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It was an ordinary day at the immortally awesome Cullen family household. Jacob was off playing catch with Nessie, Emmett was watching football and laughing for no apparent reason that had Edward miffed and he could see into Emmett's mind! Rosalie was painting her nails and thinking about Emmett in a way that had Edward gagging. Carlisle was reading, Esme was painting, Alice was bouncing around listening to 'Captain Jack' and the 'Do you like waffles song', Jasper was hunting and Edward was searching for Bella because she was missing.

"Bella? Where are you?" he ran around the house until he came to the music and dance rooms.

He heard the faint sounds of 'Hips don't lie' 'No… can it be?' He thought a small smile playing on his lips. Opening the door slowly he saw a sight to behold. Suppressing a giggle he slunk into the room to get a better look at the belly dancing Bella.

Moving gracefully to the music she preformed a series of turns allowing him to see what she was wearing. Blue pants and shirt all with tiny bits of metal that clinking together made a harmonious song as well a red skirt with metal on it as well to complete it. He pulled out his camera phone and clicked record.

The song finished and then the next song starts and a few minutes later finishes. Turing of the stereo she stopped to catch her breath even though she has no need to breathe. It's a habit. Not good for Edward. Her eyes widen as she notices him and her eyes slowly turn black. "How. Long. Were. You. There." Each word punctuate by a breath. "Umm since the start of the first song? Might I say you look good honey?" Edward stammers nervously. "Don't honey me!" Then she saw the camera. "PRAY NOW!!!!!" She screamed about to pounce. "PRAYING!!!!!!" He screams and runs for it. Each Cullen saw what happened to Emmett when he took her favorite DVD 'Chicago.' She reenacted part of 'he had it coming' and it was not the innocent girl part. Only she chased him with a chainsaw. Took all of them to intercept her. Plus Edward was too scared to hurt her fending her off. He might lose control. Even if she is a vampire.

Downstairs everyone stopped what they were doing at hearing two screams and to see Edward screaming like a little girl pursued by an angry Bella snarling holding a chair above her head. "GET BACK HERE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!" Edward hears behind him. "LEAVE A MESSAGE AT THE BEEP EDWARD IS RUNNING FOR HIS EXISTANCE!!!!!!!" He yells back and notices that Emmett is laughing his ass off. Edward chuckles in spite of the situation. He still had his phone and now Bella was less strong so he could still go faster. He just has to make that 10 minute or so video into a DVD and give it to everyone in the house. Edward begins cackling evilly. Jacob would like that one.

Edward turns abruptly after about 10 minutes and stops Bella dead in her tracks with a passionate kiss. "Meanie" she mutters into his mouth before returning the kiss and dropping the chair she was holding. He smirks. She's so predictable. Suddenly he runs of to show the family the video.

"EDWARD!!!!!!!" He cackles evilly again. This would be good blackmail.


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