Sarah trembled with nerves as she laced up her skates, noting the slight similarity to the way her riding boots felt, though she once would have thought of it the other way around. No matter how hard she tried, she could never seem to get her left skate tight enough around her ankle brace. It was never a problem with her riding boots, they just slipped right over top, and her limp was almost unnoticeable unless you knew to watch for it, but there was no point in hidding it now. Sarah had never told anyone outside of her parents just how badly her ankle had been hurt, her doctor said it was a miricle that it held her weight even momentarily without the brace, she hadn't wanted her friends' pity. When she'd fallen, her tibia and fibula had been broken, fracturing her talus and tearing several ligaments in her lower leg and foot. She'd taken up horseback riding because she'd loved animals so much and it was one of the few activities she could still do on her leg. Skating on it was a risk, her mother had expressed great concern when she left the house, but she would take it slow.

Stumbling onto the ice, she skated a few shakey laps, stoping everyonce and a while to reajust how her feet sat in the boots of her skates. She could feel the once familiar movements now causing her tight calf muscles to protest. She stopped in one of the penalty boxes to stretch and breath, releasing some of the nervous tention that knotted up her chest. She glanced up at the clatter of metal on wood as her friends clammared onto the ice. Compaired to what she was used to, they were clumsy skaters, but the sight of them gliding around the ice made her smile.

"Sarah!" Bailey enthoused as he spotted her in the box and her friends all headed in her direction.

"How are you?" Molly wondered, smiling at her blond friend.

Sarah paused, concidering how to answer, "I'm... I'm okay."

"You sure?" Will asked as she stepped out onto the ice, wobbling a little.

"Yeah," She smiled nervously. Her face morphed into an expression of surprise as her skates slipped out from under her and she landed firmly on her rear. She blinked in shock as her tail bone smarted, "Ow!"

"Sarah!" Will worried, giving her a hand up, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she assured him, "That had to happen at some point, I'm glad I got it over with right now."

"You're sure you're okay?" Bailey frowned, "You fell pretty hard."

"I'm alright, I'm gonna have bit of a bruise, but that's fine."She nodded, patting him on the shoulder, then she stopped and thought about that, "Yeah, I think I'm going to be just fine."

The end. I know, lame, terrible ending, but I haven't posted a chapter in 3 years or so and I just need to finish this and get it out of the way. So that's it, there's no more on this. I'm sorry I inflicted this on the world. ~ Tygger3389