Rebel Heart


Author's Notes:

Yay! I made this prologue chapter when I was making chapter.five. I can be confused. So here it is, the Prologue of my first fanfic EVER-Rebel Heart. Oh, and this fic's pretty long. And it's supposed to be a *romance* fanfic. You curious about the main pairing? Tee-hee! It's a secret, BTW. So, you can just read away. Okay, okay.a clue: Fuuko. Standard disclaimers apply. FoR belongs to Nobuyuki Anzai, not me.

Recca Hanabishi opened his mailbox. Yanagi Sakoshita did the same. Domon Ishijima's mother gave him a letter. Fuuko Kirisawa got an SMS. Tokiya Mikagami opened his inbox in the net. Kaoru Koganei opened Recca's mailbox too.

"Oh, what is this?" Yanagi murmured. "An invitation for the Flame of Recca cast on Valentine's Day. Place: Big Mansion on city's hill. Date: February 14." she read. "OH!"

Fuuko sighed. "Valentine's Day. Yeah. What's Valentine's day, humph." She deleted the message.

Recca's eyes grew wider. "WOW!! Cool!! I must call hime and ask her!!"

Domon's eyes became hearts. "Fuuko...I'm gonna declare my love for you."

Koganei just scratched his head. "Recca-niichan, may I read it?"

Mikagami sighed, he right-clicked the message, and he chose "Delete".

"Sorry, Recca. I'm not in the mood to talk." Fuuko closed her door.

"Hey!! I just wanna know if you wanna go to the Valentine party or not!!" Recca put his foot between the door and the door frame.

"I don't know. Please, go. My head's spinning like crazy." Fuuko kicked Recca's foot out, and slammed the door shut.

"ARRRRGHHH!!!!" He screamed. "HIME!! I give up!!"

Yanagi sighed. What's wrong with Fuuko? "Fuuko? Fuuko?" She knocked Fuuko's door. "May I come in?"

"No, sorry Yanagi. Not now." Fuuko answered.

"But.Fuuko? Are you sure you're alright?" Yanagi was still worried.

"Yeah, thanks, Yanagi. For worrying about me, but, really, it is not necessary."

Yanagi backed away, her face full of concern for her friend.

Domon pounded at the door, like an angry gorilla refusing to be kept inside a cage. "FUUKOOOO!!!!! PLEASE GET OUTTA THEEEREEEE!!!!!"

"DOMON! Quit it, you'll break the door." Recca grabbed Domon's shirt.

Ganko sighed. Hmm.what is happening to Fuuko-neechan? Does she have a headache? what Neon-san used to say.hormonal causes. Fuuko-neechan is in the age of Ganko shuddered at her own thoughts.

"We have to get her outta there!!" Recca refused to shut up.

"Well.there's one person left." Koganei whispered.



Author's Notes:

That's it! Owari for the prologue. You can guess now, right? Okay, guys, PLEASE send me your comments to . PLEASE!!!! I can't stand NOT having a new message T__T. Toodle-doo!