land Before Time movie. Enjoy.

Genre: Adventure/Friendship

Chapter 9: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Part 1

It was now dawn in the Great Valley, and most of the dinosaurs were waking up from their sleep. When Balto got up he went over to a nearby tree. While there he thought about what he was going to say to his friends about his secret. If anything he should tell them that he could eat meat first before anything else just to get it out of the way. The other thing he thought about was that he wanted to tell Littlefoot's grandparents before he told anyone else. He thought that since the two elderly longnecks went out of their way to make Balto feel comfortable in the valley. They deserved to hear the truth from him first, so in a way this would be his way of thanking them for everything they did. While thinking about this Balto then realized that it had been one day since he had those herbs that he got from Mr. Thicknose for his injuries. This meant it's time to take them off. When Balto tore them off, his ribs felt much better than yesterday, and he could finally open his left eye again. Balto also felt great knowing that those herbs no longer had to be wrapped around him anymore. Not long after that, Littlefoot woke up and went over to Balto.

"Morning Balto."

Balto turned to Littlefoot with a smile. "Good morning Littlefoot."

It didn't take long for Littlefoot to notice that Balto's herbs were taken off. "Balto your herbs are off." he said with Balto agreeing. "That's great! Come on lets go celebrate with the others."

Balto stopped Littlefoot before he ran off. "Actually Littlefoot I have to talk with your grandparents for a little bit."

"Talk to them about what Balto?"

Balto didn't want Littlefoot to know what was going on at least not yet. "Well… we're just going to be talking about some grownup stuff; it's very boring. So you go on and have fun, and I'll catch up when I'm done." with that said Littlefoot had a facial expression that said, 'You're sure?' "And I promise I won't run off at the last minute like yesterday. Now go on, and tell the others I said hi."

With that Littlefoot did as Balto said and went off to play with the others. Now that Balto was alone with Littlefoot's grandparents; he would finally be able to tell someone about his secret. All he hoped for was that they understand and not think any different of him. When Balto made his way back to the nest he was soon greeted by the elderly longnecks.

"Good morning Balto." greeted Grandpa.

"Good morning Grandpa, good morning Grandma."

"So Balto, Grandpa's told me that there was something you wanted to talk to us about." said Grandma.

Balto nodded his head. "Yes and it's something very important."

"So then what is it?" asked Grandpa.

Balto then looked nervous again. "It's okay. Just tell them the truth, and this will be over a lot faster." he thought to himself. "Well you might want to brace yourselves for this."

A few feet away from there, Jiao's brother Bao was walking past the nest where Littlefoot and his grandparents lived. He was going over to meet his brothers, so they could discuss what matters they should take to protect the valley from Balto. That is until he heard something that caught his attention.

"So... you're a sharptooth?"

"Yes. In a way I am."

Bao became curious by what he heard, so he went to investigate. When he was at the source of the conversation he saw Littlefoot's grandparents talking to Balto. Now he was even more curious.

"I can't believe this…" Grandpa said as he tried to find the right words to say. "…all this time we've had a sharptooth living with us, and we didn't even know it." Balto put his head down in fear of how the two longnecks would react to this. "Have you ever eaten meat before, Balto?"

Balto somehow knew that would be their first question. "Yes I have back home." Balto answered without hesitating. "But I've never eaten a dinosaur before, and I don't plan to."

The two elderly longnecks stayed silent for a moment before Grandpa spoke again. "Balto why haven't you told us this until now?"

"I was afraid of how you both would react if I told you. You both have done so much for me that the last thing I wanted to be was a burden." the wolfdog paused before continuing. "I also didn't think it would matter since I could eat treestars like all of you. I'll understand if you're mad."

The elderly longnecks again were silent for the moment to think of what they heard. After a while Grandpa decided to speak. "Well Balto you never gave us any reason to be mad at you in the past. You've done so much for us without asking anything in return, and I think it was quite brave of you to tell us this."

"So you're not mad?"

"No we're not Balto." Grandma replied. "It's true that this new information is a bit shocking to us, but you still did nothing to cause us to distrust you."

Balto felt somewhat relieved now that Littlefoot's grandparents understood him, but there was still one thing left. "What about Littlefoot? How am I going to tell him about this?" after saying that all three of them were silent; thinking of a way to tell Littlefoot.

"Well we could tell Littlefoot about this tonight." suggested Grandpa.

"That's a great idea." replied Grandma. "We could tell him together as a family."

Balto's heart rose when he heard that. Littlefoot's grandparent will never know how much it meant to him to know that he was considered a member of this family. Now the worries he had about this situation were over. "Thank you both for everything you've done for me, and there are still some other things I need to talk to you about."

"Well then go ahead Balto."

Still unknown to any of them, Bao was still spying on them. He overheard the entire conversation of Balto admitting that he was a sharptooth. Bao knew he had to get to his brothers and tell them of his discovery. Once he was at the area where he and his brothers usually meet, and immediately told Jiao what he heard. Jiao seemed almost dumbfounded when he heard the information.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Jiao.

"Yes." Bao answered. "I heard it all myself."

Jiao paced around enlightened by what he learned. His brother Liang then spoke up. "Brother what are we going to do now about the fuzz face? Now that we know he's a sharptooth."

Jiao thought long and hard about this. Then he suddenly came up with something. "Bao you said that they weren't going to tell the child until tonight, right?" Bao nodded to the question which made Jiao smile. "Brothers let me ask you something. How do you fight someone with allies?"

It didn't take long for Liang to answer. "Easy; you get rid of his friends."

"Of course because without any allies then your enemy is worthless and alone." Jiao then made a small chuckle. "Now brothers I have a plan that will not only get rid of the fuzz face, but open everyone's eyes to what he really is." with that Jiao and his brothers grouped together to discuss their plan to get rid of Balto.

A few minutes later at the watering hole; the gang was taking a quick rest after they completed some of their games. So to help with this they stayed at the watering hole to drink or for cooling off. After a while most of the gang went over to the meadow to continue their games. Littlefoot on the other hand stayed at the watering hole for a bit longer; the last game they played took a lot out of him. Littlefoot thought that he would be alone until he heard someone's footsteps coming towards his direction. When he looked up he saw none other than Jiao.

"Well isn't it the young longneck with a sense of adventure." Jiao said calmly as always. "How are you on this fine day?"

Littlefoot didn't want to give him an answer at the time because he had a bad feeling about him. "Hi."

Jiao just smirked as he walked over to the watering hole for a drink. "You seem surprised that I'm here." Jiao replied. "Can't two dinosaurs of the same species talk to each other in a civilized manner?"

Littlefoot loosened up a bit. "Well it's just that you never wanted to talk to us 'mere children.'" he stated. "Besides you keep making terrible assumptions against Balto."

"Oh yes the fuzz face; how is he doing at this moment?" Jiao asked with Littlefoot backing out of the conversation right now. "Oh now don't be like that; I'm only looking out for everyone in the Great Valley." Littlefoot still didn't act interested in what Jiao was saying. "Besides someone has to since the fuzz face is fooling everyone about what he really is."

"What?" Littlefoot shouted.

Jiao acted shocked to what he just said. "Oh I'm sorry I wasn't suppose to tell you that."

"What do you mean Balto's fooling us?" Littlefoot asked firmly. "Balto would never do something like that."

Jiao just chuckled. "I'm afraid you don't know your friend as much as you would like." Jiao then walked around Littlefoot. "Besides don't you remember those injuries he received a few days ago?" Littlefoot nodded to his question. "Funny how you can get an injury like that when you're hit by something or someone."

Littlefoot gasped when he heard that. "It was you, you attacked Balto that day!"

Jiao just smirked at this. "You seem surprised. I was sure that your friend 'Balto' would tell you something like that. Did he tell you something different?" Jiao asked as he saw the confused look on Littlefoot's face. Indeed Littlefoot was confused; he kept wondering why Balto never told him that it was Jiao who caused his injuries. It just didn't make any sense. "Besides my child you are mistaken it's not I who attacked the fuzz face; it was the fuzz face who attacked me."

Littlefoot was even more shocked to hear that. "What! You're… you're lying, Balto would never do anything like that."

"I'm afraid he did my child."

Littlefoot still had doubts about this. "Why? Why would Balto attack you?"

"Oh I'm afraid you wouldn't want to know; it might probably break your heart." after Jiao said that he noticed that Littlefoot didn't believe him one bit. "Okay I'll tell you, but remember I'm only doing this because I want to look after you, your friends, and everyone in the Great Valley." Littlefoot listened to what Jiao had to say. "Your fuzz face friend, Balto, is a sharptooth."

"What?" Littlefoot said in disbelief. "Now I know you're lying."

"Oh no, no, no I'm being quite honest with you." Jiao said with Littlefoot still not believing him. "Maybe I should start at the beginning. You see two days ago when the wonderers were coming into the valley; my brothers and I were at the watering hole for a drink. Since most of the other dinosaurs were still welcoming the wanderers we thought that we would be alone for the moment. That is until Balto came in. My brothers then put their guards up, but I said that there was no need for it. Then I saw Balto glaring at all three of us. I could sense his anger and frustration, so I approached him and calmly asked him, 'Yes Balto is there something wrong?' then without warning, Balto bared his teeth at me, and suddenly he leaped out and attacked me. I had to defend myself of course which is how your friend received his injuries. After the attack, Balto fell to the blow of my tail. I asked him, 'What is the meaning of this fuzz face; why are you attacking me?' Balto just looked up at me with a gleam in his eye. 'Because!' he said, 'I'm sick and tired of you meddling in all my plans.' I looked at him with confusion by what he said, 'What plan are you talking about?' to my surprise he just laughed. 'You mean haven't figured it out yet?' he asked. 'I came to this valley for one purpose, so I can have a never ending feast of everyone who lives here.' That is how I found out that Balto is indeed a sharptooth. 'What makes you possibly think you could get away with this?' Balto laughed at my question again. 'Because I have the trust of the kids whose parents are strong members of your council. With them; no one will suspect me being responsible for a few missing dinosaurs.' naturally I felt outraged about what he planned to do. 'You know there's nothing stopping us from warning everyone about your plan.' I said, but again he laughed. 'If you so much as utter a word about this to anyone; then the little longneck will be the first one I eat.' and that was it. My brothers and I just left him there, so we could figure out how to stop his evil plan. We have yet to tell anyone until now." Jiao finished his story hoping that he has convinced Littlefoot that it was true.

Littlefoot just stood there utterly confused the entire time. "No. You're lying Jiao." was all he could say.

Jiao just smirked. "If you think that I'm lying; then ask my brothers. I'm sure they'll tell you the same thing." Jiao was still hoping Littlefoot would be convinced. "That is if they're not afraid of the threat that he made against you."

"Balto could never have said that." Littlefoot said trying his hardest not believing Jiao.

"I'm afraid it is true my dear boy." Jiao said as if trying to make Littlefoot feel better. "Your fuzz face friend doesn't really care about you. He's only using you and your friends to get what he wants, and when he doesn't need you anymore he'll get rid of you and everyone else."

Littlefoot tried to think of something to prove that Jiao was wrong. "But he saved me from the Horned Sharptooth."

"Oh yes well how sure are we that he didn't lead the Horned Sharptooth here?" Littlefoot couldn't believe what Jiao was saying. "The flyer that the grownups sent today never found its body; even after looking where the fuzz face said. How do we know he's not working with the Horned Sharptooth?" Littlefoot couldn't hear anymore of this, so he ran away from Jiao. "Alright then go, but when Balto's picking his teeth with the bones of your friends; don't say I didn't warn you."

A moment later Littlefoot was long gone leaving Jiao at the watering hole. After which Bao came in and walked over to Jiao.

"Brother do you think the plan worked?"

"I'm completely confident that it did; a child's mind is just so easy to manipulate." Jiao replied. "However there's only one way to find out. Is Liang in position?" Bao answered with a nod. "Good. I want him to keep an eye on the fuzz face; just so we know if things turn to our favor." Jiao then let out a chuckle already feeling that he won.

Littlefoot was running franticly away from the watering hole after what Jiao said about Balto. Littlefoot couldn't believe that Balto could be a sharptooth. Balto was kind and gentle; he would never do anything to hurt someone. However he couldn't help but think, "What if Jiao was right. What if Balto was a sharptooth?" he knew that Balto had fangs, but Littlefoot thought that he used them for self-defense like other leaf eaters who had sharp instruments. He didn't think he used them for eating meat; not after witnessing him eat treestars over a dozen times. But despite what they both went through together there were still things Littlefoot didn't know about Balto. Also the fact that Jiao did confess to causing Balto's injuries which Balto didn't even bother to mention didn't help take these doubts away. What if Jiao was right about all of this, and Balto really is a sharptooth. Littlefoot knew that the only way to find out was to ask Balto himself.

A moment later Littlefoot saw the rest of the gang playing in the field. He was going to go over to them until he saw Balto with huge smile on his face coming out and walking towards them.

"Hey guys." Balto said with the rest of the gang responding by saying "Hi".

"What took you so long in getting here?" asked Cera.

"Sorry. I was just talking to Littlefoot's grandparents." after saying that Balto took noticed that Littlefoot was not with them. "Speaking of which, where is Littlefoot? There is something I need to talk to him about."

"He's at the watering hole getting a drink." Ali replied. "What is it you need to talk to him about?"

"That's private."

"Oh, come on Balto, you can tell us." said Ducky.

"Well let's just say I need to talk to him about what happened at the watering hole two days ago."

After hearing that, Littlefoot then remembered the threat that Jiao said Balto made. 'If you so much as utter a word about this to anyone; then the little longneck will be the first one I eat.' maybe Jiao was right about Balto. Maybe even Ali was right about Balto. Perhaps Littlefoot didn't know Balto as well as he thought. At that time, Littlefoot decided to go and ask Balto if he was really a sharptooth.

"Hey guys." Littlefoot said as he walked out of the bushes as well as making sure to kept his eyes on Balto. After coming out of the bushes the gang welcomed him back and wondered what took him so long in getting back. "Sorry I took so long. I guess I was thirstier than I thought."

After saying that, Balto came over to greet Littlefoot. "Hey Littlefoot." he said. "Listen Littlefoot I need to talk to you about something and it something important."

Littlefoot was hesitant at first before answering. "OK, then tell me."

"Actually Littlefoot, it's something we should discuss in private."

Littlefoot then backed away from Balto. "There's nothing I keep from my friends, so if there is something you need to tell me you can tell me in front of them." Littlefoot replied.

Balto was taken back by Littlefoot's outburst. "Littlefoot what's gotten into you?" Balto asked still feeling surprised about how Littlefoot was acting. "You're acting really strange right now."

"Is there something wrong, Littlefoot?" Ducky asked.

"No Ducky, nothing's wrong with me." Littlefoot answered as he looked back at Balto.

Balto noticed the way Littlefoot was looking at him. From the looks Littlefoot was giving him, Balto could sense fear and frustration. However the one thing that Balto could sense the most was anger. Balto wondered why Littlefoot would be so angry.

"Littlefoot, I know there is something you are not telling me. If you don't mind I would really like to know what that is."

Littlefoot then scowled at Balto. "Yeah, well I think there is something you are not telling me or any of us for that matter!" Littlefoot shouted. Balto didn't know how to respond to that. He didn't think Littlefoot knew anything about what he was going to tell him tonight until Littlefoot said, "Are you really a sharptooth?"

Balto was at a loss for words. "How did Littlefoot find out?" he thought. He could then sense that the rest of the gang was staring at him in confusion. The only words Balto could say were "Where did you hear that Littlefoot?"

Littlefoot paused for a moment "That doesn't matter." he said even though he remembered what Jiao said he still wanted to know. "Are you a sharptooth or not?"

Balto was getting nervous when the gang was just staring at him; waiting for a response. He really didn't want them to know about this right now. Especially not like this. "Littlefoot can we talk about this somewhere else?"

"Are you a sharptooth or not!" although Littlefoot sounded angry, he was really hoping for Balto to say no.

Balto though didn't say that. Instead he put his head down in shame before he spoke again. "Yes…I really am…a sharptooth."

Everyone was shocked to hear those words come out of Balto's mouth. Balto, the one they all enjoyed being around, the one who saved their lives, was their worst enemy and they didn't even know it until now. Cera on the other hand thought Littlefoot and Balto were just pulling their legs.

"Wait is this some sort of joke, because it isn't funny."

"This isn't a joke Cera." Balto responded. "I really am a sharptooth."

When hearing that the gang had many questions going through their heads. Balto, on the other hand, wanted this to stop now. He wanted to approach this situation to them in a calm manner, but so far that opportunity was gone. It took a minute before anybody could say anything else.

"How long have you been a sharptooth, Balto?" Ducky asked in a nervous voice.

"Well… my entire life really."

"And have you ever eaten meat before?" Ali asked also nervous.

"Well… yes, but please let's not get into that yet." Balto paused for a second to think of the right words to say. "Listen I know that this is a shock to all of you. But I want you all to understand that even though I'm a sharptooth you all are not in any danger from me. I don't want to hurt any of you."

Cera didn't seem convinced by this. "So why we're you keeping this secret of yours from us?" she replied.

"I was planning on telling you guys."

"When? When you were picking your teeth with our bones?" Cera replied again.

"No. Don't be ridicules."

"Well why didn't you tell us Balto?" Littlefoot asked still in an angry tone.

"I didn't think it was important at the time." Balto answered. "You see here I don't have to eat meat. I can eat treestars just like all of you. Like I said before you all have nothing to be afraid of. I have no plans on hunting any dinosaurs in the Great Valley."

"Says the guy who's been lying to us all this time!" Cera remarked.

"I'm not lying." Balto replied. "I would never hurt you guys. You're my friends, and why would I want to hunt any dinosaurs when I can survive here on just treestars alone?"

"Well you still should've told us." Littlefoot answered. "If we're really your friends then you should've told us. Did you think we couldn't be trusted in keeping your secret?"

"No that's not it at all!"

There was a short pause in the conversation until Petrie spoke. "Me starting to get confuse. Why Balto keeping secret again?"

"I'm getting confused too." Ducky replied. "Why did you not tell us Balto; did you really not trust us?"

"No. It has nothing to do with trust."

"So I guess the real reason for not saying you were a flesh-eating carnivore was just for fun. Right?" Cera asked showing no effort to believe in Balto's words. "Maybe the real reason you eat treestars is because you're really mocking us on how we eat green-food instead of meat like you."

"What? You've got it all wrong Cera." Balto was trying so hard to make them listen to him, but so far nothing was working. "I told you guys why I didn't tell you. It really was because I didn't think it was important at the time. Ever since I came to the Great Valley all I wanted was to live here peacefully; until I know how I can get home. When I found out I could eat treestars in this time period I didn't think I should tell anyone about how I can eat meat as well. I just kept quiet about it to the point where when I told you all about my adventures, I just didn't mention any of the parts that said I was a sharptooth. I thought you guys would be better off if you didn't know."

There was a long silence after that. Balto felt nervous about the situation at hand. He just wanted Littlefoot and the gang to know that he was still their friend. However most of the gang seemed baffled and frightened by this, Ali looked scared, Cera was unconvinced by whatever Balto was saying, and Littlefoot still seemed angry.

Some time passed before Ali spoke. "Why should we trust you now after you kept this a secret from us?" she asked.

Balto thought for a moment for an answer, but came up with something he didn't want to say to them. "I don't know."

"So this whole time you were using us!" Littlefoot stated. "Using us just so we would go easy on you; just like Cera said."

"That's not true Littlefoot, and you know it." Balto replied. "What do you want from me Littlefoot? For me to say that I don't eat meat, and all of this is a sick joke? Well I'm sorry to say this but I do eat meat. My mother, my father, and my entire family are fully capable of eating meat. If you want me to say that deep down I don't enjoy the taste of meat; well I'm sorry to disappoint you again, but I do. This might be hard to understand, but there are no treestars in my time period. In my time period the wolves, human, and dogs are the sharpteeth there, and we eat the leaf eaters of our time. There is no kind of plant there that could feed me or my kind. All my kind has is meat, and to my kind it taste just as good as any treestar. All I can say is that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you all had to find out this way. But I'm a sharptooth, and I can never change that. But despite that I'm not your enemy. I swear I would never hunt a dinosaur ever in the valley or in this time period."

Another silence fell on the group for a moment. Then Balto thought that it might be better to understand Littlefoot's anger. Littlefoot always seemed like the person who would listen to whatever Balto would have to say. Littlefoot was always so curious about him that when Balto started a story, Littlefoot would always pay the most attention. Yet now Littlefoot wasn't listening at all. Balto just wanted to know why.

"Littlefoot why are you so angry with me?" Balto asked getting Littlefoot's attention. "It might be that I kept this secret from you, but it seems like your anger is far deeper then that. I've tried my best to explain this to you, but you're not listening. Why? Is it really because I kept all of this from you? Because if it is I'm sorry. I just want to know why you're acting like this. I just want to help."

After hearing this, Littlefoot did think that maybe Balto was telling the truth. But deep down he still felt angry at him even though he couldn't really tell why. Everyone else had their own opinion on the matter; however Cera was still unconvinced.

"Yeah well how can we be certain that you're telling us the truth right now?" asked Cera.

"Because I don't have any reason to lie to any of you." Balto was now starting to seem worried. "We've all been through so much together, the trial, the trench, and the Horned Sharptooth. Haven't I done enough to earn your trust?" Balto then notice he was losing this battle fast. "Littlefoot; what about your friend Chomper? He's a sharptooth just like me, but you befriended him. You all did. But you all still trust him despite the fact that he's a sharptooth; your worst enemy. Now I'm not saying I'm anything like Chomper because I'm not. But are you all really going to throw me aside just because I kept this one detail away from you?" Balto stayed silent at that moment.

He was giving them a chance to trust him or not. He looked at Ducky, Petrie, and Spike; they didn't say anything. Then he looked at Ali who still seemed scared to talk to him, then Cera who was still unconvinced. There was only one more person Balto could turn to.

"Littlefoot?" after hearing his name, Littlefoot turned his head to look away from Balto. "Littlefoot please look at me." Littlefoot did not do what Balto said. "Littlefoot please. You were the first friend I made when I came here; the last thing I would ever do is hurt you. I know I kept this a secret from you, but I'm still your friend. So please let's not end our friendship; not like this at least." Littlefoot still didn't respond to Balto's pleas. At that time Balto lowered his head in shame. "So this is how it ends?" he then made a deep sigh. "Okay then. If that's really how you all want it; then…I'll leave. I know when I'm not wanted." Balto mumbled that last part, turned around, and walked off with his head still down.

Littlefoot and the gang just stood there in silence as Balto walked off. Even though Littlefoot was sad to see Balto leave; he still couldn't help but still feel some anger towards him for not telling him that he was a sharptooth. However something did not seem right about this. Jiao said that if Balto knew that Jiao told someone about him being a sharptooth then Balto would eat Littlefoot. However Balto was just walking away without a word.

"Why should it matter?" Littlefoot thought. "Balto has been lying to all of us this entire time. I should be glad he's gone."

Balto though just made his way through the valley. He hardly stopped to do anything except to get a quick drink from the watering hole. When he was there he again heard some of the dinosaurs nearby talking about him behind his back. He heard them talking about the accusation that Jiao has already made about him and so on and so forth. Balto however was in no mood for any of this, so out of the emotions he was feeling right now he turned around to face the gossiping dinosaurs and said.

"Hey!" Balto shouted getting the attention of the dinosaurs who were talking about him behind his back. "Just to let you all know I can hear every single word you all are saying about me, so if you don't mind can you all just please SHUT UP already!"

Not only were the dinosaurs shocked by Balto's outburst. They were shocked that he heard every word they were saying this whole time. Balto just glared at them before walking off. He felt somewhat better that he got back at those dinosaurs. However he still felt terrible about what happened between him and Littlefoot. Balto continued to walk until he reached the cave he stayed in for the first two day he came to the valley. He decided that until the next morning he would stay in the cave for the rest of the day. Balto had a feeling that now that the gang knew his secret then it would only be a matter of time before everyone else in the valley will find out too. So Balto decided that in the morning he would leave the Great Valley for good. Balto then shut his eye's wanting to sleep this day off.

Elsewhere in the Great Valley, Jiao and Bao were at their meeting spot to discuss more of their plans for Balto. The only one missing though was their other brother Liang. They waited patiently for him to arrive, and luckily for them they didn't have to wait long for Liang to make it over. Once Liang entered their meeting spot, Jiao immediately asked him how everything went.

"Your plan is working perfectly brother." Liang responded. "Once the little ones learned he was a sharptooth; they easily got rid of him without a signal notice. They treated him like a monster."

Jiao smirked at this. "Excellent." Jiao then chuckled before continuing. "Where is the fuzz face now?"

"He's staying in a cave not far from the Great Valley entrance." Liang answered. "He didn't even notice that I've been following him."

Jiao just chuckled again. "Good. When night falls then we will finish the rest of my plans." Jiao's brothers replied with a nod. "Our moment of triumph is upon us at last. Remember brothers don't underestimate him. We've seen this fuzzy face in action before. He is both fast and cunning; which are dangerous tools to possess if used properly. He might be able to kill any of us if he really wanted to. But we should not fear him either. I'm sure that after all of this the fuzz face is feeling a bit stressed. If so then he won't be all that happy to see us at all. Especially if he finds out what we did. He might come at us in a blind rage. Do I make myself clear brothers?"

"Of course Jiao." Bao replied. "We will be ready for whatever the fuzz face will try to do to us."

"There is also no worry of us being afraid dear brother." said Liang. "You know that we swore to stand beside you so that this terrible vision doesn't come to past. Besides it is the fuzz face that should be afraid of us."

"Thank you my brothers. That's exactly what I want to hear." Jiao answered as he let out another light chuckle as if he already won. "I've been waiting for a chance like this for a whole week now. Soon the fuzz face will have no choice but to leave the Great Valley, and if he doesn't then I'll personally end him."

With that said, Jiao and his brothers gathered around discussing what they will do to finish Jiao's plan. Balto was about to have a rude awakening tonight, and Jiao couldn't be any happier at what he was going to do. But he was no fool. He knew that the best time to strike would be at night when everyone was asleep; leaving Balto defenseless. Until then all Jiao had to do is wait.

End of part 1

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