Authors Note: This is my explanation for Rowling's announcement that Dumbledore is gay, because I am a huge fan of the Dumbledore/McGonagall pairing so that obviously didn't work for me. I realize it's over a year late, but I hope you enjoy anyway :)
Disclaimer: Yeah, I don't own Harry Potter characters and JK Rowling is her own person, obviously.

The night air was frigid, and icy drops of rain were coming down steadily. Mismatched stones were patched on the ground, and grit covered bricks lined the wall of an alley. A cloaked figure of average height leaned against the wall, head bent down and arms hanging limp at its sides. Another figure, this one tall and slim, entered the alley, and a glimpse of white could be seen as it strode toward the first figure and took a place on the wall beside it. A woman's voice sounded as the first figure spoke, "Buzz, buzz."

A deep male voice responded, "Just kidding."

"Albus?" the woman asked.

"Ms. Rowling?"

"Yes, I am she," the woman responded, then hurriedly continued on, "well, let's go in quickly before we are seen," she indicated a door on the wall. She turned the iron black doorknob and the door creaked open. After just a moment's hesitation, Ms. Rowling entered through the door, with Albus following close behind.

Within the door was a pub, rundown and looking like a health inspector's nightmare. The pair navigated around a whiskey shooting competition, dodged the vomit of a 20-something who looked as if it was her first time drinking hard liquor, and found a quiet table in a dark corner of the pub. Albus, ever the gentleman, gripped the splintering wood of the chair and held it out for Ms. Rowling. After she took her place, Albus went and sat down in his own chair, which let out a groan as his weight sank into it.

"So, Albus. You wished to ask me a favor?" Ms. Rowling began.

Albus scooted to the edge of his chair and leaned down over the table. He whispered, "Yes, as I am sure you are aware, our last little scheme did not work. But, I have a new idea."

"Albus, you cannot be serious. How many have we tried? People will find a way around them time and time again." Ms. Rowling spoke in a hushed, agitated tone.

"Yes, I realize that. But, don't you think that Minerva and I deserve to live in peace. People are always making up stories, or bugging us about our relationship. And don't even get me started on the gossip that goes on at Hogwarts. There is a reason why we wanted our relationship to remain secret you know."

"I know what you want, but realize Albus that people will always continue to speculate, or just find a way around what I have told them. I mean, look at history. I told the public that no relationship would ever occur between you and Minerva, and they figured I had no idea what I was talking about (even though in their eyes I created both of you) or that I was just covering up for it. Then, I tried killing you. However, even death could not stop MMAD fans from pursuing the relationship and they remained convinced that you were not dead, or that you were coming back to life, or even that Minerva was trying to continue a relationship with you while you were dead. I really don't think anything could sway them from believing that you and Minerva have a relationship."

Albus sighed at this recount of failed attempts, but he still could not be discouraged from his new plan. "I agree with you Ms. Rowling, those plans were failures. But this one will succeed, it must." Albus leaned across the table and whispered his plan to the author, who upon hearing it, gave a shrug, and said, "I'll give it a go Albus."


JK Rowling heard the question and knew that the time had come. This is for you Albus. "Dumbledore is gay."