Harry and Draco had eventually moved completely onto the balcony, Draco sitting on the ledge with Harry on the stone floor, his legs crossed and notebook out in front of him. Harry had realized the year before that although he had very messy handwriting that he had exceptional artistic skills; he was attempting to draw Draco. Harry had let hours pass, talking about his year with Draco and they both discussed the madness of the final battle, the people they missed and the fun things they were glad they got to do and say. Harry had been laughing at a surprisingly funny story Draco told when he heard Dumbledore speaking by the lake, just a tiny speck in front of the lake. Draco looked down to the ground, his smile fading,

"The fireworks are going to start soon. You have plans, don't you? You should go."

Harry looked at his watch; he had let three and a half hours pass by, sitting there with Draco Malfoy. He laughed to himself; he never would have imagined the day. He was reluctant to go as the somehow graceful and eerily angelic aura of the revealed Draco Malfoy had grown on him. In fact, those past three and a half hours were filled with flusters, laughter and thumping hearts. Harry hadn't enjoyed another person's company as much as he enjoyed Draco's in a long, long time. He sighed, looking down at the sketchy portrait he had half-completed on his loose-leaf.

"I don't want to go."

Draco shot him a strange, questioning look,

"You don't want to? Won't the Weasley girl be looking for you?"

Harry moaned, his head hitting against the stone in irritation, "I'm sorry, but I'm sick of hearing and thinking of her…she's obsessed with me, but when I think about her I just feel…tired and bored…"

Draco seemed surprised, "Really?"

Harry noticed what he had said and almost regretted it; he sounded so mean.

"Yeah, but, uhm…can that be between us?"

Draco smirked, "Who am I gonna tell?"

Harry went to answer, but recalled that Draco had lost both of his body guards/ friends in the final battle against Voldemort. He reviewed in his mind; an only child abused and manipulated by dark magic from infancy, forced to hate all those he wished to be with, isolated himself emotionally and occasionally physically from the outside world, lost his fiancé (that was betrothed to him at birth) and his only two friends during the goriest fight in magical history. Not only that, but he lost his parents to the Ministry's merciless prisons and there he was, pouring his memories out onto the one person he was born to compete against; Harry Potter. Harry nodded, smiling,

"Draco, you've never really…tried to be my friend before…I'm wondering if there's anything you've ever wanted to ask me?"

The blonde seemed embarrassed; put on the spot. He looked down, bashfulness filling his features, making Harry even more enchanted by his cute personality. He didn't look to Harry as he muttered,

"Well, I…I know you must get this all the time, but…can I see it?"

Harry's coy smile played on his face more widely as he stood up, resting his notebook on top of the ledge and walked over to Draco. He moved the tuffs of hair from in front of his face, revealing the lightning bolt on his forehead. He watched as Draco's eyes lit up in fascination and he stared in wonderment, a curious pout on his brimful lips. Harry watched Draco's hand lift hesitantly toward his face, then red crept onto Harry's face as the boy's innocent voice shimmered through the dark of the approaching midnight,

"U-uhm…can I touch it?"

Harry swallowed inaudibly, his heart fluttering at the perverse ideas bubbling his mind's eye as he nodded and initiated Draco's hand to begin moving again. His dexterous hand came to Harry's flattered countenance, his spidery fingers running ever so gently against the somewhat rigid scar on his otherwise satin skin. Draco simpered sadly,

"I know you must be praised constantly, Harry, but you really are brave."

Harry looked away, trying to bleach the red that stained his face,

"I'm sorry to disappoint, but…honestly, I barely did anything. Everyone was always helping me and…I never did anything alone."

"Only a coward goes at the world alone," Draco began, running his thumb over the scar tenderly, "because only a coward fears failure. A true hero never allows glory to only be his, he spreads peace and thanks to all those who sculpted him. Not even Hercules could do it alone, and he was a God. You should never be ashamed of the fact that you couldn't do it alone; if anything at all, it only proves you are what you've always been called."

Harry's blush deepened as he backed away; he was nervous, almost uncomfortable, but he didn't want to leave. He liked Draco, he liked the way he spoke, his diction, he liked the way he looked, the expressions he used and the way his platinum hair would slip in front of his indigo eyes when he bent his head and looked up from under his lashes. And his smile; oh, if Harry had ever known Draco Malfoy had such a smile. His canines were long, like a mischievous dog or a hungry vampire, they were all as white and bright as the twinkling stars and perfectly straight. Pointed features, high cheekbones, cinnamon freckles, satin, ivory hair, light yet not pale skin, long lashes and athletic, Quidditch-toned build. He was beautiful, deafeningly, terrifyingly beautiful. And Harry was hypnotized.

"I should…go."

Draco nodded, "Alright. Have fun down there."

Harry frowned, already missing Draco but more upset that Draco would not be surrounded by friends and family at the start of the new year. Harry picked up his bag and notebook, but before he reached the door the unfinished drawing of Draco called his attention. He looked back, seeing only Draco's handsome profile, milky white and navy blue shadows and lights of the moon playing on him. Harry's arms lowered a bit, his shoulders relaxing from a stress he hadn't known he had until the moment they loosened,

"Hey, Draco…"

The boy looked to him, the shadows and hues changing position,


"What was your resolution? Did you complete it?"

He looked away, a timid smile replacing his indifference,

"Yeah. I wanted to get to know you and explain myself before I left."

Harry's heart stopped, "What? What do you mean before you leave?"

Draco still would not look Harry in the eyes, "Well, Severus was my Godfather and now that he's dead along with my parents and most of my family…I'm really alone now. I'm a minor still, so I'll be transferred to a foster family most likely. Until I'm eighteen, I've got to be paid for and watched after. I was thinking I may not come back to Hogwarts next year…I should start my life as a muggle, out there in the world they own, you know? Make some changes to my history, switch around some documents, maybe change my name…I dunno…but I wanted to get to talk to you before then."

Harry stepped closer, "You said a hero doesn't go it alone, out there in the world, right? Why are you…why are you making yourself so alone?"

Draco looked down to his hands in his lap, his threads of platinum hair darkening his features,

"I'm not scared to admit I'm a coward. I'm not an idiot either; it sucks being alone. But everyone is better off without me, I just cause trouble. It's easier if I'm alone."

Harry and Draco shot their faces to the mountains and sky, fireworks beginning to set off and voices cheering and yelling out from far away. Harry's brows knit,

"I don't want you to be alone."

Draco rolled his eyes again, "It's not like that, I-"

"No," Harry interjected, storming towards Draco, gathering eye-contact, "not about you, not you, this is about me. I don't want you to be alone, Draco."

The blonde flustered, "I…I…don't know…uhm…"

Harry dropped his bag and book by the desks he passed; he almost violently gripped Draco's upper-arm, forcing him against Harry's chest-plate.

"I have a resolution." He looked at Draco, blushing wildly and like a tickling virus it worked its way onto Draco's expression as well, "I won't let you be alone, Draco. Not after tonight. After this very moment I want…I want you to know that even if the world's falling apart, I'm here…just for you. You wanted to know me…well…I want…"

Their gaze hardened, hot colors bursting behind Draco's gorgeous face and quizzical pout as Harry attempted to finish,

"I want…just you…"

He watched Draco's eyes widen in endearing shock again as the crowd rang out,


"Really?" Draco begged, his voice weak and fragile sounding.


"Really, Draco, I want you…you don't cause me any trouble, I love being around you…"


"Then you promise?" His eyes began to water, "Promise to stay?"


"I promise."

Draco's grip tightened on Harry's shirt, pulling him down and forcing their lips together…


Harry's heart pounded like thunder in his ears, the warm and moist feeling of Draco's thick and soft lips against his, their mouths moving against each other so perfectly; it made his chest swell, it made his head spin, it made his pulse beat. He loved it. He loved Draco. He didn't want to scare the boy, though, so he dare not say a word of his profound feeling. They tore away from each other, Draco and Harry both highlighted by flashing colors exploding in the sky. Harry laughed,

"Well…I guess I have an excuse for being late, huh?"

Draco laughed nervously until Harry asked,

"You'll…you'll stay now, next year, now, right?"

Draco looked up at him cutely, his face red like a cherry, "Uhm, yeah, I could manage that."

"You promise?"

His kiss-swollen lips spread into his killer grin and he beamed with the divine rays surrounding him with halos of blue, green, pink, yellow, white and red. He simply replied,

"I promise."

Happy New Years!