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Chapter 5: Dear Diary...

Joyce flopped onto the couch with a long sigh that ended up coming out in a raspberry. She glanced around for the remote to the TV and found it on the coffee table. She grabbed it and flipped the TV on, but as soon as she did, Shane came up and flipped it off.

"Hey!" she shrieked, sitting up fully. "I was gonna watch that!"

"No TV," he replied, simply. "Your mother's orders, and I agree with her. TV rots the brain."

"Well, then, what do you suppose I should do with my time?" Joyce wondered, sarcastically.

"Write," he shrugged, walking back toward the stairs. "You have a diary, I'm sure."

Joyce's eyes went round when he said that and she stared at him going up the stairs. How had he known she kept a diary?! He must have gone through her stuff! She quickly shook that thought from her head. He wasn't that kind of guy, she quickly realized and looked at her suitcase on the floor. She moved the bag of her new clothes and rummaged through the case for her diary. She pulled out a notebook with red and black stripes running down its length and different stickers on it and a pen attached to its spine.

"Well, I have plenty of stuff to write about today," she muttered and opened up to an empty page.

Dear Diary,

Here I am at an unfamiliar house, wearing tacky military garb and living for who knows how long with Lieutenant Spaz himself. Well, his real name is Shane Wolfe, and he's actually an ex-S.E.A.L. Mom has placed me in his care because she thinks I need an "attitude adjustment." Whatever!

Today was horrible! First, he made me get new clothes (mostly military stuff mentioned earlier) and said I couldn't wear my awesome clothes anymore because they make me look like a slut. Such a jerk! Then he made me take off my fake tattoo and I found out there's a duck here! A duck! I can't believe I'm living in the same house with a duck!

Anyway, after that he made me clean the house and at dinner he made me eat that boxed stuff mom gets sometimes when she goes on missions, or whatever. Then I had to clean the bathroom, and now he just told me I can't watch TV. I can't believe this is how I'm gonna spend my life until mom gets me outta here! This is so unfair!

And get this, when I met the guy, he tells me, 'You're doing things my way…no highway option.' How lame is that?! And instead of saying what time it actually is, he gives me military time. Even mom doesn't do that!

He took me into a surplus store today, a place I thought I wouldn't even be caught dead in. Aside from the stupid clothes, it was actually kind of cool. He bought me a knife like dad's…only 'cause I made him. Then he asked me if I was gonna hurt myself with it. Can't say I blame him for asking that, but I kinda got upset about it anyway.

He's been trying to figure me out, even if he doesn't know I realize it, I know he is. I wish he'd just leave it alone. I'm not gonna change, no matter what he makes me do. Both him and mom think it's got something to do with dad's death but they are totally wrong. I've made my peace with it. Talking about it again won't make it any better. It won't bring him back...even it he wasn't around most of the time anyway.

Anyway, I can't say Shane's all that bad. He is kinda cute...well, let me just admit it, he's hot. Even if he is a pain in the ass, he's still nice to look at. But, he'll never know that I think that. Hm, actually, maybe I should tell him. Then, he'll get all uncomfortable around me and just send me back home!

Nah, I'll just leave it alone. It's kinda nice having something as fine as him to look at. Now I understand why my mom would never let me meet any of her Navy buddies...they all probably look like him. He's got the big shoulders and the huge muscles...today I caught myself staring (and maybe drooling) just a little. But, he is a pain in the ass.

Well, I'd better wrap this up. He's probably gonna come back down stairs and check up on me. Like I said, Lieutenant Spaz. Oh! And he wants to 'train' me. Like exercise and all that. I told him I took karate, and he still thinks I need it. Apparently I don't do push-ups well enough for him. He ticks me off. He told me I had to deal with the duck being here. How can the Plummers have a pet duck?! It's insanity!

That's the name of the family that lives here, by the way. They're the reason Shane is no longer a S.A.E.L. He told me their names. I can't remember, I think it was Zoe, Seth, Lulu, Peter and...wait for it...it's in there. Tyler! That's what it was. And of course there's the Mrs. Plummer. Widow. I feel for the kids. I know what that feels like, of course.

Better wrap this up now. Well, what have we learned today...?

Joyce read over the entry and smirked before writing in…

Shane is Lieutenant Spaz.

Grinning, she closed the journal and sat back on the couch with a sigh. That felt good to let loose in her diary. She couldn't talk like that to her mom, and certainly not to "Lieutenant Spaz." She sighed and struggled to stand then stretched.

"Better get cleaned up and changed," she told herself. She leaned toward her suitcase again and pulled out her toiletries bag and her pajamas then headed for the stairs. She looked around and noticed Shane's door closed, making her figure he was in his room. She headed for the bathroom and opened the door only to find Shane in nothing but a towel…ready to open the door himself.

"Oh, crap," she thought but swallowed instead.

"I'm done in here," he assured her, quickly walking passed her and heading for his room. "You can use the towels on the rack. I'll get some blankets for you while you're in there."

"I hope you'll get dressed first!" she thought but said, "Ok."

She quickly stepped into the room and slammed the door to lean against it with a heavy sigh.

"So much for him being in his room," she groaned, obviously. "Knock next time, you idiot! Now I won't be able to think about anything but---" She cut herself off before saying what she was thinking. If she said it, it would only make it worse.

"Dear Diary…" she recited then fake sobbed, "He's too gorgeous!"

Joyce hurried past his door to get to the stairs and stopped at the top stair. Smiling she sat herself on the railing, hugging her clothes tightly to herself and slid herself down the railing. She couldn't stop herself from giggling but the giggling turned into a gasp when Shane suddenly appeared at the bottom of the stairs. She couldn't stop herself from sliding and when she reached the end he simply gripped her wrist before she could jump off the rail herself.

"Don't do that again," he ordered, flatly and Joyce sighed as she rolled her eyes when he let go of her wrist.

"Were my mom's orders to not let me have any fun?" she wondered sarcastically, ignoring her split second of disappointment that he was in his pajamas and not his towel.

"What do you think?" Shane shot back. "Boot camp means no fun."

Joyce rolled her eyes and sighed again as she headed for her suitcase and put her clothes away. She noticed a set of her military duds on the coffee table, neatly folded, her boots on the floor. A gray shirt, this time. She frowned at it then turned to Shane who was still standing where he'd been.

"What are you? My nanny?" she snapped, pointing at the clothes. "I don't need you to set up my outfit for the next day!"

"Just showing what you should do the night before," he replied. "There's your sheets and pillow. Lights out in thirty minutes."

"Or what?" she muttered as he started to walk away, not wanting him to hear it, but he stopped and turned on his heel.

"Or you'll be really tired tomorrow," he shot back and headed back up the stairs.

"Just don't get me up at oh-dark-thirty, huh?!" she called and Shane stopped half-way up the stairs in shock. He turned and looked at her as she started setting up to go to sleep. She looked up and noticed him staring at her with wide eyes. "What?"

"You know what time oh-dark-thirty is?" he wondered.

"Yeah," Joyce shrugged with a frown of wonder at why he was surprised. "Really early in the morning, right?"

"Yeah," he nodded but said nothing else as he headed up the stairs again. Why was he surprised? He should have been surprised when she didn't question him about military time he'd been using. He hadn't thought about it then, but the fact that she'd actually used military time, it made it sink in a bit who she was. The daughter of two military parents. He couldn't tell her or her mother, but she was growing on him.

Joyce fluffed her pillow then flopped onto the couch, her hands cradling her head as she sat in the dark. She sat up, looked around then rummaged around her suitcase on the floor next to her. She pulled out her diary and a small flashlight and crossed her legs to sit Indian style on the couch.

Dear Diary,

I saw him...shirtless. As if I didn't have enough of a problem thinking he was hot, now I know what he looks like without his shirt, which makes it worse 'cause he's so hot! Mom's right, I'm boy crazy. Way boy crazy. He's still a pain in the ass...it's just that now, he's a hot one.

If my mom wanted me to shape up, why didn't she just do this herself, or send me to a real boot camp? She could have done this after she came back from...where ever it is she's gone. She never tells me where she's going. She always says good-bye like it's the last time she'll see me. She comes back just fine. I don't know what her problem is.

If she's so worried she won't come back alive, why doesn't she just stay home? Quit the military like Shane did. I don't understand my mother. She won't discipline me herself, but she'll have someone I don't know do it for her.

I know what it is. I'm a burden to her. She doesn't wanna say it, but I know it's true. I've been a burden since dad died. I don't know why she just doesn't tell me what's wrong so I can fix it. I mean, I know my behavior ticks her off sometimes, but there's something else wrong. There always is. We talked when dad died but she was always holding stuff back. It can't be me. It's her.

Well, it might be me a little. I wish she'd just talk to me. She never talks to me like she used to when dad was around. We'd talk about everything, anything and sometimes even nothing. Why can't we have that now? Is she afraid I've changed? I haven't, really. Is she afraid I blame her for dad dying? I don't. Is she afraid I'll burst into tears if she starts talking about him? I'm past it. What the hell is so wrong that she won't just talk to me?

Well, I don't think I'll ever find out. I'd better get to bed before Shane comes down and sees the light on. I have a feeling he's gonna get me up way too early tomorrow. Night

Joyce sighed and shut her diary then wiped away a tear that threatened to trickle down her cheek. She missed home already. Sleeping in her own bed instead of a lumpy couch. No matter how hot Shane was, she'd rather be home and with her mother than here in this unfamiliar house with him.

She put her diary in her suitcase and the flashlight under her pillow in case she needed it later in the night then pulled the blankets over her as she laid down to sleep.

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