On the prevous episode of Aavatars the Leastairbend SOkka was torturing Azula in his toruture chamber for infomation about the wherebouts of his girlfriend Suki while Aang and Toph went away on a mission of there own bu t they would not say what they went off to do because it was a secret to Sokka and even Katara, and Aang did not want Sokka telling Katara about it. Sokka meanwhile was not mercyful with Azula: he would smack her and spank her and whip her and all sorts of torture methods, including waterbording which she could not stand the most but would be resilent against Sokkas dastardly tactics of torture. But then the Sozins Comet finally came and gave Azula power to escape her torture as she knock Sokka away! "You'll pay for that," she says arrogant.

"Will I?? says Sokka who is dusting himself off. "You kicked me so hard that I can feel the flames burning me up, that's why I feel so hot" he said, taking off his shirt because the temporature raised. Azula noticed but was pretending not to notice Sokka's malny body.

"The only hot your gonna feel are my flames of wreath!!" she said evilly, to intimidate Sokka but it does not work as he gets closer on her.

"There not the only things I'm gonna feel" Sokka claimed to her in a seduct voice. "Prepare yourself for a battle of epic proportions as I bring out my true hidden powerful sword"

Before Azula could react Sokka was all the way naked and she blushed. "Wh--what are you doing?!" she said excited, unsure of what to do and she was feeling turned on a bit to.

Azula began to feel herself as Sokka posed and flexed his manliness to her but she did not want to seem impressed "I am not impress" said Azula sterningly, "your body is humble and not satisfactory at all" but Sokka was not fulled. Sokka would continue to pose until she lost herself in her euphoric trance.

As Sokka kept posing Azula would start to moan louder and louder against her best wishes "I WILL NOT CUM" she screamed but felt she couldn't help it, she wet her panties extreme. Sokka noticed and said "I did not know you could waterbend" with a smirk

Azula finally took off all her close and was all the way naked now. "I can't help myself anymore, you drive me crazy" she was heated up and wanted to be made love to.

Sokka would grant her wish and start romancing her by fondling her breasts and rubbing them gently and licking them and work his way down to her area slowly but surely using his tongue like a snail slithering down her body. "I'm a great tongue bneder" said Sokka to boast of his ability. Azula continued to moan sotly as Sokka was taking her.

All of a sudden Azula pushed Sokka off of him.

"AUGHHH!!!" She cried

"My penis is throbbing so hard!"

Sokka looked down surprised at the size of Azula's full erection.


Sokka was speechess

Azula pushed Sokka down on her hard Peis


Sokka sucked like a good water pesant

"You may consider me a great waterbender but your a great suckbender" Azula arrogantly said to Sokka who looked pathetic to her. Y"oure already bowing to me like the dog that your truly are"

Sokka continued to suck at her waterspout finding her to be not only a tremdnously greatfire bender but also waterbender in a way not traditional of waterbenders of course. Whenever lovecream would come out, Sokka would lick lovingly along her erection and not miss a single bit of it and if he did he knew she would punish him.

"Stop right there criminal" said a voice from behond Sokka. Azula noticed the voice and looked toward the source and saw a familiar figure she seen before. "Oh, avatar, if only you would come sooner, you could join your little friend"

"And what if I refuse" said a defiant Aang seething with aanger. His eyes glew into the avatar state and he wanted revenge for Azulas mean ways. Azula remained unimpressed with this surge of power Aaang was collecting within him even though it would be more powerfuler than she could ever imagine.

"Your avatar powers won't help you" cooed Azula evily. Azula was still not impressed but Aang fully formed into the muscular Avatar state with glowing eyes and detailed physique and made Azula feel heated up inside again but she did not want him to know.

"No, but it will surely help you," said avatar Aang in a sex voice as he got on the other end of the dog that is Sokka and pounded him from behind and illiciting a muffled scream on Azulas enormous cock. Azula could feel the scream on her cock and it would increase her erection tenfold.

"Oh god your screams are like music to my enormous, 20 inch cock that has a circumference of 2 inches," moaned Azula. Aang kept pounding while Sokka screamed which in turn helped Azula cum more from her delicious cock until finally they all orgasmed in unison.

"That was delicious," said Azula, "lets do that again sometime muahahaha" and she flew off on her flying boat. Sokka was tired and laid on the ground all exhausted while Aang returned to his normal state as Toph came by, and she was already naked and soaking in her own sweat from her own devious activities.

"I thought I felt something weird!" said Toph

to be continued...

special thanks to a random anonymous person for the inserted portion between the first two horizontal lines which changed azula into a futa, i really mean it. it gave the story a new sense of direction which i never would have thought of

originally written in addition to some story where sokka tickle-tortures azula for information on the whereabouts of suki, i decided not to re-use that part and instead just come up with a quick recap portion of my own