Part One

The rustle of the red button down shirt against a pair of black Dickie's pants that was usually so audible was nothing compared to the erratic beeping sound of the fryers from the back going off in record number. At the front counter, the buzz of conversation was constant alongside the opening and closing of cash registers. The no-slip-grip on the soles of shoes made a small scuffing noise as the employees would shuffle back and forth from filling paper and plastic cups with beverages from the soda fountains and return to their register to not only hand them out but scramble for change before the customer would become too impatient.

After what seemed like an eternity, Hinata pushed her register closed and looked over the screen for any other guests waiting for service. After noting that there was indeed no one left to wait upon, she let out a heavy breath and slouched slightly. She looked over at Sakura, who at the moment was dealing with her last customer for the moment, handing him change and sending him over to the pick up side of the counter.

After leaving her presence, Sakura mimicked Hinata's actions and turned to give her a look over as well. Both girls gave each other a knowing smile and laughed a little of their fatigue off.

"Clean up?" Sakura suggested.

"While we have the chance," Hinata agreed.

They both turned simultaneously to look at the left over stickiness the spilt soda had left, along with the water from melted ice, dripping shake syrups, knocked over lids, and one too many pulled out straws.

"We'll need to make more Kid's Meals," Hinata pointed out after noting the empty bin where the bags were kept.

"Let's just clean up first," Sakura told her. "Before Karin makes us help her pass out the food." She took another second to inspect their part of the store. "Hm, I'll get more lids and stuff. Can you start wiping down everything?"

Hinata nodded and went over to the far left soda machine, bending down to the sanitizer bucket and began to ring out the red towel inside while Sakura went past her through the red door and into the back of the store.

She squeezed all of the excess water from the small rag and closed the ice bin. After doing so, she started to wipe down everything. After cleaning up the shake machine right next to it, she dunked the towel back into the sanitizer bucket and began to ring it dry again to do the same for the other drink fountain. Before she was able to though, she looked over her shoulder and noted another person had approached the counter, waiting for service.

Feeling a little disappointed, she let the towel fall into the red bucket and walked back over to her register, wiping her hands dry on the sides of her shirt while doing so.

She put a small smile on her face and asked, "Hi, can I help you?"

On the other side of the counter, a fairly tall and tanned gent with blonde hair and blue eyes stared up at the menu above intensely, blinking after every quick scan of his options.

"Is there anything that I can get for like, two bucks?" he asked unsure.

"A spicy chicken or a big burger," Hinata replied, eager to be rid of him and return to her duties of a little more than minimum wage in peace.

"I guess I'll get the burger," he answered. "Can I be a pain in the ass and ask for it on sourdough?"

"Of course," came the practiced response as Hinata punched the order in.

"Is there any lettuce or anything like that on it?"

"Just onion and pickle," she told him.

"Can I have none of that, please?"

"Sure." She quickly went thought the options and made it to his specifications, promptly ringing him up afterwards.

"One thirty-nine is your total," she said, waiting patiently as pulled his wallet from the inside of his jacket pocket.

"Here ya go," he said, handing over the two bills while Hinata made the final charge, "I'm just happy that I was able to find someplace to eat. First day here and I have no idea what place has what deals."

Hinata paused midway from gathering his change and looked up at him. "You're an employee here?"

"Yeah," he nodded.

"I could've given you a discount," she informed him. "I'm so sorry."

"It's no problem," he assured her, waving his hands in front of himself while doing so. "It's not like you knew anyway, and I didn't know so it's not like I could've told you. Don't worry about it."

Hinata said nothing in reply, rather she just picked up the fallen coins and pushed her register closed.

"Here you go," she said, holding his change in front for him to take. "I'm sorry again, about the discount."

"Don't worry about it," he replied, taking the coins and pocketing them. "I should actually be thanking you for telling me about the discount. Next time, for sure."

"Alright then," she nodded. "Oh, here's your number, do ahead and wait at the other end for your order. And have a good day."

"Thanks," the blonde boy said, taking the card from her and peering at her name tag. "You have a good one too, Hinata."

He smiled at her and waved goodbye, leaving her to stare after him with wide eyes and waving a bit stupidly back before making out a very quiet, "T-thank you."

It was at that moment that the red door was kicked open and a ruffled looking Sakura made her appearance, arms filled with supplies that she seemingly was having some difficulty keeping a grasp on them all.

"A little help?" the pinkette called out to her friend.

Hinata snapped out of her stupor and rushed over to the other girl, taking some of the supplies into her own arms and setting them down on the ice cream cooler.

Sakura followed suit and took a moment to catch her breath, surveying the front in the meantime.

"You didn't finish cleaning up?" she asked.

Hinata shook her head. "I had to take another order," she explained.

Sakura groaned. "That sucks. Finish the other side while I stock up this side, okay?"

Hinata nodded and moved to do what she had been asked, but stopped herself and turned to say something else.

"Sakura," she began, "We started working the same time, right?"

"I started a week before you did," Sakura recalled. "Freaking Ino..."

"Right, well, in all that time, have you ever had anyone call you by your name?"

"No, usually I get the jerk-offs that throw the cash, grab the change, demand a number and take off without saying "Thank you". I'm gonna kill Ino..."

"Um, have you ever heard anyone call me by my name before?" she asked meekly.

"Hm? Um.. No, not that I've heard," she told Hinata. "Has anyone?"

"I think just one," Hinata confessed.

"Lucky!" Sakura exclaimed. "Hope you get 'em again."

Hinata smiled a little. "I do too. Though.. I kind of doubt I will."

"If you two have time to talk," Karin began to shout from the center, "then you have time to help me here!"

"We're cleaning!" Sakura called out to their higher up and motioned for Hinata to get a move on her work while she did the same.

Hinata didn't hesitate to start her cleaning up once more, even if her mind was a bit elsewhere for a short amount of time.


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