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Hey peoples! Well, I've gotten obsessed with the Bartimaeus Trilogy lately, so be prepared for fanfics! Probly quite a few…Anyhow, I'm a BartXNat fan, so if I get a request for a NatXKitty or a BartXKitty, I'm going to bite the head off of a gummy bear. *cough* On with the story!

Disclaimer: If I owned this series, it would be R rated and full of BartXNat goodyness!

It was just a human…But he was different…

It was just a human…But he was special…

It was just a human…

No. Nathaniel wasn't just a human, and I couldn't persuade myself otherwise. He was so much more than that. I felt a pull, to the point of being an addiction; I had to be with him. Sure, he was a magician, and I hated magicians. He was bratty, obnoxious, arrogant, stupid, so many things that I despised.

But then why was it that I couldn't bring myself to let him die? Why was it that I pulled back against the force that was sucking me back into the other place? I had no answer. [1]

Against all common sense and rational thought, I swooped back down to the earth as my essence fought against me, and grabbed the collar of the unconscious boys shirt.

I could only manage a few feet, but that was all that was needed. I put a barrier around us, struggling to make it hold.

I didn't have much time left, I could tell, the force pulling me back was escalating rapidly. I barely watched as the great being Nouda was destroyed, or listened as the Afrits that had been released from the staff cried with joy as they traveled back to the Other Place. I didn't even realize that I could have put the shield down, or that the palace was now a glistening heap on the ground, already a forgotten memory.

I was too busy watching Nathaniel. Watching his face, twisted with pain flicker between exhaustion and pain, starring at the rapid rise and fall of his chest, and surveying the wounds that enclosed him; it was mesmerizing in a twisted, morbid sort of way.

Nathaniel's eyes blinked open, just a crack, and he looked up a me with an endearing[2] look of confusion in his eyes. After a grunt and a groan, he managed to mumble, "B-bartimaeus…?

"Oh-hoo! Natty boy you owe me big time. You best summon me the second you can sit up again, you hear?" I looked him strait in the eye as I said this, though I doubt he could tell, for my form of him had contorted and melted into something that resembled meatloaf.

Nathaniel closed his eyes and faded into unconsciousness again, though I knew he'd be okay now, he'd live. And that was good enough for me.

This wasn't like with Ptolemy, sure, I loved him, I'd felt a need to protect him, but Nathaniel was different. It was an obsession. Sure, it's unhealthy to get attached to humans, they're weak, and they die, but normality be damned; since when have I ever listened to what anyone else said?

Nat would summon me again once he could. After all, he needed me too, didn't he? He kept me around after I knew his birth name. There's got to be something there, right?

Nathaniel trusted me. He trusted me enough to let me into his body, trusted that I wouldn't take over him. There was something there, whatever it was. As I floated into oblivion, back into the Other Place, I, for the first time in over 2,000 years, found myself longing to be summoned again.

1. Which was rare, seeing as I am, after all, an entity of amazing power and aptitude.

2. Did I just say endearing? Eh, being on Earth too long does that to you. Warps your mind, it does.

Kay, as I said in the summary. This was something I wrote at 4:30 at night to kill 20 minutes. I know Bartimaeus is OOCish, sorry about that. Hope you like it anyways.