Once upon a time there lived a brother and sister with there whole family at marline town the sister was Julia and brother was Danny ,they were living there for last 10 years and they only was the family who was knowing more about the people and all corners of their colony . Once behind their house a strange family came .they came from Russia, they were named as strange family because they don't come outside the house at day time they only come at 9.00 clocks at night ,one day they found a postman he was bringing a huge card board box near there house . The both sister and brother asked what was in that box he told them that it had a refrigerator inside it but nobody was there. So, he put that box near there compound. Again at the next night they both found them to go outside at night at that night she saw that her neighbor was a vampire and they want to suck her blood as all the people of the colony was getting sick and there face was getting pale yellow and each and every people have a bandage around their neck so Julia decided that she would go to there basement and check it out what was there at the next night she set out to find what was there at the vampire family's basement and when they set out to go they decided to go Julia and Danny's house at once to see Danny opened the door and he got scared and again closed . Meanwhile, her mother came and opened the door and spoke 'honey they are also our neighbour '' in a whispering manner. As Julia entered the basement she saw a refrigerator which was locked, she thought it was easy to break that lock as she can broke all locks of the locker of the school. So she blocked it by her hair pin and opened it but she heard the sound of tapping shoes mean while Danny came from the window and told that the family again coming in their and they came back home without seeing the refrigerator . At the next morning they made a plan to go again at that basement but Danny said that he didn't believe in vampires and they bet that there is not any vampire in that house . they set there after taking their lunch and Julia gave Danny a cross and they both wear it and decided that they will go there and will put the cross in vampire's heart as someone told her just to put one cross near his heart and both sister and brother set out to go there they again opened the refrigerator and they saw the many bottles which were containing blood and they also saw a door which was covered with droplets of blood but again they don't open it as the both man and women was walking at the compound they again go out and saw that they were carrying a medical box and they told that they bring bottles of blood from the hospital and they put it in the basement as they knew that they came at their basement and opened the refrigerator and they both go their and opened the door and there was a coffin and their child was their and was vampire and they were giving blood to him and the innocent Julia and Danny thought that they were not vampire family

The end