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"What the hell was I saying to Kira? I still love him! Oh my god! I must as well have told Athrun mysefl! Argh!" Cagalli thought in frustration as she stormed away from Kira, her face still red.

"Argh!" She let out an irritated cry, startling passer-bys as they turned to stare at her. She didn't care; she was so pissed off.

Stupid Athrun, Stupid stupid blue headed freak.

Meanwhile, Athrun was sitting there on the bench, her words still ringing in his head.

"The truth? Fine, I'll admit it, I still loved him, despite what that son of a bitch did, I still do. There, are you happy now?"

He let out a laugh; feeling so much lighter than he did in a while. Another tinkle of laughter burst out of him as people passing him gave him a weird look-over, not that he paid attention anyway.

After all, Cagalli loooves him.

He grinned as he slip off his beanie and shook out his blue mane, giving it a rough toss over that he knew girls loved so much.

Looking up, he didn't know why but the sky suddenly looked so blue and cheerful.

She stood outside a sports store, looking wistfully at the different balls on display in the window. The blue-and yellow striped one was the one Athrun was playing when she first met him.

Athrun shrugged as he started bouncing the ball on the insides of his forearms a move usually employed by players to pass a ball that came to them below chest level to another teammate or what they call digging. Cagalli's orange eyes followed the ball as it made a rather soothing sound when it hit his arms. He's good Cagalli mused as she watched Athrun skillfully bounce the ball without dropping it.

Cagalli sighed as she recalled how they first met. It was only a few months ago, but now it seems so long, like a distant memory.

Her eyes went to the next ball, a green and yellow striped one, it was the same ball they used in the tournament.

She closed her eyes, still remembering the feel of the rubber ball in her hand, the sound of the crowd cheering. The determined look in his eyes, the way his perspiration trickled down the side of his face. The habit of him pushing his sleeves up, he should just wore sleeveless…

Her eyes flew open at that thought as she mentally scolded herself while her cheeks tinged of red. Why does everything have to have him inside?

She was about to turn and leave when an orange ball caught her eye. It was a basketball.

Her thoughts went straight to the moment he hugged her.

The heat radiating off him and his scent was so intoxicating that she wanted nothing more than to buried her face in his chest and just breathe him in.

Cagalli let out another glum sigh as her shoulders slumped forward. She really hated to admit it but she missed Athrun. She missed the way he looked at her when they were eating, eyes so attentive and charming. Mouth so enticing that sometimes she had to mentally tell herself not to stare at them as they moved, (she secretly wondered what it would feel like to have those delicious lips on hers…)

She shook her head as felt heat spreading across her cheeks at the thought of kissing Athrun…

She would be wrap up in his arms and then she'll close her eyes and tilt her head up and he will lean down and press those sensuous lips to those and then she'll melt in his embrace…


What… A hazy part of mind drawled in annoyance.

"What are you doing?"

I'm kissing Athrun, take a number…or better yet, take a hike… Her inner voice said irritably.

"Cagalli? Are you kissing the store window?"

Store window? The words didn't make sense. But then, Athrun's 'lips' felt strangely flat and cold and tasted like cleaner…

Her amber eyes flew opened as she stared cross-eyed at her reflection, before she realized that she had actually acted out her fantasy. She leapt backwards as she spit out the taste of window cleaner.


A chuckle reached her ears as she whirled around to glare at the person, ready to chew the person inside out, outside in and all other ways in between.

But all verbal abuses flew out off her mind when she realized who it was.

Her jaw dropped as she gawked openly at the boy standing in front of her with his amazingly perfect tousled shoulder-length hair that looked more silky-smooth then hers. With his gorgeous emerald eyes staring at her, Cagalli swooned in her place as she struggled to form a logical, comprehenable sentence that does not involved his appearance or what she really wanted to do to him right now…

"Um…Ah…" she said thickly.

Athrun looked at her humorously; it was a stroke of luck that he saw her as he ran by the Sports Shop to the bus stop to find her.

Though he didn't quite expect to find her making out with the store window…

He would have to store that for blackmail in the future…if Cagalli forgive him that is.

Which he felt quite confident about, because…Cagalli loooves him…

And he felt his male ego overinflate just a little bit more.

"Hi Cagalli, do you regularly make out with windows?" he teased lightly, his grin widened when she blushed.

"Sh-Shut up idiot, I'm still pissed at you," she growled out angrily, fists balling at her sides. She wasn't going to let Athrun off that easily. Who does he thinks she is?

A mindless worshipper of everything that is Athrun Zala?


Oh shut up… She snapped to the voice in her head.

Athrun's grin faltered just a little bit as he replied, "I want to apologise Cagalli, I didn't mean to make you feel that you're not good. I was just looking out for you Cagalli, I didn't want you to get into trouble when ZAFT finds out that you've been pretending to be a boy. I'm sorry Cagalli."

Cagalli narrowed her eyes at him, debating internally whether to buy his story or not. Honestly, she was all for forgiving this handsome boy in front of her, but then she won't be Cagalli if she did that.

Let him sweat a little for putting me through all that misery she thought evilly.

"Oh wow, that's really nice of you of think that, thanks. Now if that is all, excuse me, I got a bus to catch," she said coldly as she turned and walked away from him, not sparing him another glance.

Athrun blinked as he felt a light breeze as she past him.

Was that…strawberry-scented shampoo he smelt?

He couldn't help a small smile despite the fact that Cagalli was walking away from him…away from him.

He felt a thrill of excitement electrifying his body as he wondered what other new things about the girl-Caleb he has yet to discover. Athrun felt like a kid at Christmas, finding another gift hidden in a gift he thought he had already unwrapped. It was exhilarating to realize that there were tons of things he didn't know about this girl and he was dying to find out.

But first, he needed to get her back.

"Cagalli wait!" He called out as he grabbed her forearm to stop her from walking away. Cagalli flinched and wrenched her arm from his grip, her heart thumping as her eyes widened in shock.

"I-I'm sorry," he mumbled as he brought both his hands up in a peace gesture, he was taken aback by Cagalli's reaction or over-reaction.

"I just wanted you to hear me out, these past few months with you were really enjoyable, I couldn't remember the last time I have enjoyed another's company so much. I-I missed you Cagalli…" The last part came out softer than he intended to, he looked away, heart palpitating. For once in his life, he felt unsure, even though Cagalli said that she still loves him, did it meant that she would forgive him?

Cagalli blinked at him, "You…miss me?" The words sounded surreal coming out of her mouth and so would the other three words...if you just substitute 'miss' with-

She shook her head, reprimanding herself NOT to go there.

"Well yeah, I did. You're really-um," and Athrun blushed unconsciously. Cagalli felt a twitch in her oral muscles as she watched Athrun intently.

Oh god, he looks so adorable! How can anyone be infuriating and adorable at the same time? She gushed internally as she forced down the bubble of amusement in her.

"Well?" she prompted, crossing her arms across her chest and shifted her weight to one foot.

Athrun cleared his throat as he answered, "Nice,"

And Cagalli raised a disbelief eyebrow as she echoed his words back, "Nice? I'm nice?"

Athrun rubbed the back of his neck as he let out an awkward smile. "Um, you're actually more than nice…You're er-very nice."

Cagalli blinked at him, "Very nice?"

"Wow," she continued. "You were right; you are really really bad with girls."

Athrun glared at her with all the ferocity a blushing schoolboy has confessing to a girl.

"Sh-Shut up, I-I'm trying ok," he grumbled as crossed his arms like a ticked-off 5 year-old.

And the slight pursed of his lips in indignant, did her in.

It was futile in trying to be angry with someone when you're not, or trying to deny her feelings when they are bursting out of her like fireworks. Cagalli Yula Athha was not a passive girl. Hell no. If she likes someone, she damn well be making her point across, even though she did confessed to him but did it really count when it was said in between rage and betrayal?

So she decided to give them another shot, in case he didn't hear it the first time when she was confessed in the midst of her verbal lashings.

"I still love you," She said in a shy voice, hoping her voice didn't quivered as she licked her lips and turned her bright and hopefully not too hopeful eyes to him.

"I know," he said absent-mindedly as he felt his heart start thumping a little harder and a wee bit faster at her confession again.

"And…m-me too" Athrun said shyly, his eyes darting nervously around, not daring to look at her in her eyes, oh those glorious topaz.

"You-You do?" Cagalli almost choked on the words, her insides buzzing with anticipation.

Athrun flushed as he fidgeted uncomfortably as he stammered out "I-I mean I um…feel something…f-for you…"

Cagalli felt her stomach dropped and bit her lower lip. It wasn't an outright profession of his undying love for her, buuuut. Athrun had said 'he felt something' for her.

It's a start.

So she took it.

She smiled and Athrun felt himself getting warm. Such a beautiful smile…

"Well, as long it's not hate," she said lightly.

Athrun smiled back and then confirmed bashfully. "It's definitely not hate." Cagalli blushed in return at the attention his eyes were giving her.

"So…um, should we hold hands or something?" He said hesitantly, feeling foolish.

Cagalli let out an amused laugh and grinned widely at him.

"Oh goodness Athrun! Didn't you go out on dates and have girlfriends before?" She asked lightly, enjoying this side of Athrun a lot.

"Well yeah, but I never felt like this before with them, and I don't want to screw this up, especially not with you, Cagalli," he said seriously, looking her with those gorgeous emerald eyes and Cagalli felt something in her stirred at his words as she gazed at him with newfound affection.

"I don't believe you are capable of screwing this up, Athrun," Cagalli said quietly as she took a step towards him so they were almost toe-to-toe.

Athrun gulped at their sudden close proximity. "Ca-Cagalli, aren't we moving a bit fast?"

Cagalli smiled cattishly at him. "We can't be moving too fast, if no one has ever set the ideal pace, right?"

Athrun licked his lips nervously as he put his hands firmly on her shoulders and turned her around. "How about coffee?"

Cagalli let out a smirk as she allowed herself to be turned and prodded forward by Athrun.

"Coffee sounds good," she said as Athrun came by her side and took her right hand in his, she glanced up at him with surprise in her eyes as he focused his attention on the street ahead, the only thing that gave him away was the slight tinge of red on his cheeks.

Cagalli smiled shyly as his hand gripped hers a little tighter and she felt her heart hummed contently at the warmth her hand was encased in, she glanced down at their intertwined hands and marveled how they seemed to fit each other like two jigsaw puzzle pieces.

It was a perfect fit.

She leaned into his side as they made their way to a nearby café. Athrun's blush deepened but he didn't not moved away and allowed Cagalli to lean against him.

Cagalli smiled until she realized something.

"Athrun, what did you mean when you say 'I know' when I told you I still love you?" she asked curious.

"Um…lucky guess?"Athrun suggested with a nervous laugh.

Cagalli raised an eyebrow at him, not quite believing his words. She pulled her hand from his and looked at him pointly.

"If we want this to work, you can't be lying to me," she stated stubbornly.

Athrun sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Is it that important?"

Cagalli gave him an incredulous look. "Of course it is! If you start lying now, what's to stop you from lying about all the other things?"

"Cagalli…" he started, feeling slightly exasperated. Kira wasn't kidding when he said that she was going to be a handful.

"Fine, I overheard you telling Kira just now, Wait! Before you start shouting at me, don't look at me like that. You know you're going to yell. It was Kira's idea! Or rather Kira and Lacus's big idea. I didn't really like the idea at first, I mean I'm perfectly capable of handling my relationships myself…and…and…why are you laughing?" Athrun huffed at her angrily.

"I'm trying to be serious here!"

Cagalli chortled as she wheezed out, "I'm sorry, you lost me at 'perfectly capable of handling my relationships',"

Athrun felt himself twitched irritably. "Will you stop laughing at me?"

Cagalli finally stop her laughter as she gazed warmly at a furious Athrun. "No, I don't think I'll ever stop. Because I love this adorable dorky you too much, Athrun Zala." And she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her head contently on his chest.

Athrun felt his anger dissipating. Frankly, it's impossible to stay angry at her when she knows what buttons to push. So he resigned himself to his fate and hugged her back, a small smile creeping onto his face as he relished how she fitted so snugly against him, her blonde hair tickling his chin as he bowed his head and took a whiff of her hair.

Yeah…definitely strawberry shampoo.

"What are they doing now?" a voice whispered as three boys spied on a couple a few metres away.

"Do I look like I give a damn? And what the hell am I doing spying on Zala?" An irritated silver-haired male grumbled.

"Well because we are all such good friends that we want everlasting happiness for each other and also this make some awesome juicy gossip back at ZAFT," the blonde said evilly. "Seriously, I can't believe that you guys never told me that Caleb Yula was a girl and a hot and gorgeous babe, I mean just look at those legs! God what would I give to have those amazing legs wra-OW!"

"Dearka, if you make one more pass at my sister, I swear…" Kira let his voice trailed off as he glared at Dearka.

"I meant to have those amazing athletic-looking legs on me, I mean skinny jeans are all the rage now and I was just envious…I swear I wasn't making a pass at your sister…"

Kira narrowed his eyes at him as Yzak let out a snort beside him.

"Whatever," Kira muttered as he peeped around the corner of the shop they were at. "Quick! They're walking away!"

The spying boys crept out of their hiding spot and trailed the couple, be sure to keep a good distance away to prevent detection.

"I'm so good at this; I think all the times I spend tailing Mirialla is finally paying off."

The other two boys rolled their eyes as they hid behind another shop as the couple has stopped.

Kira chuckled as he saw Athrun rubbing the bridge of his nose wearily.

Well, too bad you like my sister…

And his eyes lit up when Cagalli hugged him.

"Yes!" he cheered quietly as he looked on at them.

"I hate Athrun so much right now, all Athrun did was be a complete jerk to her and he has her putting into his hand and me? I tried every trick in the book and Mirialla still hates the guts out of me. Screw life, I hate high school!"

Kira sighed exasperatedly at him and glanced at Yzak who seemed to be twitching so violently that he looks like he's going to have a seizure of some sorts.

Where's Shiho, Yzak needs her right now he thought wryly.

Oh right, Shiho and Kayla and some of their friends plus Lacus said they had some matters to take care of…

Apparently they found out who was the one that gave Yunna those pictures and they, according to them, 'were going to have a nice talk over a cup of coffee with the bitch.'

Ah…Kira shook his head and for a split second felt sympathy for the girl…

And then…it was gone.

After all this is the girl that caused his sister so much grief and almost cost Cagalli's chance of being with Athrun.

"They seemed to be hugging for quite some time now," Yzak said offhandedly as he glanced at them and then at Kira and then he smirked.

"Are you ok with that?"

Kira blinked at him. "They are just hugging,"

And his smirk grew; finally he found something interesting that watching a sappy idol drama unfolding before his eyes.

"You know hugging is the prelude to something much more…physical and much more less dry…"

Kira stared at him. Physical? Less dry? What was he implying? And seriously aren't they hugging a tat too long?

And then his eyes grew large.

"You mean…" And Yzak smiled knowingly. Kira gulped as he thought of the worst-case scenarios. Athrun wouldn't do that, I mean for heavens' sake! They are in public and with people walking around and…WHERE THE HELL ARE CAGALLI'S HANDS GOING?


Cagalli couldn't help an internal sigh as she leaned into Athrun's embrace.

He was soooo warm…and smelt soooo delicious.

And not just smell but feel as well, she could feel his lean muscular chest against her and her hands on his back was tingling from the thrill of just touching him. She suppressed a squeal at her good fortune of having such a hot boyfriend.

A hot boyfriend with a very very fine ass.

Smirking, she slides her hands down as she almost fainted from the knowledge that her hands were on his ass. God, Athrun just brings out the worst in her.

Did she mention that it was a very fine and firm ass?

And then an irritating, annoying, loud, obnoxious shout cut through her thoughts.


She pulled out of the embrace instinctively as she glanced wildly around for the source. Her eyes narrowed as she watched her brother, her very soon to be dead brother running towards them with a furious expression.

Athrun who turned bewildered at the sound of his girlfriend's (Girlfriend!) name being shouted so frantically, widened his green eyes when he realized that his best friend was running towards them with a look of intent murder on his face.

Looking behind Kira, he could make out a silver and blonde heads. He growled in annoyance that they were spying on him and Cagalli. Couldn't they just leave him in peace? Kira that big mouth must have told them about Cagalli and him.

Ugh! Who knew that his friends were such gossip-loving bastards?


Cagalli flinched at volume as she turned red and glared annoyed at Kira. Who didn't seem to care that he was attracting a lot of curious stares.

Of course not, his sister 'groping' his best friend was more much imperative.

"What are you doing here? Were you spying on us?" Cagalli hissed angrily.

"It's not just him Cagalli, Dearka and Yzak is back there," Athrun said dryly as he jerked his head to the direction of the poorly concealed two.

Cagalli turned and turned a brighter shade of red as it dawned on that that they had an audience. She clenched her fists as she glared furiously at her twin, who was red for a whole different reason.

"And it was damn right decision! What were you thinking? Grabbing Athrun's ass?" Kira hissed venomously. At least he had the decency to lower his voice. However, it still horrified Cagalli nonetheless to have Kira blurted out such embarrassing details and right in front of Athrun as well!

Her blush deepened as she dared not look at Athrun's reaction but rather focused her murderous glare at Kira instead.

In that brief moment, Cagalli had a sudden nostalgia for being a single child.

Athrun on the other head turned and look down at Cagalli who was burning holes into Kira with her eyes, he couldn't help a twitch in muscles as he resisted a smirk.

So that was her hands on his ass? He was wondering if it was his imagination. At least he could confirm that Cagalli seemed to develop a liking for asses, especially his. Well that explains why Cagalli seemed so distracted whenever he turned behind to talk to her. She has been blatantly ogling at his ass.

However, his inner musings were interrupted when Cagalli's furious voice retorted back, "He's my boyfriend, if I'm not grabbing his, who am I suppose to grab?"

Kira gawked openly at his sister while Athrun cringed at the many innuendos of her statement.

Cagalli on the other hand, seemed oblivious of her words as she crossed her arms over her chest, wasn't it obvious? Athurn was her boyfriend (for a whole 30 minutes)! And that ass of his belongs to her!

Besides, she been waiting months for that moment and bloody hell, her brother had to budge in and spoil what would have been the highlight of her eighteen-year-old life.

UGH! Brothers have horrible timing!

Kira closed his mouth as he said in the way a parent would lecture an errant child.

"Cagalli, I forbid you to touch Athrun's ass!"

The newly formed couple blinked at him. Was Kira for real? He was banning Cagalli from touching Athrun's ass?

"Are you insane? You're forbidding me from touching my own boyfriend's ass? What is this? Stone Age?"Cagalli sneered. "You're so unbelievable! Are you telling me that Lacus has never touched yours' before?" She challenged.

At this, Kira turned a light shade of pink. And despite in her anger, couldn't help but feel…a tad awkward and…repulsed. Sweet Lacus groping Numbskull Kira's ass?

She shuddered, THAT was one information she could live without. Knowing details about her brother's love life she thought would be as bad as walking in on your parents having sex.

"T-that's not the point! W-we're not talking about me! We're talking about Athrun's ass here!"

Cagalli rolled her eyes in exasperation. "I repeat, Athrun's my boyfriend and if I want to grab his ass, I sure as hell will grab it! So you just have to deal with it!"

Kira and Cagalli were locked in a glare battle and poor Athrun had never felt so…so violated. They were publicly and loudly arguing about touching his ass, which by the way belongs to him and not to the twins.

So he cleared his throat awkwardly as the twins snapped their heads to him as though realizing for the first time that there was someone else.

"D-Don't I have a say in this? It is my ass you know,"

Athrun cringed inwardly, did he really just said that?"YOU!" Kira said in a scandalous voice as though registering him for the first time. "What were you planning on doing with my sister?"

Athrun was taken aback. "Huh?" He asked confused.

"I know what you're thinking of doing! You want to have sex with my sister! Here!"

"Who's having public sex?" a new voice asked, curious.

Three heads turned to see Yzak and Dearka standing next to them.

Kira blinked before shaking an accused finger at Yzak. "You! You were the one who said 'something much more less dry'"

At this, Yzak smiled deviously as his sapphire blue eyes gleamed nastily. Suddenly he didn't mind being drag along to spy on Zala.

"I was implying kissing," he said innocently, though his devilish smirk said otherwise. "What you thought I was saying Kira?"

At this, Kira gawked for the second time in a span of a few minutes at Yzak before turning to the couple who was waiting patiently for his answer.

And Cagalli reminiscing of being a single child resurfaced again.

"I-I…You…her…I…" Kira spluttered uselessly under the piercing gazes.

"ARGH! But you're still not allowed to touch Athrun's butt!" Kira declared.

Cagalli was at her wits end. And Athrun sensing it, grabbed Kira by the arm and dragged him away.

"You know what Kira? I think you're suffering from a very serious case of brother complex…" he started patiently as he dragged a protesting Kira away.

Cagalli glared at them, taking deep breaths to calm herself down. UGH! Of all the missing brothers out there, she had to get the one with a severe case of brother complex.

"Cagalli…" Dearka started.

She turned towards Dearka and Yzak.

"So…you're a chick?" Dearka commented looking appreciatively at her. Cagalli twitched.

Yzak rolled his eyes, it didn't really mattered to him that his teammate turned out to be a girl. He snorted and walked away, not wanting to miss the show between Athrun and Kira.

"Anyway, since you're friends with Mirialla…do you think you can put in a good word for me?" Dearka asked hopefully, his eyes shining.

"I'm not friends with Miralla, I barely know her," Cagalli shook her head.

Dearka waved off her words. "But you're Shiho's friend, so it's only a matter of time that you and Mirialla becomes er…what do you girls call…B…F…F?"

Cagalli snorted, "Even if I do, why should I put in a good word for you? Give me one good reason."

At this Dearka smiled slyly, with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"If you do, I'll give you my photo collection of Athrun showering. The entire collection…"

Cagalli turned bright red from the fact of having Athrun's naked photos and the disturbing confession that Dearka has a whole collection of Athrun's naked photos.

"Including the yet-to-be-seen ones in the hard drive," Dearka added smirkingly.

Cagalli let out a grin.

"I want every single one of them, no keeping any to make copies, because if I find out…you can forget about Mirialla," Cagalli said smiling despite her threat.

Dearka let out a weak laugh as he felt a small shiver going down his spine. How did she know he was planning on keeping a few in case he ran short of cash?

"Ok," Dearka agreed meekly, smiling faintly.

Cagalli smiled as she walked to where Kira seemed to having a small meltdown. "Good, maybe I'll help put in a good word for you."

And Dearka felt the smile slipped off his face. "Maybe? Maybe?"

Cagalli turned back and shrugged. "Or maybe not…"

She smirked as she left Dearka flabbergasted.

Well, she never agreed to it in the first place anyway. And besides, if anyone was going to look at Athrun's naked pictures. It was her and not his annoying fanclub.

Plus, it was also good ammunition for blackmail.

(Few hours later…when they are finally alone.)

They were holding hands again.

"So…" Athrun started. "You like my ass that much huh?"

Cagalli's face reddened slightly as she answered back, "Well, I hate to see such fine man-butt being so underappreciated."

Athrun let out a laugh as he let go of her hand to wrap his arm around her shoulders, bringing her flush to his side.

It felt very good to have her so close to him.

"I'm beginning to think that you love me for my butt," he teased.

Cagalli face turned even redder before putting on a hurt look.

"I'm offended that you think so superficially of me…I love you because whenever you look at me, it feels as though I'm special to you. I love you because I realised that I cannot see myself loving anyone else but you. But above all I love-"

Athrun's emerald eyes turned soft as he looked down at Cagalli's honest eyes.

And before he could stop himself, he was hugging her again, cutting her off mid-sentence.

"I think…I finally realized what those feelings are…" he whispered in her ear, his breath cooling the warm outer shell of her ear.

He pulled back and met her brilliant golden eyes.

They were anticipatory.

He smiled, leaned down and angled his face.

Those plump lips…

But before his lips could touch hers, he felt a squeeze on both his butt cheeks, his eyes widened in surprise to look into playful amber eyes and a wide satisfied grin.

He watched those soft (and enticing) pink lips part to form words.

"Above all I love you because you really have the best ass I have even laid my eyes upon."

Athrun let out an audible and exasperated sigh as he bowed his head in resignation.

Dear God, what has he gotten himself into?

And PS: Cagalli's hands were still molesting his butt.


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