Alright, everyone. This is a New Years fiction. It is so different than what I normally do. So first be warned, this is seriously nothing like what I normally write. It's yaoi. Meaning boy and boy. So leave now if you don't like it. I won't be offended. This is a Kakashi and Iruka story. I'll eventually write them both straight stories.

So for those of you wanting to stay, continue on.


Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO.

It's New Year's Eve and Tsunade is throwing a party for all the people that she likes, (well anyone I wanted to be in there.) There's Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Neji, Lee, Tenten, Kurani (?), Asuma, Anko, Iruka, Guy, Shizune, and Jiraya.

The ball is about to be dropped in Tokyo and everyone is nervous and excited.

The ball is dropped and everyone explodes in cheer.

Naruto turns to Sakura and shouts, "Happy New Years!! Can I have a kiss?"

"No!! I don't want to kiss you."


Meanwhile, in another part of the party…

"C'mon Hinata. Give me a kiss."

"No me."

Hinata looked between her teammates with a confused look on her face, "B-B-But I d-d-don't want-"

"Hey Hinata!!"

The three of them look at Naruto. Naruto leaned in and kissed Hinata fully on the mouth.

Shino and Kiba had looks of extreme outrage on their faces. Their mouths were open and their eyebrows were furrowed. (1)

When Naruto stopped kissing Hinata, Kiba shouted, "You bastard! I was supposed to kiss her. Now at this rate, I'll have to kiss Shino."

"Oh hell no."

"I'm being honest. I won't do it but I'm being honest."

Hinata didn't hear a word they were saying. She was on cloud nine (2) She had a big goofy grin on her face and she was swaying like a little kid.

Kiba stormed off and Shino followed.

Tenten stood around. Neji didn't want to kiss her. She sighed and looked at Kiba who was headed her way.

Kiba smiled and asked, "Is it okay if I kiss you?"

"Sure. Not like anyone else will."

Kiba leaned in and was about to kiss her when his nose hit the back of someone's head.


Neji broke the kiss with Tenten and shot Kiba a grin over his shoulder.

Kiba stormed off.

Shino walked up to Anko, grabbed her face and kissed her.

When they separated, Anko asked, "Forceful, aren't we?"

Shino said, "Shush." And walked away.

Kurani kissed Asuma whose eyes shot open (3). Separation.

"The infamous Ice Queen kissed me?" Kurani pouted and stormed off. "Oh snaps. Kurani, I was kidding!!" Asuma chased after her.

Shikamaru watched his sensei run after Kurani and he shook his head. This confirmed his theory. Women were troublesome. He thought about his girlfriend in Suna. He wondered if she was kissing anyone. He felt a twinge of jealousy. Damn these troublesome women!! Messing with a guy's mind.

Suddenly Shikamaru feels his head being pulled. His mouth meets someone else's mouth. He throws his hands up so anyone could see he wasn't kissing her.

He pushes the other person back and sees that it's Ino.

He says, "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. No. Do you want to die? You do know Temari will kill you if you mess with me?"

"You think I'm scared of Temari?"

"Well, you should be."

Chouji pops up out of nowhere, kisses Ino and shouts to Naruto, "Told you I could do it!!" And he runs from them.

Shikamaru starts laughing. Ino has this confused look on her face and she stares down the way Chouji ran. (?)

Kiba's upset. Yet again, he finds himself all alone, without a kiss on New Years Eve, So is Shizune.

Kiba looks over at Shizune, who's sitting next to him. He asks, "How's your New Year's?"

"Ok. It's not a big improvement than last year though."

"Yeah? How so?"

"Because last year I was alone too."

"Oh what? I'm invisible now?"

Shizune giggled. "No. No. I just mean that just like last year I spent it alone even though I was surrounded by a lot of people. You know?" Kiba nodded. He knew only too well. "And then there's the fact that I'm so boring that no one wants to date me."

"Wow. Got a special life don't you?" Shizune nodded. "How 'bout, just so you can say you did, you kiss me? Everyone wants to."

Shizune rolled her eyes. This boy sure was cocky. But he was cute. "Fine."

Shizune and Kiba kissed.

"Well uh. I have to go."


Kiba left.

Sakura had Sasuke in a corner.

Sasuke looked scared. No one else was around and Sakura looked crazy. Sakura smiled a creepy Orochimaru-seeing-Sasuke-naked smile: So creepy. Sasuke gulped in fear.

She advanced on him and Sasuke tried to shrink into the wall.

She reached him. Now they were breathing the same air. She grabbed his head and kissed him.

At first, Sasuke stiffened and didn't respond.

But the more pressure she applied, the more he kissed back.

When she, notice she, broke the kiss, he followed. She pushed him back into the wall.

She asked, "Who wants who now?" and walked away.

Jiraya stumbled to Tsunade. He slurred "Naw Years."

"Been drinking haven't we?"

Jiraya laughed. "Yes."

Tsunade rolled her eyes and asked, "What do you want?"

"A naw Years Kush." (4) Or something like that. His words were slurring.

He grabbed her face and connected their lips.

Tsunade tried to push him off her but he wouldn't budge. Tsunade gave into his kiss and when they finally separated mouths, Jiraya slung his arm around her shoulder and steered her out of the party. She let him.

Iruka was minding his own business when a very drunk Guy came up to him.

"Hey Guy."

"You can call me Might."

Iruka had a confused look on his face.

"Ooh-key. How 'bout I don't?"

"Why not?"

"It sounds weird to go 'Hey Might, how's it going?' It'd be easier if I called you Guy."

"Say my name again."


"No, the other one."


"Ahh. I like the way you say my name."

"Ooh-key. I need to leave." Iruka tried to leave but Guy stuck his arms out against the wall, trapping him.

Iruka looked at his little prison then up at Guy. His eyebrow rose. "Can I leave now?"



"I haven't gotten my kiss."

Iruka's eyes widened and he tried to push Guy away but he didn't budge.

Guy leaned in, intent on kissing Iruka. Iruka turned his head to the side and Guy kissed his neck.

Guy moved back and grabbed Iruka's face. He held it in place as he leaned in, trying to kiss him again. Iruka squirmed.

"I thought I was going to kiss you, Iruka."

Guy stopped and looked over his shoulder at his eternal rival. Iruka had never been happier to see Kakashi in his whole life.

"My eternal rival."

"Hi Guy. Will you mind letting go of Iruka? I need to kiss him so I can go home."

"How 'bout no? I'm going to kiss him so back off Kakashi. I don't want to hurt you."

Kakashi's eyebrow rose. "Really?"

"I can hurt you."

"Why don't you leave Guy? Save yourself the embarrassment."

"How 'bout I grab your boyfriend's ass?"

"Do it, and die."

Iruka kept looking back between his helpful buddy and drunken friend.

Guy turned back to Iruka and gripped his face. He leaned in and they connected lips.

"Iruka" pushed back and screamed, "Guy-sensei!!!! What are you doing?!?!?!"

Guy pulled back and stared at his student Lee. "L-Lee! I-I-I thought you were Iruka!!"

"Well I'm not!!"

Guy looked around then turned and looked at his smirking rival and friend. "I hate you." And he stormed off.

Iruka continued to laugh, even as he face Kakashi.

"Substitution-jutsu. Nice."

"Thanks." And Iruka blushed.

Kakashi said, "If he bothers you again, let me know. Ok? I'll take care of him."

"Thank you Kakashi." Iruka leaned in and hugged him.

He turned his head to the side, planning to hiss his friend on the cheek. Of course, Kakashi just had to turn his head.

Their lips touched through Kakashi's mask for only a second, yet they both felt the fullness of the others mouth.

They immediately pulled away.

Iruka blushed and wouldn't meet Kakashi's eye. Under his mask, Kakashi was blushing too.

Kakashi, being Kakashi, acted like nothing happened. He said, "Wow. Iruka. I didn't know that I was your type. I thought you liked Genma."

Iruka blushed again, He asked, "Will you ever let that go?"

"No. What's Genma's appeal? Honestly?"

"I don't know. I thought he was cute. Let it go."

"My goodness. Genma? Really? Cute? Are you nuts?"

"Well at least I didn't sleep with Anko."

"Shut up. One time. Let it go."

"When you let it go, I'll let it go."

Kakashi rolled his eyes.

(1)Similar to the expression that Lee and Naruto had in the movie Guardians of the Crescent moon Kingdom. You know, when the king rubbed Sakura's hand. The look before she squeezed his hand hard.

(2)What does that exactly mean? And why nine? Why not 5? Or 8?

(3)I don't think this story really follows the storyline. At this point in my story, they're in the very early stages of dating…Just go with it.

( ?)It didn't sound right to me. Does it to you?

(4)A new Years Kiss. He's drunk. I wasn't really trying. Again, just go with it.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm done. Sorry my back hurts and I'm happy I'm done. For now. Alright. I know someone's going to ask so I'll tell you right know. The reason everyone's kissing someone is because I heard that some people do that on New Years. Me, now I didn't kiss anyone but I did kick my brother. That was fun. So now review, rate, comment, all that jazz. Everyone have a sweet New Years. Be safe and don't do anything too crazy. Gracias. (Thanks.)