Iruka continued to pant as he stared up at the ceiling, the blanket barely covering his hips. Oh, he felt fantastic.

He smiled happily as he snuggled against his lover. Damn, that was good. Kakashi was good when he wasn't laying claim to what he deemed as his, but seriously…Iruka would have to get Kakashi jealous more.

He sighed happily as he settled into his spot, his eyes closing in bliss.

"You do realize you're mine now. Right? I don't share and I don't plan on learning."

Iruka rolled his eyes. How typical. Kakashi didn't share. That meant he'd have to change his whole life round.

"You do realize you're second to Naruto. Right?" He wasn't going to let him win this little argument. If Kakashi wanted to be possessive, he'd have to knock him down a few pegs. Such fun.

Kakashi rolled his eyes. "Shush. I'll surpass him in no time." He shook his head as he got out of bed.

This caused a knee-jerk reaction of Iruka sitting up and opening his eyes, watching the silver haired man. "Where are you going?" Kakashi was by no means done.

Kakashi looked up from his pants and glared at the sexy tanned man. "Will you wait a minute you crazy horn dog? For goodness sakes, I wonder who's more perverted."

"Simple. You are. Everyone can prove you're a pervert. That's all that matters."

Kakashi rolled his eyes as he went back to the bed, ignoring the way Iruka looked him over. Horny man.

He lay next to Iruka and held out a box to Iruka. "Open it."

Iruka raised an eyebrow. Well, that was ice. He shook his head and opened the box, expecting so cheesy ring followed by some long winded speech of Eternal Love and references to the cheesy plot of Icha Icha,

However, the actual gift was much nicer.

He gasped slightly as he saw the delicate looking scarecrow pendant. Wow.

He looked up at Kakashi, grinning. Well, this way much, much better than a gaudy ring. Now, all he needed was the long winded speech.

But his plan was spoiled as always.

"Just take it and shut up. Don't say anything, this doesn't mean anything. Shut up."

Iruka chuckled."You love me. I knew it. You're so totally my bitch."

Kakashi glared at the man next to him. "Shut up! Do you not know what that means?"

"Is it your way of saying 'I love you?' Because you do tell me to shut up a lot." He shrugged. "If that's the case, I must love everyone." He stopped to think of everyone he's ever told to shut up. Hm. Lots of people.

Kakashi rolled his eyes. "Shut up!" He shook his head and refused to look at Iruka. Dick.

Iruka chuckled. "I dare you to try and make me." He felt his eyebrow quirk, waiting for Kakashi to take the challenge.

At least there was that constant.

Kakashi growled as he flipped himself on top of Iruka, immediately kissing him hard on the lips and using his tongue to distract him. Damn his tongue.


Iruka still managed to slap the nice rounded pale flesh that would look amazing adorned with a little dolphin tattoo. To show his shut up too.

Besides, Kakashi wasn't the only one who was possessive.

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