What Love Truly Means

Chapter 5- A Morning after

More than one year after I last posted I have finally decided to post a short epilogue, it is supposed to be funny, but we all know how well I manage that. So let the aftermath of Roxas and Sora's adventure begin.

Sora grudgingly opened his eyes, only to be faced with nothing but salty smelling (1), blonde spiky hair, it was then he also felt a peculiar tight constriction in his lower regions, snapping back into reality, Sora realised he was still inside Roxas, which was pretty comfortable for him, but it probably wasn't the best thing for Roxas to wake up to. So Sora ever so slowly tried to slide himself out, but as befitting his luck, there was a loud noise from Roxas' alarm, which made Sora jolt and fall off the bed. Grumbling as he sat up, Sora heard a small humming sound from Roxas, indicating he was just waking up. As Sora looked up from his newfound position on the floor he saw a tuft of messed-up spiky blond hair peek over the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing down there Sora?"

"Uh, your alarm clock made me fall out of bed" Though he was still in the early stages of waking up, the smile on Roxas' face was unmistakeable.

"Shall we get dressed and go downstairs then?" he said desperately trying to hold back laughter. As Roxas attempted to get up, he immediately yelped and lay back down.

"Geez, what did you fuck me with, a nuclear missile" Sora sighed, he knew this was going to happen, he said yesterday that it was going to hurt, but Roxas told him to continue anyway.

"I'll go get breakfast for you then" however before Sora could reach the door he was stopped by Roxas.

"My little sister Sephira is home so, put some clothes on first" Realizing his mistake, Sora blushed and hurridley searched for his stuff amidst the sea of discarded clothing that was Roxas' room, once he had dressed he crept as silently as possible down the stairs and along the hall, though he did wish he could run all the way back up again when he saw Roxas' parents sitting in the kitchen.

"Morning" he said tentatively

"Morning" Cloud replied, the slightest hint of mirth in his voice. Tifa on the other hand, did not reply, but instead fixed him with a stern glare, hands on her hips.

"Just how much did you two have to drink last night" the fury in her voice was very evident, Sora needed to tread carefully if he didn't want to aggravate her further.

"We didn't have anything to drink"

"Ah, so you raped my son then" Cloud was finding it hard not to laugh at Tifa's outrage.

"No I didn't, he wanted me to have sex with him"

"Well you must have done something to him, because my Roxas likes that little Naminé girl" Cloud put a fist in his mouth to stifle his approaching laughter.

"I didn't do anything, he was way more eager than me" The inevitable happened at this point, Cloud burst into uproarious laughter over the whole situation, earning an award winning death glare from Tifa.

"What, Cloud, is so funny?"

"You're being completely ridiculous Tifa, after all, it's not like Sora can get Roxas pregnant."

"I'm well aware of that, but they are still too young and straight to be doing that sort of thing"

"Actually Roxas and I are both gay"

"Quiet you virginity stealing whore" Again Cloud started to laugh at this ridiculous statement, but was cut off once again by Tifa's deadly eyes, and the ensuing silence was interrupted by a small little cough from the doorway, which housed the blanket covered form of Roxas.

"I just came down to check what Sora was making for breakfast, but I can go back upstairs if you want"

"Don't you dare young man, sit down" Tifa spat, pointing at the chair next to Cloud.

"Sora's right you know, we're both gay"

"I don't care if you think you're gay; I'm not going to let my son have sex with another man."

"It's my decision to make, not yours"

"Not my decision, I am your mother, until you leave home, all your decisions are mine to make"

"How could you possibly think that's fair?"

"Because you are my son and you'll do as you're told"

"Fine then, I'll leave home, and then I can do what I want"

"That is enough, I will not have this family split up by something so trivial"(2) Cloud had joined the argument once again, the sternness in his voice achieved the impossible, Tifa actually shut up.

"Roxas is right it's his decision to make and that's final." Tifa seemed somewhat mollified by her husband's words, but still fixed Sora with a disapproving glare.

After Sora and Roxas had gotten dressed for the day, it was a Saturday so they had decided to spend the day together doing lots of ordinary couple stuff, most of which Sora had no clue about because the closest thing he ever had to a date was when he went to the beach with Kairi a few years ago before she started dating Riku, so it was up to Roxas to make all the big decisions like where they would go and what they would do there. So once they had that little road bump dealt with, they went on with their lives. Now a happy couple with feelings requited, the two of them lived happily ever after. The same went for all the other couples that were blooming, Riku still loved Kairi and Axel even managed to persuade Namine to be with him. So without further rambling, THE END.

1) sea-salt shampoo, teehee

2) rubbish over dramatic argument but it needed those Tifa-bashing lines

yay its finally over, you may go WTF for this so unsatisfying ending, but just be glad I decided to never go on the other story arc for this, which was darker and had a psychopathic Axel. To everyone who enjoyed reading this thanks for your lovely internet hits. To those uber people who reviewed, massive huggles!!!!!