A New Year's gift! Harry and Draco super fluff, a little angst, fun for the whole family! :D Happy New Years, everyone! Thanks for all the support this year, you guys are the best!

"You're going to stay up, right?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah, of course."

"You promise?"

"Yeah, I promise."

Ginny smiled, blushing, "A-alright, then…I'll see you later."

He simpered weakly, unable to tell her that he never meant to lead her on by the obscure comment that he'd be available that night. He turned and walked away, a weight lifting off his shoulders as he left her company. Harry wasn't a bad person, he knew that well enough, but somehow Ginny's presence became more and more of a bother over time. And now he was expected to spend New Year's night with her? He sighed, running a hand through his messy, ebony hair before running up the stone steps to his dormitory and taking his bag from his bed. He needed a notebook he had left in the Astronomy room and considering he did not want to rush to Ginny's side he resolved that he would go to the room, peak at a few textbooks and try to prepare for their test for the next day; hopefully that would be a reasonable enough excuse to be late to the fireworks by the lake. The entire school would be gathering there, New Years was always such a gigantic celebration and Hermione and Ron had beat him there. Hermione went to aid in decorations and Harry supposed Ron was hoping there'd be a ladder Hermione would be climbing to give him a peak up her skirt. They always fought, but Harry was positive now that he could see through their little charade; he knew how Ron felt about her. However, Hermione was so sensitive to most everything that Harry couldn't quite tell if she felt the same or not. Harry thought maybe that should be his New Year's resolution; to fix up Hermione and Ron. Then he inwardly slapped himself; exactly how many ways could that good intention go horribly wrong, he asked himself.

He exited the dormitory and took his sweet time on each moving staircase, eating away at the clock, he hoped. He rubbed his temples, knowing deep down he could not run out the festival; there were four hours until midnight. There is never a good reason to be in a classroom after hours for four more. He groaned to himself, distracting his tired mind with the sound of teenage laughter and joking outside the castle. He stepped onto another staircase moving left and as he walked up, holding to the railing with his bag hitting his waist he noted to himself that it had been one official year of freedom from the Dark Lord. Although Harry should have felt proud, he was always one to blame himself. So many people died during battle and so many families were torn apart because of those executed by the Dementors as punishment for working with Voldemort. Most of the Slytherin students' parents were part of that percentage. He was sixteen and had had the world carried on his back since he was born, and he used to think that once the Dark Lord was vanquished that the weight would shift or loosen or leave completely. It didn't, though. It only changed form. Rather than the load of responsibility breaking his spine, it was guilt and worthlessness. He stepped off the moving stairs and into a long and empty, narrow hall. He listened to the rhythm of his footsteps bounce off the walls and pound on his ears, all the portraits asking why he wasn't outside helping pretty the castle.

He brushed them off, he wasn't in the mood to answer questions, his mind was lazy and his heart was tired. When did the years start dragging? He was only sixteen. He made it to the Astronomy room and welcomed himself inside, assuming no one was inside. He was terribly wrong, as usual.


The blonde was leaning against the stone threshold to the balcony. He looked to Harry, his body stiffening visibly; Harry had never seen Draco looking so uneasy before.

"What are you doing here?"

He wondered what a popular boy like Draco Malfoy was exactly doing all alone in the Astronomy tower, after hours on an occasion like New Years Eve. Harry cringed at the sound of the door slamming behind him, it's heaviness unable to sustain the opening he had left it in. He looked back at Draco, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly,

"I, uhm, left a notebook in here and I…we have a test tomorrow so I thought I'd…uhm…study…what are you doing here?"

Draco looked away, "I dunno. Thinking."

Harry approached the figure drenched in moonlight, requesting, "Mind if I…uhm…stick around?"

The mysterious prince of Slytherin didn't give Harry so much as a glance before muttering indifferently, "Whatever floats your boat, Potter."

He walked over to his desk, eyeing Draco through his peripheral vision, silently suspicious that the boy may pull out his wand at any given moment. He retrieved his notebook that was abandoned on the table top and found himself bolted to the spot, staring at the other boy. The Astronomy tower had the most beautiful view of the sky and mountains surrounded by water; the stars twinkled like immeasurable diamonds and gave the bully an angelic glow. His ice blue eyes slowly moved to Harry's, his expression completely stoic, though; Harry didn't know what to do, to leave immediately or stay in the ghostly company of the recently orphaned Draco Malfoy.

"Do you…want me to leave?" Harry questioned, his hands twitching uncomfortably.

Draco seemed to consider the idea before responding quietly,

"Not particularly."

Harry felt a tug by the corner of his mouth, acting on the semi-invitation by walking over to the stone archway and leaning against the opposite bend. He watched Draco's stare move to his fiddling fingers, then watched his full lips part although no sound escaped them for almost a minute until he began,

"I, uhm…" His brows tightened, "I…wanted to…let you know that I'm not angry at you."

Harry's eyes widened, "What?"

"I wanted to let you know that I'm not angry at you for what happened to my parents. It was their own fault for getting sucked into that world. And I…"

Harry watched the boy struggle to find his wording; it was cute, kind of. The way Draco Malfoy, the spoiled prince of Slytherin was suddenly so lost and nervous looking. It charmed Harry.

"I wanted to…uhm…apologize."

Harry choked on a breath he was intaking, dropping his book bag and notebook on the floor before holding his chest and fighting to breathe. Draco was taken aback at the sudden boisterous sound and he finally looked back at Harry, that all familiar scowl painted onto his face,

"Screw you, Potter, it's not that surprising!"

Harry was still coughing, but covered his mouth with the hand opposite of the one hitting his virile chest-plates as struggled to reply, "N-no, it's no-ot that, I-I just cho-oked on air…"

Draco rolled his eyes, "Nevermind, maybe I was right about you. You sodding idiot."

Harry finally cleared the pain from his throat and interviewed, "Uhm…why…would you apologize?"

Draco looked back at him, "I wanted to say sorry for the nasty stuff I did and said to you the past couple years."

Harry wondered if he was asleep or suffering a very realistic hallucination; did Draco Malfoy just apologize for being himself? That was him, wasn't it? Draco Malfoy was the cruelest, meanest, most spoiled, controlling, attention-grabbing and close-minded prejudice Slytherin nasty there ever was, wasn't he? Harry watched the boy glance out to the black sky sprinkled with the miles of silver pixie dust, then to the floor again, his arms crossing over his chest as he muttered weakly,

"I was…under the Imperius most of the time, to be honest. I don't remember a lot of what I did…over the past couple years, really, I just…it's mostly blurs, but I know we haven't been the best of friends, you and me. I'm sorry for that."

Harry blushed lightly, "Wow…you…you really can't remember the past five years?"

Draco chuckled nearly inaudibly, "Yeah…I've never…apologized to anyone before. Was that…good? Do you forgive me or am I supposed to kiss your feet or something?"

Harry laughed shortly, "No, that was, uhm, very good. Yeah, I forgive you. I think, though, that I have much more to be sorry for when it comes to you, Draco."

Harry's heart stopped at seeing an unprecedented expression on Draco's handsome face; his ivory hair was brushed through lightly by the wind, his lashes that matched his hair (which Harry found unexplainably beautiful) flickered, his bright, aquamarine eyes widening in what could have been shock as his few cinnamon freckles were powdered with a visible fluster. His high cheekbones were notably red and it leaked into his ears as his thick lips fell apart again and he stated,

"That's the first time you called me by my first name."

Harry couldn't stand the adorable behavior of his one-time nemesis, it made his heart thump and melt in his butterfly-infested chest and stomach. He smirked,

"You're turn."

"You're forgiven, Harry."

The charcoal-haired boy blushed furiously, his pulse practically freezing in his veins,


Draco smiled, taking a few steps closer to Harry and clasping his hand onto Harry's shoulder before he repeated,

"You are forgiven, Harry."

Harry felt tears welling up in his eyes, the words sinking into his skin and giving wings to the heavy load on his back, and with the echoing whisper of Draco's soft, alto voice embracing his pounding heart, that horrible guilt left him. He wiped at his emerald eyes before the tears could fall, his throat feeling hot and thick. Draco took his hand away, chuckling worriedly,

"S-Sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry, Harry-che-never knew you were so sensitive."

Harry glared but a wide smile spread across his face, "Shut up, Draco…thank you."

Draco blinked slowly, his eyes locked onto the handsome Chosen One reduced to messy emotions. He sighed,

"Well, tell me about your year, Harry. Any resolutions completed?"

Harry looked back up at him,

"No actually. I haven't a clue to what I'll be resolving to do for this year either."

"Well then, let's you and me work it out."