Title: Metamorphosis
Author: Ster Julie

Codes: S, K, Mc (pre-K/S/Mc)

Rating: [PG]

Part 1 of 1

Summary: It's two hours to midnight on December 31. Can I write a story and answer these challenges? Can I write my first K/S/Mc so quickly? Time will tell.


Spock sighed and dropped his hands into his lap. His meditation attempt was woefully fruitless. He had received offers from both James Kirk and Leonard McCoy for later that evening. And he knew that both men had ulterior motives.

Spock's mediations had not been successful for days now, ever since he recognized that Jim and Leonard wanted more tan friendship from him. Spock had always assumed himself to be heterosexual. After all, he had been bonded to T'Pring, he had flirted with Droxine and he had even mated with Leila Kalomi and with Zarabeth.

But now he found himself being pursued by not one but two men. He found himself willing to be caught by either man. He just couldn't make a choice between the two.

It was enough to distract anyone's meditations!

Spock removed his coal-black meditation garment and was distracted by the silver and gold stitching at the closure. He crushed the rich fabric in his hands and thought about metamorphosis. Just as coal, when affected by extreme pressure and heat, changed into a diamond, so too was he asking his life to change by allowing the extremes of inviting one of his friends into an intimate relationship.

But which one?

And why not both of them?

Spock smoothed out the fabric, folded it and put it away as he pondered how he would be intimate with to men at once. How would that work? Would he be in the middle, Kirk and McCoy on either side of him? Would one manipulate his phallus while the other attended to his scrotum? Would he hold them or be held by them?

Spock cursed his body's reaction to his--dare he say it?--fantasy! It was a shameless, useless waste of time. If he was curious as to the reactions of Kirk and McCoy to his idea of a triad relationship, then he needed to ask his friends, truthfully and logically.

Spock sent messages to each of his friends.

/I wish to discuss a topic of extremely personal nature. Please meet be in my quarters at 2300 hours./


Spock reread the message then hit DELETE. He tried again.

/Can we talk? As soon as you are able?/


/Let us observe the New Year together. I will provide food. Bring whatever drink you deem appropriate./



Spock waited. Both replies arrived nearly simultaneously.

/See you at 2330 hours./

/I'll be there with bells on!/

Spock prepared his quarters for his guests. He set the temperature to nearly ship normal. He had the air in his rooms filtered to remove most of the pungent smell of incense. He set out the small edible treats his mother had sent him for Christmas and placed two small parcels nearby.

Spock had framed a proto-type communicator and an early delta shield logo that identified the crew of the Enterprise. This particular emblem had belonged to Captain Robert April, first captain of the Constitution-class starship designated Enterprise. It's silver and gold threads were stitched right into the fabric instead of the patches Starfleet personnel now wore. This logo had been passed from Captain April to Captain Christopher Pike. Pike later had entrusted it to Spock asking that it be passed to his successor Captain Kirk when the Vulcan was ready to do so.

Spock had decided on giving a meditation rock from home to Leonard McCoy. Its intricate mosaic was very pleasing to the eye, but more importantly it served as a reminder that peace is achieved when all the different facets of one's life are in harmony.

Spock replaced his robe about his body and smoothed it into place. The mirror confirmed that his hair was in order. His ears told him that his friends were just outside the door. Spock was about to find out if his time of loneliness was at an end, if his friends were open to a group relationship. Spock was squeezing the coal of his life into a new creation, transforming himself into a diamond. Or was he setting himself up for a shattered dream if his friends were not open to his idea?

Spock took a deep breath before opening the door. He hoped for the diamond.

END--Happy New Year!

It's 11:18PM PST--I made it! Happy New Year! May it be a damn sight better than 2008!