Not sure if I'll ever come back to this again. Just felt like jotting it down and sharing it after breaking out the ol' Genny and playing some classic games.
Ranma/Chakan crossover

"I'm Ranma Saotome, and I'm the greatest there is."

Everyone knew it, I couldn't be touched. Heh, everyone who fought with me had thown everything they had into it, and I always came out on top. No matter what they did, they couldn't keep me down."

"Feh, got to the point where the old Amazon Ghoul and the other geriatric freak couldn't take me down. Even got them to acknowlege it too. Anyone who wanted a piece of me soon after fell into line. Herb wanting a rematch, not that he had anything against me anymore, he just wanted to affirm himself as my superior. Superior my ass, like a few overgrown ki tricks were enough. Taro wasn't even a consideration, in either form. Saffron... let's just say the second fight was a lot messier... for him. I was gett'n pretty popular. Others from around the world came to challenge me, it always ended the same, with them looking up at me from their backs, when they were capable of the act of looking."

"That clenched it for me. I probably was just a bit too smug for my britches, but I couldn't help but brag, 'I'm Ranma Saotome, the greatest. Nobody can beat me, not even death himself'. I mean, I already had once. Brought Akane back from Death's door, pretty sure it pissed him off when I did it too."

"Yeah, a little to smug."

In the Japan forest, two fighters face off

"Do you understand the terms of this battle?" The grim but hansome faced man asked. He wore solid black that was more than black, it was finality. The man himself looked utterly pale, as if his body had never contained a drop of blood to hue his flesh.

"Yeah, yeah, I lose, like that's gonna happen, you get my soul or something."

The opposing man raised an eyebrow in amusement, "You take this so lightly, impressive."

Ranma merely dusted his nails in impudence, "I win, I get to claim something no one else has ever done, beat death. We can skip the fight you know, don't wanna actually have to ruin your image. Probably bad for your business."

Death took a stance, it wasn't anything fancy, very practical as it formed a defensive shell which could explode with a multitude of attacks easily, "Well, as long as you understand the risks..." the pale man chuckled to himself, "I don't see why we shouldn't, as they say, get this show on the road? Just to let you know, you could lose, either way."

Ranma stood with his hands behind his back, looking oblivious to the danger before him. Inside he was smiling. Just another one for the resume.

"Don't matter the outcome of the battle, if I won or lost, I mean. What I'm stuck with now is the making of my own pride. I got to watch as almost all I knew grew older and died, or just died. Yeah, kinda grim, but I don't care anymore. Now I fight for my own right to die."

"I've been wondering the earth for Kami knows how long, seen civilization peak, then fall hard on it's ass. By that time I was hard enough to laugh when it happened, nothing much getsAAAAAH!"

"Another one?" A feminine voice asked.

"Yeah. Bastard's giving me another frigg'n mission. Dammit, I wish I could just fucking die already. Getting tired of the prick toying with us like this."

Ranma's partner looked at him with sad eyes, there was one boone death had granted him for his servitude, even though it tore Ranma up knowing what she suffered.

Akane looked away, lest Ranma see the slight resentment she still had for him, even after all these centuries, before replying, "So do I, Saotome-san."