Azula was practicing her ninja chinese fire training one night when Zuko came into her room "What DO YOU FUCKING WANT' she screamed at him angered at his coming in without knocking. Zuko was looking mentally deranged in his eyes "I am mentally deranged" Zuko said evily.

Zuko then put Azula into the masterlock "You cant escape the masterlock!!" Azula struggled but could not get out of the masterlock

"Let me go you idiot adopted son or I will rape you" with psycholtic glare in her eyes "And then kill you" Azula's rage was building up as the fires were visible in her eyes and she was turning into psycho mode.

Zuko was naked and his member was already erect and rubbing between Azula's butt cheeks and he kept muttering about how does it feel to be the one raped in the ass this time. Zuko was truly psycho.

"GRAAAAAH I HATE YOU" Azula screamed as Zuko took a plunge into her ass and thrusted hard and harder, Azula hurting and bleeding and still in the masterlock. Noone can escape the masterlock Zuko said again.

Azula then thought of a trick to escape where she prepared her lightining trick "HAHAHA YOU ASSHOLE" and zapped him in the face, but Zuko smiled evily and dieverted the electricity back into his penis and gave her a shocking fuck!! Azula screamed immensely into multiple orgasms "YOU BASTARD" she cried in her climax.

"Hehe Zuko laughed. Azula flipped back up though because she was a well trained ninja fighters and cut off Zuko's dick and stuck it in her vagina

"HOLY FUCK SHIT YOU BITCH" said Zuko holding his crotch, and Azula kept thrusting it up and down into her pleasure and moaning in ecstacy. "Yes Zuzu make me cum down there" and that is how Zuko got his eye injury

The end


Author's end notes:

Okay, normally do I not come out and say "this is a joke." This story was written as per the request of "a psychotic sex story" between the fire siblings. The whole perception of the "psychotic" pretense in its fanfiction interpretation is pretty corny, and I wanted to illustrate how comical it can be, rather than how serious people force it to be. While a psychotic fit is indeed serious business, some people make a mountain out of a mole hill and blow their own ideas out of proportion, and it ends up being rather laughable or at least a little bit cheesy and seemingly shoehorned. I've nothing wrong with anyone addressing all these psychotic relationships of fictional characters, but at the same time, I felt the need to observe that it's something that takes itself too seriously when it can actually be more silly than one would like to believe

People sometimes have funny ideas about how the characters act or should act and they create these silly conventions and notions with which to use as evidence in supporting their theories, and that happens with shipping and with characters acting all emo or angsty or overly dramatic with drab tones of voices or whatever. Hey, whatever works in your minds, power of creative thought, etc. "Crazula" is pretty silly--and I think it's just people projecting their own ideologies through fanfiction as a platform--so I felt the need to ironically profess some thoughts about it through using fanfiction, myself

I hope to write a Zutara story for next chapter