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Sarah's Pain

Chapter 1

When it came to competitions of any kind, Sarah Whitney had one reaction, the same every time. She'd start out cool and calm, no worries or stress, she was completely relaxed and then next thing you knew, she was wound so tight something as small as dropping your curry comb would make her snap. It was in one of these usually pre-competition freak-outs that Will found her that day, sitting in the hayloft crying bitterly about something no one else knew, the only difference that day was that there would be no competitions for the next month.

"Sarah?" Will asked in shock as he climbed the ladder to the hayloft, "What's wrong?"

"Will!" Sarah jumped and attempted to stuff something into her pocket while whipping tears from her cheeks, "It's, ah, nothing, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" He asked frowning, "You've been really uptight all day."

"It's just..." She shook her head, "Nothing you should worry about."

He sat down beside her, "You know I'm here for you to talk to," He said putting his arm around her shoulders, "Sometimes it's good to tell people stuff, get it off your chest and out into the air."

She just shook her head, "No, not this. I've already tried that, this is something that it's best to forget, if only that were possible."

"Okay," Will said wishing she would tell him, "If you change your mind, come and find me."

"Thanks Will," She smiled, getting up and leaning back down to kiss his cheek.

He felt himself blush and he smiled nervously, "Wh... What was that for?"

She smiled back nervously, "For trying to help."

She turned away and left, but as she slipped down the ladder, something fell from her pocket. Will picked it up and was about to call her to give it back when he heard hoofs on the cement barn floor, he looked down over the side of the loft just in time to see Sarah and Scarlet fly out of the barn in a black and golden blond streak. Frowning, he turned over the square piece of paper that had fallen from Sarah's jacket pocket, ignoring the writing on the other side. It was a photograph, a photograph of a girl and a boy, much younger than the now sixteen year old Sarah. The boy and girl seemed to be wearing matching, sparkly, skin tight outfits and figure skates. they were both smiling happily, both carried the same look of posh pride and champion style and could have been twins. but on closer look, the girls hair was more golden, the boy's more sandy, the girl had familiar florescent blue eyes that Will couldn't quite put his finger on and the boy had very different dark geen eyes. He turned it back over and read the text on the back:

To my dearest friend Silver,

I was planing on giving this picture to you for your eleventh birthday, but the doctors say I have little under an hour to live. I want you to keep this picture, along with the memories of all the wonderful times we had together. I know your crying now and it seems like it's all over, like you'll drown any minuet now. But we both know that's not the case, keep your head up Ice Princess, at least for me, keep treading water. I'm not sad or scared to go, if I could go back in time to the moment when I decided to give my life for yours, I wouldn't even hesitate for a second to do the whole thing over again. Remember, none of this was your fault, don't let it drag you down. For me, please keep flying. With all my heart, for the last time, good-bye.

Your best friend and partner in crime, Riley "Rocket" Anderson.

Will flipped the photo back over and took another long, focused stare at the proud, smiling girl with the eyes he knew so well. And all of a sudden, right their, the face, the eyes, the hair, it all clicked, who ever these Silver and Rocket people were, the girl in the photo was a much younger version of Sarah!

Sarah sat on the grassy hill, crying again, though she couldn't tell Will why, this was the anniversary of the worst day of her life. Six years ago that day she had caused the death of her best friend in the whole world. The feeling this day gave her was like nothing she'd ever felt before that day, like drowning on land, like no matter how hard she tried to breath she choked. Every year on this day she was pulled back into the pit of deprsion that she desperately tried to escape, but every year, his memory was there, hunting her down and pulling her back to the reality, it was her fault, she'd killed Riley "Rocket" Anderson. People used to say they were like twins, they were inseparable, that nothing could tear them apart, until she'd been stupid and now he was gone, forever, the memory of him burned into her mind, haunting her forever.

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