What Love Truly means

Chapter 1- A New Year dawns.

Happy New year everybody.

Warning- this will eventually turn into yaoi, so if you don't like boy on boy relationships, don't read this and then complain to me in a review, because it is no way my fault, also I do not own any of the characters in this story save for Sephira and Pelaxes, all other characters belong to square enix and I thank them so much for coming up with such vivid characters.

Anyway, on with the fluffy romance, oh and if your wondering about the pairings you'll just have to find out for yourself, I mean it will only take 2mins of reading to figure it out.

Sora felt cold as he woke up, then he realized he had forgot to turn the air-con off before falling asleep last night, shivering, he got up and turned it off, it was cold enough on Destiny Island in the mornings as it was, he didn't need the icy breeze of the air-con to make it even worse. Sora stretched looking at his calendar

"Shit!" He exclaimed realising that it was the first day of the 9th grade for him, he moved about with as much vigour and haste as his barely awake body would let him, he rushed down the stairs toothbrush and toothpaste still in his mouth, trying to put his shirt on, walking into the kitchen his brother Vaan looked at him, then collapsed on the table laughing.

"What?" Sora asked, innocently trying to keep the toothbrush in his mouth as he talked

"Do you…have any...idea…how ridiculous…you look?" His older brother said through hysterics.

"I'm just trying to get ready" Sora replied, instantly making a pouting face that made all but the most heartless people in the world melt and give in, unfortunately Vaan was one of those people.

"Ha, if you think you can pull that one on me you can walk to school"

"But…" Sora began.

"Only kidding, do you realise how gullible you are?"

"I'm not gullible, mum says I'm just too trusting to think people would lie to me, even as joke" everything Sora said seemed to radiate sweet innocence, but his brother didn't notice, he had grown used to his little brother's total lack of any sense of discretion, and his blind obliviousness to the fact that anyone might have the intention of hurting him.

"Come on then, lets go" Vaan announced as he got up from seat at the table.

"But I haven't even had breakfast yet" He complained

"Well that's your fault for waking up so late" Vaan grinned cheekily; he loved annoying his little brother in the morning, because that was when Sora was easiest to wind up.

As Vaan pulled his car up outside the school Sora suddenly became really nervous.

"What if all my friends are in different classes" He piped up

"Sora, listen to me… you have how many friends?"

"10, but that's not the point"

"Really? Well regardless of what you think the point is I'm sure you'll have at least one class with at least one of your friends, besides you should be paying attention and learning in class, not talking to your friends"

"I know" he mumbled submissively.

"Now get out of my car before I have to kick you out"

Sora just managed to jump out of the car before his brother's half-hearted attempt to force him out of the car hit him, then his brother drove off, laughing all the time. Despite his brother's attempts to cheer him up, Sora was still really nervous, butterflies easily swelled up in his stomach, even though he tried to appear upbeat and cheerful most of the time, he still got afraid and sad just as much as everyone else. Suddenly a voice called out to him.

"Sora!" it was him…Roxas, his best friend, the butterflies seemed to lift a bit, Sora was relieved that someone was happy to see him.

"Hi Roxas" the two of them shared a quick embrace, even though they had seen each other yesterday.

"First day of 9th grade, exciting huh?" Roxas looked at him expecting an answer, blond spikes waving in the slight breeze.

"Yeah…I guess" Sora gave his shaky reply.

Roxas' expression instantly changed from a smile to a concerned frown.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just a little nervous that's all" Sora answered a smile starting to form on his lips

"Okay, but if your gonna go with the whole fake smile thing you better make it convincing for Riku and Kairi"


"Because they're heading this way right now dumb-dumb"

"Right" Sora put on an even more convincing smile, but Roxas could see right through it, but he knew Riku and Kairi wouldn't.

"Hey Sora, hey Roxas" Riku greeted them. He and Kairi were holding hands, as usual, they seemed so happy together, the way they looked into each others eyes, how they could have wordless conversations because of the bond they shared. Sora wondered if he could ever love someone like that, beside the one that he already did love, however that was different, that was a one-sided affection, one he hoped the other shared but knew that they just didn't feel the same way about him as he did about them, and it tortured his very soul to think about it.

"Sora?" Roxas said taking him out of his reverie


Roxas sighed "You are pretty silly sometimes you know that? I mean you didn't even notice me taking your timetable from your bag and read it"

"Hey give it back" Sora pleaded, vainly trying to get the timetable from Roxas and his long, thin arms.

"It's okay, we have our first two periods together, so I have plenty of chance to give it back" Roxas chuckled as he started running towards their first class, the frustrated Sora chasing him all the way there.

Their first class was English with Mr Terendir, but seeing as practically everyone knew everyone on the island, all the teachers just stuck to first names, it was easier that way.

"Good Morning Class"

"Good Morning Pelaxes, sir" they all replied in a way that showed quite plainly that they had done the same thing hundreds of times before, because the island was so small, there were very clearly defined generations, meaning that the kids had to deal with the same teachers from 1st grade to 12th, It actually made the education work better having known and being taught by the same people your whole life.

"Sora Leonheart?"

Snapping out of it Sora quickly replied "Here sir"

Phew that was close He thought, perhaps the expression of relief on his face was a little too obvious, because Namine, the mischievous witch of the west started to giggle and that meant she was forming a joke, she leant over to him and whispered

"You do realise your face looks like you wet yourself"

Sora immediately blushed at the girl's statement, even though the girl was his friend, and he was used it, but he still blushed at all her weird little jokes. The rest of the class went by uneventfully, when the bell rang and they handed in their work, Pelaxes was surprised to see that Sora had managed to do all his work, when he questioned the boy's sudden enthusiasm for working, Sora smiled and said simply "Aren't I allowed to do well in class" the totally serious way he made the question sound caused everyone to start laughing, Sora liked how his innocence made everyone happy, it felt like they would always accept him, even if he made his feelings towards the one he loved public, the thought reassuring Sora as he decided that he would set his not so innocent plan in motion at lunch.

His second class was even less eventful than his first, though the sight of Roxas licking his lips trying to figure out a math problem made Sora bite down on his own, determined not to gawk at the blonde's unconsciously tantalizing movements. Be patient he once again thought to himself if this works he'll be yours, if it doesn't…Sora didn't want to think about that, Roxas would be understanding, urging him to voice all his feelings even if he didn't agree with them, Sora thought long and hard about what he was going to do that night, how he was going to broach the subject, how he would make himself sound cute, not letting his real feelings of burning desire break through in his voice, he would have to practice, but he would have to do it mentally, which wasn't nearly as good as doing it out loud.

Sudden Switch to Roxas to get the others viewpoint.

Roxas was trying really hard to concentrate on the work, but his thoughts kept drifting…towards a certain brunette, he always thought about Sora when he worked, but it usually made him work faster and more towards the best of his ability, somehow things had changed, the thought of the chocolate haired angel smiling still made his heart leap, but in a more needy way, he longed for Sora, longed to see him rush to his arms and take his breath away with a magical kiss. Suddenly he realised he was licking his lips, getting turned on by his own weird fantasy, he retracted his tongue quickly trying to focus on his work yet again, he thought he saw Sora staring at him out of the corner of his eye, however he dismissed any fears he might have, knowing Sora he probably thought Roxas was just trying to do his work, which couldn't be farther from what Roxas wanted. The bell rang then, damn Roxas yelled in his head, he had done barely half the work and he usually finished early. Their Mathematics teacher, Aerith, looked at him concerned, Roxas knew she wanted to talk to him after class, most people who knew Aerith would consider having her want to talk you after class a good thing, but Roxas didn't really want to talk about what he was going through. When everyone had gone she asked.

"Is everything alright, you usually finish the work I set way before everyone else?"
"I'm just a little shaken up"

The woman's angelic kindness made Roxas want to say more, but he still wouldn't.

"Is it something to do with Sora?"

"How did you know?" Roxas could not and would not ever lie to the kind young woman.

"You have a Sora face dear"

"I do?" Roxas was not all pleased about this rather discomforting piece of information.

"Actually you have several; right now you have your 'Sora hates me' face on"

"Well that's not what I'm thinking right now, but its close"

Aerith could see how uncomfortable this conversation was for Roxas, then it dawned on her, the way he looked at her when she asked about Sora, she knew that look all too well, Roxas loved Sora, she had to suppress a smile because of how happy she felt for him, unfortunately she had to switch back to maternal mode.

"Just tell him how you feel…in private"

Her words hit Roxas sharply in the stomach; he briefly condemned the woman's psychological prowess before replying meekly.

"You know then?"

Aerith smiled and nodded, he knew she only wanted what was best for them all, so he smiled back half-heartedly and went out of the room, hoping he could find Sora during what was left of Recess.

And back to Sora as Roxas stays behind to talk to Aerith

Why was Roxas taking so long, then he looked at Aerith and knew the way she looked at Roxas, Sora didn't want to make his friend even more uncomfortable than he already had, so Sora left to go put his books in his locker and eat some of his lunch. A few minutes later Roxas came running up to him.

"How could it take you this long to find us" Sora said, laughing at Roxas panting, concluding that the blond had been running for a while.

"I thought you might be somewhere knew seeing as it's a new year and everything"

"Ha" Kairi snorted. "You couldn't get this lazy bum to move if his life depended on it"

"I'm not that lazy" Sora whined, playfully shoving Kairi, as usual, Kairi responded by setting down her lunch box before pouncing on Sora, knocking him to the grassy ground behind the little fence where they sat, Sora knew he could beat her, but he didn't want to forcefully push Kairi off of him

"Okay that's enough" Riku stated as he pulled Kairi off of Sora, Riku always ended up being the mature one, hell even Roxas got excited sometimes, though it was becoming rarer these days, the thought of his best friend and hopefully soon to be his boyfriend getting sadder made him worry, but if his plan worked then he could help Roxas out with whatever was wrong, for the moment, however, the plan came first.

Sora's third and fourth classes were pretty boring, but this gave Sora much needed time to make everything in his plan clear, then at lunch he made his move.

"Hey Roxas, do you want to stay over at my place tonight? My parents will be out and my brother too, we'll have the house to ourselves." Sora panicked as he asked the question, he wasn't sure if he had made the notion friendly or romantic but he hoped it was not the latter.

Roxas POV

Roxas' heart skipped a beat when Sora asked, he suddenly became really nervous, but excited at the same time, this was the perfect chance, he could go to Sora's house and tell him how he felt in the most private situation possible, Roxas' thoughts quickly spun to what he hoped would happen, but the very brunette he was thinking about pulled him out.

"Well?" Sora questioned.

"Um…sure" Roxas replied pretending to look like he was considering it.

"Great!" Sora said happily, giving Roxas a smile that made his heart flutter.


So there you have it, keep in mind this is my first fanfic, as well as my first attempt at a romance story, please review and give me feedback, for those who liked it I'm on holiday so I could probably finish most of the story by the end of January, from then things will get slower. Sorry if I didn't delve too much into the two guys feelings, that will be in the next chapter where one confesses to the other, but who will confess first? What will they do when they find the feeling is mutual? Will they find out the feeling is mutual? Ha-ha questions that have such obvious answers, except maybe the first one. Also the correlation between the chapter title and publish date is coincidental, I thought up the title weeks before new year.