Rebel Heart

Chapter Seven: Confessions

Author's Notes:

Finally!!! The ending chapter!!!! I personally think that seven chaps are too many. But I can't squeeze anything more. Sorry about that. After all, this is my VERY FIRST Fanfiction which is made with NO consideration *sweatdrop*. I hope I can make a sequel to this.but I don't really like sequels.they're just boring. Honestly.I'm not very sure where am I gonna end this fic. Bear with me, MWAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!! Disclaimers: All characters belong to Nobuyuki Anzai. I do not own anything-except the story. I'm best buds with poverty, so don't ever think of suing me. Please. Oh, and additional info: words with *.* are Fuuko's Heart's thoughts. I want to make her Heart a different personality here, apart from the true her. And words with ~.~ are Fuuko's Mind, another different personality in one. Mind is more dominant than Heart, however. Words with '.' are Fuuko's inner self. The confused one here is Fuuko's inner self. Now, we're all settled, let's move on, shall we? WARNING: LONG CHAPTER. LONG. LOOOONGG!!!! Well ... in my standards, it's long, though.

P.S: I completely understand that Fuuko's very OOC here, and if you wanna know's the explanation. She was drop dead defenseless against love. Really mushy and.yucky. But I can't think of any other reason, so.that's it.


Fuuko sat on her usual seat. The only difference's not Mikagami sitting with her. It was Raiha.

"So." Fuuko said, rather tipsy, "What is it that you wanna tell me??"

Raiha was gazing at the floor. He looked.nervous.

"Raiha? Hey? You okay?? Hellooooo."

The purple haired ninja snapped out of it, "Oh yeah. Sure. I'm just fine."







Fuuko smirked. This "so-so-so" conversation was quite.familiar. She missed the silver haired Ensui master.

"So what the hell is it?"

"Well.Fuuko-san..." Raiha move his gaze to the ceiling. "I just want to tell you."


"I love you."





Raiha tried to look into Fuuko's bewildered eyes. "It's true... I'm not lying. I love you. I didn't have the confidence to confess it."

Fuuko's jaw dropped.

'Impossible.' Her true self said, 'Impossible.'

"I'm sorry if I surprise you, Fuuko-san. But.I can't hold it anymore. Maybe I'm too overacting.but I have a hint of jealousy whenever you're around Mikagami-san." admitted Raiha.

She felt soft tears came rolling down her cheek.

"No, Fuuko-san...don't cry.I'm sorry.I'm sorry.did I say something? Whatever it was, I take it back! Please." Raiha reached out his hand to wipe the tears.


~WHOA!!!! Heart, I need your help!~

*No way. You dumped me, Mind!~

~Gomen!!! Now me!~


~I'll give you a treat.~

*Like what?*

~I'll let you control Fuuko for one week!~

*That's cool. Deal!*


"Fuuko-san, you alright? Please.stop crying.oh.if you don't want me to be here.I'll go. Just.stop crying. please." Raiha begged.

*You're too kind, Raiha.* But Fuuko nodded.

"Gomen nasai. Ja, sayonara, Fuuko-san." Raiha stood up, and left.


Fuuko was sitting alone in the café, sobbing. She fought to stop crying, but she couldn't. She needed someone to stop her. But who? After all, she was alone. Alone. Without her heart.

*Tsk, tsk, tsk.*

"What is it, Heart?" she whispered between her sobbing.


"I know. What should I do?"

*Why don't you search your soul?*

"Do I have a soul?"

*Yes, you do. Try it.*


She tried once again. Closed her eyes, stopped her sobs.

"I can't."




"Why?? Heart, WHY? I wanna know why?!!"

*Why what?*

"Why now?!! Why not yesterday? When I still loved him?!! He's too late."

*You know guys. They're stupid fools.*


"Why now? Why when I already found another person??"

*Mikagami, eh?*

"Mikagami." She burst into sobs. "Why? Love is making fun of me. Keeps toying with me. I'm just a toy for love. Why? Why?? Why? I always have unrequited love. Heart...I wanna know...I wanna know... what actually is love?"

*So many questions you ask.which nobody can answer.*

*You can find the answer yourself.*

"I think I know it."

*You do?*


*What is it?*

"I'll end all of this."

*You mean?*


She left the café, and went inside a drugstore.


*author suddenly appears*

Author: WHEE!!!

Fuuko: What're you doin' here?! You ain't supposed to show up yet!!!

Author: Why should I care?! I wanna tell the readers something.

Fuuko: I can be the one to tell them.

Author: Nah, I'll do it myself.

Fuuko: I'll give you seven minutes, how's that?

Author: Okay.

Fuuko: Okay.

Author: I'm sorry, all you readers out there. The story is getting crappier and crappier. I don't know how to bring out the ideas I have in my maybe it's kinda rushed up. Gomen, ne. And yeah, words in ... are supposed to be italicized, but if you read this in them yourself. Gomen...

Fuuko: That's it?

Author: That's it.

Fuuko: Cool.

Author: Fine.

Fuuko: Great.

Author: Super.

Fuuko: Awesome.

Author: Lovely.

Fuuko: Sweet.well let's just quit this and move on to the story.

Author: Perfect.

*author and Fuuko suddenly disappear*


*Fuuko Kirisawa! Are you out of your mind?!* shrieked Fuuko's heart.

~Yeah, Fuuko!!! Get real!!~ Her mind said.

"Why are you so noisy? This is the right thing to do to end all of this."

*You're a coward.*


*You're running away from the truth, Fuuko.*

"Why, you." But Fuuko knew, her heart would never shut up. So she didn't bother arguing with it anymore.

She took out a small bottle from her jacket's pocket. The wind wielder shook it a few times, and took out two small, green balls from it. She reached out for a glass of water she brought in with her, and dropped the balls in. The water suddenly turned green.

"So.this is the end, eh, Heart?"


"Shut up. Well.this is bye-bye then," Fuuko took a cutter, and drew its blade out.

The purple haired girl took a better look at the premises. A bathroom. White tiles all over. A bathtub. Hot water drained from the tap.

"Huh. Nothing special, eh? Oh well." She lifted the glass, "Cheers."


That really shocked her, "Yanagi?"


*So she got here earlier than you expected.*

"Yeah. She must've read the note I left outside," Fuuko muttered under her breath.

"FUUKO!!! OPEEEEEEN THE DOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!!!!" Yanagi pounded the door.

Fuuko sighed, "Yanagi, I'm alright."


The wind wielder ignored the yelling and pounding. She continued what she had done earlier.


She drank the green liquid. Suddenly, her sight blurred. Her head was woozy. She tried to survive her last seconds. The frustrated girl placed the cutter's blade about one centimeter above her left hand's wrist. She felt a little hesitated, before she pressed the blade deeper in.

Strangely, she didn't feel anything. She couldn't feel any pain, at all. Must've been the green liquid. It freed her from any pain. Too bad. If she got that liquid earlier, she wouldn't have to do this, since she wouldn't get hurt. After all, she did this only because she didn't want to receive pain anymore.


"Goodbye, Yanagi-chan," Fuuko smiled at the door.

She pressed the blade deeper, "This is for Raiha."

Her eyes showed no emotion whatsoever. "" Deeper.


Mikagami's cell phone rang.

"An SMS. From Fuuko." He twitched a brow, "Two messages."

He viewed the first message which was sent earlier.

Hey, Mikagami. Fuuko here. I've been thinking about lots of stuff, and I need to tell you something. Please.I need you here and now. I need your help. My time is only an hour from the second you get this message. Please.

What did it mean, he didn't know. It was sent an hour ago. His cell phone was left re-charged in his room. That means.the time now. Since he didn't understand, he didn't proceed to do anything. But he opened the new message that was just sent.

Oh. I see. You're busy, eh, Mi-chan? Well, I'm sorry for bothering you. After I think about it, this is all stupid. Anyways, since the time limit is over, and you won't be coming anyways.that means it's over. I won't be able to see you again, from now on. Just wanna say thanks for everything you gave me, that's really worthy. Really. I'll always miss you.forever. Do you believe in reincarnations? Unfortunately, I don't. Do you? Well.since I don't believe in them, I suppose all I can say is this: If only reincarnations were real, I wish I could see you in the next life await me. So I could do what I want to do in the previous life. However.I think it'll only be a longing.for eternity. Humph. Must've written too much. I'll miss you.sayonara, Mi-chan.1

*What the hell is this?!* He cursed silently. What happened to the Fuuko Kirisawa he knew???!!! She was so.pessimistic. The other Fuuko always thinks positively.

But, for once, his heart beat faster. Faster. He suddenly felt worry for the girl. Worry?! Now where did that come from?! He felt desperately anxious. His inner feelings were telling him to go to Fuuko's cottage. Why? He didn't know. But, the Ensui wielder decided to listen for once. What? It wouldn't do him any harm, would it?

He grabbed his coat, opened the door, and ran like wild. It was raining outside. He didn't care. His coat's hood was wet. His body was wet. The water blurred his sight. *Damn.* He said to himself. Water was his element!! Why was it going against his will? But he didn't have the time to care. His anxiousness drove him crazy.

The silver haired boy opened the cottage's door. He saw a pounding creature, named Yanagi.

"Mikagami-sempaiiii!!!!!!" She ran into him, bursting to tears.

"Yanagi-san.calm down.what is it?" He tried to calm her down, betraying his own worry.

The healer sobbed loudly, and tried to say something between her tears. "'s Fuuko."

"What's with Fuuko?" Mikagami's voice was full of concern and anxiousness.

Yanagi handed his a piece of rumpled paper. "She.she locked herself inside the bathroom.leaving this note.she.she's."

Mikagami read the note.

To Yanagi, from Fuuko.

Hello Yanagi. I'm sorry, probably you're confused. I'm also confused. Heck, I'm being sentimental!! Now where did THAT come from, huh? Yeah. People get confused, including us. I'm sorry for what I'm doing. I know this is very stupid, but what can I do? I'm so mystified, and my stupid brain can't figure out the answer. Why does love hurt? Love runs away when you're longing for it, and it comes to you when you're trying to get rid of it. Why? So many questions in the world.Hey, I don't want to be a curious weirdo, but I just wanna know why. Why does love hurt? Who does Love think Love is? A devil. I don't want to get hurt again; I don't want to be betrayed anymore. But that is life. Cruel. Always going against you. Giving you pain, and thinks that you do not deserve anything. So what should I do to stop this? End the main troublemaker. End life. I might be a coward, I might be a loser. I know I'm stupid, I know I'm selfish. But humans are always being a coward, being a loser, always stupid, always selfish. I can't find any better answers. I have to stop troubling you. Since I'll be gone, you won't have to worry about me again. You don't have to try to help me out. You don't have to push Mikagami to help me.

No more. Mikagami won't be bothered again. Not a chance.


"She.she.she was desperately hurt.Mikagami-sempai.she.she didn't have anyone to believe. Betrayed too many times, she wanted to run away. She.she.I DON'T KNOW!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND HER!!! I HAVE NEVER UNDERSTOOD FUUKO KIRISAWA!!!!!!" Yanagi bellowed.

"I do. I've experienced betrayal too many times." said Mikagami solemnly, without showing his emotions.

Yanagi's forefinger touched the paper, and rubbed itself against her thumb. "Wet."

"My hands. I ran through the rain."

"No,'s not the rain. It was her was wet from the very beginning."

"Yanagi.I can handle this. You go get Hanabishi and the others." He whispered to the walnut haired girl.

She nodded, grabbed an umbrella, and left.

Fuuko could hear everything outside the bathroom. "Gomen, ne." She shed tears again.

'No, I mustn't cry.' Her own self said. Struggling to stop her streaming tears, Mikagami's words came into her mind.

"Fuuko.don't cry. not cry. Don't shed tears again."

Even remembering his words made her feel touched. She must be really in love with him then.

'Yeah. I'm in love with him.' Fuuko Kirisawa confessed.


Knock, knock.

There was no answer.

Knock, knock.

Still the same.

Knock, knock, BANG!!

"Fuuko? You in there? Open up." Mikagami knocked the door once again. Knock.

"Fuuko. Open."

"I'm giving you three seconds to open."

"One." He started counting.



He poured a bottle of water he always kept with him, drawing out the blade of the Ensui. He whipped the madougu to the bathroom door. In milliseconds time, the door was torn to pieces.

"Fuuko." was all he could mutter.

He quickly brought the girl closer to him. Looking at her wrist, he grabbed the Ensui, and stopped the bleeding by draining off the blood with it.

"I didn't know you can do that." Fuuko said in a whisper.

"Baka. Why did you do this?!"

"No.please.lemme go."

He pressed his forefinger and middle finger softly against her lips, "Hush. Don't speak."

"Too late.I'm gonna go." She took a deep breath, and coughed.


"Sheesh.that letter I left must be very crappy, huh?" She forced to speak.

".I'm not good.with.words." Her eyes showed nothing but pain. Even Mikagami could see that.

"Fuuko.shut up."

She ignored him, "You know something, Mi-chan?"



Her eyes went black.


*What was that sound?*

~Where did it come from?~

*I thought she was dead!*

~Yeah, me too~

'Am I in Heaven?'

'No. Probably in hell, since people who commits suicide would never go to Heaven.'

Fuuko opened her eyes. The first person she saw was.Yanagi. No surprise.

"Fuukooooo..huhuuuhuuu." Make that a crying Yanagi. Still NOT surprised.

"What the hell you think you were doing, you DOLT?!!!" That was surely Recca.

"FUUUUKOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Domon wailed.

"Fuuko-neechan, you alright?!" Koganei's face appeared.

"NEECHAAAAN!!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAAAAAHHHHAAADDDDD." Ganko jumped onto the bed Fuuko was lying on.

"A.ano." Fuuko was NOT ready for this.

"Whadda you wanna ask?" Recca gave her a very angry face.

"I thought."

"You thought you could die that easily?!! WE WOULD NEVER LET YOU, FUUKO!!! Luckily, my hime healed you. YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE ALIVE?! WE WOULD NEVER LET YOU DIE LIKE THAT!!!!! When will you beat me then?" Recca winked.


Yanagi smiled a motherly, loving one. "Fuuko-chan. You know, killing yourself is not a very good thing to do."

"Yeah, Fuuko-neechan!! Ganko collapsed when she thought you were already a corpse!" Koganei nodded.

".And.not to mention Domon trying to wake you up with that stupid kiss.oh, not to worry! We prevented him from doing it, uh huh, sure we did..." Recca added, nodding hastily.

Fuuko didn't pay the least of her attention to their ramblings. She heard the soft, peaceful, sound again. It sounded like a string instrument.must be a guitar. The sound it made was so.beautiful. Such a talented person.

"That sound."

Yanagi's eyes popped. "Oh? That guitar sound? I know.I's beautiful, huh? And a romantic song too." She went all starry-eyed. "Anyways, that's Mikagami-sempai. I was also surprised when I saw him playing. He becomes a different person. So.peaceful." She smiled, full with glee.

"Oh." Fuuko couldn't say anything but that.

"FUUUUUUUKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you do that when you already have me??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Domon wailed.

Even though Fuuko wasn't feeling very good, she still had the strength to punch him severely on the face. After knocking Domon out for the umpteenth time, she listened again to the sound. It was coming from the balcony which was just one room away from her hospital ward.

She lifted her blanket, and there she caught sight of her left wrist. All neatly bandaged. Fuuko didn't mind. When she was trying to get down from the bed.

"No! Fuuko! You are staying RIGHT OVER THERE." Yanagi ordered.

Recca, however, was becoming more intelligent somehow and he understood why Fuuko got up. Heck, he grew up with her! He elbowed his hime so softly, Yanagi couldn't feel it. So he elbowed her soooo little harder.

"Ya, Recca-kun?"

"Hime.let her go."

"But.but.Recca-kun!! Her treatment.." Yanagi was so worried about her friend Fuuko.

Recca winked at his princess, "Himeeeeee.let her gooooo. Y'know what she wants.y'know. she wants to.*cough* see someone..*double wink*"

Now Yanagi got it. "Oh, yeah. Sure. Got that. You can go, Fuuko."

Fuuko just looked at the two with full confused look, "Oh.okay." She got out from the bed and ran to the balcony.


When she was just going to open the sliding glass door, she heard something that really amused her.

Could be your eyes

Could be your smile

Could be the way you freed my mind

Fuuko could just stare in awe. "What.?" Such beautiful voice. "Is it." Mikagami? Wow.

Your precious touch

Caressed my soul

You gave me everything I need

And now I'm lost.lost forever

Wow. She repeated the lyrics slowly in her head.

I'm lost forever

And you said.this is going nowhere, girl

And you said.I turned my back on

You said.I'm not the only one for you

It The song.the things happened inside

Please give it one more try for the sake of our love

Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up

I can't live one more day without you in my arms

I could never find another like you

Could it? No. Mikagami is NOT a romantic person.

The song was TOO beautiful!!!

Could be the lies

Could be my pride

Could be the days and nights so wild

~Stop being so optimistic, Kirisawa!~ Her mind ordered.

*Hey.why not? Being pessimistic is the worst thing ever! And the odds of failing right now is one to a thousand.* Her heart grinned sheepishly. was too good. The song was just.too.too.Mikagami, she supposed.

Could be the times

I wasn't there

And all the nights we didn't share

And now you're lost

Lost forever

But Fuuko didn't care. It was just too beautiful to waste!! Better stop thinking about useless things and pay your full attention while you still can. His voice was.divine. It blended too well with the lyrics and the melody. Guess Yanagi was right.

Lost forever,

And you said this is going nowhere, girl

And you said.I turned my back on

You said.I'm not the only one for you

*AWWWW!!! Kirisawa, isn't it ROMANTIC?!??!?!*

~Pathetic creep!~

*You said I can control her for a full week!*

~But you failed, remember?~



*Yes sir, right away sir!*

She explored the song deeper.deeper.

Please give it one more try for the sake of our love

Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up

I can't live one more day without you in my arms

I could never find another like you

Such a sweet song.

Fuuko had never known that Mikagami was such a person. Such.a.possessive person. Well, he had sister complex. That showed his possessiveness. But.but.something assured her that it wasn't that. Not possessive. It was more

I can't sleep, I can't live without you

By my side

So lost without you

As my guide

You made me realize

I'm nothing.nothing without you he's terrible. He was just like a child. A child without his mother. Or better yet, his sister. His guide. couldn't be his sister he's talking about, right?

Please give it one more try for the sake of our love

Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up

I can't live one more day without you in my arms

I could never find another like you

He stopped. AWW!!! But it was just getting good!! However.Fuuko still felt lucky she could hear him sing.even for just once.

She slid the door open, "I didn't know you can sing, Mi-chan."

"Hn." Mikagami put the brown guitar down, staring blankly into the sky.

A silence came to their way. Eventually, it was Fuuko who broke it, "The sky is so pretty, eh, Mi-chan?"

The silver haired boy stood up from his seat, and rested his arms on the balcony's railings. "I guess so."

"It's raining stars."

Silence, again.

"Your chocolate was good." It was Mikagami's turn to prevent their ears from being deaf.

Fuuko's eyes were as bright as the shining stars.

"Really? Hontou??!?!?! You mean it?!?!??!?!"


Fuuko couldn't keep the happiness inside her. She threw her arms in the air, leaping for the mystified water wielder.


Shortly.she was hugging him into a tight embrace that didn't let him breathe.


Her eyes popped open.



'ACK! What the HELL.?!??! This is STILL Mikagami!!!'

"Gomen nasai, Mi-chan!!!!" She backed away abruptly, face all red.

Mikagami settled back to his previous position, "It's okay."

"Well.well.I.I.I was just so was one has ever given me such compliment.not even that Domon.I was just.I was.I."

"I got the idea."

Fuuko smiled happily. She leaned forward, her arms crossed on the railings with her head resting on them.

" know why I picked the white chocolate?"


"I'll tell you then. I.I just thought that you had too many bitter memories already.and I want to replace it with the sweet I picked the white chocolate. And.did I succeed?" She eyed him hopefully.

He gazed at the sparkling sky. "Yeah."

Fuuko got another blush.




"Hey.Fuuko.I want to ask you something."


"Er.about.that thing you said.before you blacked out."

Fuuko froze. Oh no.he must've meant that.that.aishiteru thing. She said it readily because she wouldn't be able to see Mikagami's reactions-she would collapse. HAD to say it righteously and sure.

"Yes, that's true. Aishiteru. Aishiteru. Aishiteru. Aishite.oh, must I repeat it again?"

Mikagami was.shocked. His jaw almost falls from its hinges but he kept his cool. There was only a surprised look twinkled in his eyes. And Fuuko liked that.

"" That was all Mikagami could mutter.

Fuuko shrugged, "I don't know. I is something that one can never predict. It's so stupid. I mean.I mean."



"Why.? Why did you say that?"

"Coz I love you, right?" (author: uh, oh. boy.this is getting far too stupid. please bear with me)

"No.I can you love me? I.I am cold.sarcastic and stuff." Mikagami showed a little hesitation.

Fuuko sighed.

"Mi-chan.didn't I tell you? I know you, Mikagami. I know that you're mean on the surface and nice in the inside. And I feel you need help."

"So you pity me." Mikagami cut Fuuko's sentence, his tone full of sarcasm and coldness.

Fuuko waved her hands hastily, trying to make Mikagami understand.

"No! No!!! I'm not!! I'm not!! Mi-chan, I swear, I don't pity you!! Okay, I do, but that's not the.the reason why I." Fuuko scratched her head, trying to find something to say.


In seconds, Mikagami disappeared out of Fuuko's sight.

'Oh no.oh!!!!!`

"Mi-cha.Mikagami, WAIT!!!" Fuuko quickly ran after the water wielder.

But all she could see was a dark corridor with dim lights, an empty corridor.


Fuuko entered the girls' room, sighing.

"Fuuko, you're back. So?" Yanagi greeted the wind master.

"So what?" Fuuko was really in a bad mood. She dumped her jacket on the couch and dropped herself on her welcoming bed.

Yanagi smiled, and walked to sit beside her, "So? Did you talk to Mikagami- sempai?"

"I tried.but.but.he.wouldn't listen to me."

"Now, Fuuko.are you sure? Mikagami-sempai is not a stubborn person who would never listen." said the healer.

"He is."

"Pardon me? I couldn't."

"HE IS!! HE IS STUBBORN AND STUPID AND HARD-HEARTED AND.and.I.I love him." Fuuko threw her arms around Yanagi, hugging her, and tried to push back the tears.

"I'm.I'm sorry.Yanagi.I just.I.don't understand him."

Yanagi's hands rubbed Fuuko's back, soothing her down. "You can't understand everything, Fuuko. Some things are just really odd, and you can't understand them. Now, would you calm down and tell me everything, Fuuko?" She smiled.

Fuuko nodded, and explained.


Meanwhile, Mikagami was lying on his bed. His hair was free from its usual ponytail, all messed up and covering his face. His expression was quite.unreadable.

Knock, knock.

Oh no, it's not her it? He really didn't need anyone to bother him right now.

Knock, knock.

He ignored it. All he needed was sleep (author: geez! I'm turning mi-chan into a soft-hearted weirdo).

"Hey, Mikagami! You in there?!" It was Recca.

Thank god it wasn't her.

"Come in."

The door was swung open, and there he saw the boys. Recca, Koganei, weirdly-Domon, even Joker was there. And not to mention.Raiha.

Mikagami got up from his position, using his fingers to pull his silver mane behind. "What do you want?"

Domon entered his room, with a really perfect gorilla face. Crying, he grabbed Mikagami's shirt collar and yelled at the puzzled Ensui wielder.


As usual, Mikagami's face didn't change one bit. He answered solemnly, "Let go, or you're gonna face my Tsurara Hebi."

For once, Domon wasn't afraid of the angry swordsman. "I DON'T CARE!!!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE HELL YOU GONNA DO TO ME!!! BUT I'LL CRUSH YOU FOR SURE!! OH YEEEEAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!" His Dosei no Wa shone, and the big guy threw Mikagami to the ground.

"Che." remarked Mikagami, not letting go of his pride.


He grabbed him again, and hit him hard on his left cheek. And again on his right. Hit him roughly on his stomach. Shortly, completely beating him up.

"DOMON! Stop it." Recca to the rescue!


"I said stop it, or I might call upon Setsuna to burn you down." The flamecaster ordered firmly.

"Che. Let him do what he wants." Mikagami reached inside his pocket for the Ensui. He drew its blade out with the water from the usual bottle.

"I said STOP!! I need to talk to you, Mikagami." Weirdly, Recca looked more serious than usual. "Let's go outside."

"What did you say to Fuuko?" asked Recca harshly.


"You upset her. What did you say?"

"Nothing so bizarre. Just some normal truth."

"Like what?"

"Like something you should not know." stated Mikagami sternly.

Recca was getting really pissed off. "You're gonna tell me. Or else I'm gonna kill you with all my dragons."

"Kill me then."

The enjutshi was dumbfounded. "UGH!! Fine!!! NADARE!!!!!"

His right hand was covered with fire, and soon fireballs were shooting toward the calm-as-ever Mikagami. They almost hit him when.

"Stop it, Recca." Fuuko.

"You're all acting like little kids. Anyways, stop fighting. Oh, and, Mikagami." She said, "Be in the ballroom tonight, at eight. Please."

She left, leaving a confused Recca and a sighing Mikagami.


Fuuko was sitting in the ballroom's corner, her mind wandering somewhere.

'Is Mikagami coming?'

*Of course he is! Don't worry!*

~Perhaps not.~


Her mind was blank. She needed to explain to Mikagami about everything. Mikagami wasn't an understanding person. He was more like a cold- hearted, solemn, carefree guy.

She was still gazing into nothingness when she saw the entrance door was opened. Mikagami.


Author's Notes:

Wai! Sorry I slipped in.but just to tell you something. I love inserting songs in my fics. Please understand that. And a spoiler to this fic, I'm inserting "Need To Be Next To You" by Leigh Nash. I think it's a soundtrack from some movie, I forgot. And I am SO sorry, I think I'll be making a lot of mistakes on the lyrics. I tried to find the lyrics, but I couldn't. it is, my version of Need To Be Next To You.Oh, and the song above, One More Try by a1. It belongs to the right writers and everything. It's not mine. And the song in the previous chapter, it's Heart by Britney Spears. Again, not mine *sigh*. I really wanna end this, but I can't find the perfect ending. Any suggestions? No? Okaaay. *sobs* ! Lemme do everything myself!


"Where is she?" Recca asked, scratching his head.

"Who?" replied Koganei, with a plain curious look on his cat-like face.

"Fuuko. She told Mikagami to come, but she's not here!! Is she playing a prank on us?" Recca frowned.

Yanagi was about to say something when she saw Fuuko. "Hey, you guys! There she is!! Up there!!"

They saw Fuuko on the stage, discussing something with the band.

Domon had had enough. "What the hell is she doing there?!"

"We'll see." said Kagerou, with Ganko in her arms.


The host tapped the microphone slightly. "Okay, good evening, ladies and gentlemen!"

Nuriko pouted on how annoying the host was.

"Tonight, one of our friends is going to show us something!!"

"He is really annoying, eh, Aoshi-sama?" Misao Makimachi looked at her foster father.


"And our friend is.Miss Fuuko Kirisawa from the Flame of Recca cast!!! Give your applause, everyone!!"

"Oooh, boy, I'm sure that host won't last long." said Nuriko matter-of- factly while clapping her hands.


Fuuko stood on the stage, her eyes closed.

"So this is my last chance." She whispered to herself.

The purple haired girl opened her eyes, slowly. She smiled weakly to the clapping audience. After tapping the microphone to make sure it was on, she turned her head and nodded to the band as a gesture to start the intro.

"People, I'm gonna sing a song called Need To Be Next To You. I dedicate the whole song to my friend, Mikagami. Yeah, I know my voice's gonna be like crap.but please.enjoy while you can.even though I might get the lyrics mixed up.I just heard this a couple of times on the radio." said Fuuko to the audience. "Once again.Mikagami.please.listen to me."

She started singing a song that completely represented her feelings.

Been running from this feelings for so long

Telling my heart I didn't need you

Pretending I was better off alone

But I know that it's just a lie.

*Days of denying.*

*Hours of betraying your own heart.*

*But now.I surrender.*

So afraid the day the chance to get

So afraid of what I feel inside

*I was scared of admitting.*

*Scared of confessing.*

*Scared of my own feelings.*

But I need to be next to you

Ooh I.ooh I.

I need to share every breath of you

Oh I.ooh I.

*But I need to be next to you.*

*I need you.*

I need to know I can see you smile each morning

Look into your eyes each night

For the rest of my life

Here with you near with you, oh I.

*I need to know I will be able to see you smile.*

*I want to feel your soft touch again.*

*I'm craving for you.*


I need to be next to you

Need to to you




Right here with you is right where I belong

I lose my mind if I can't see you

Without you there is nothing in this life

That would make life worth living for

*Somehow, someway, you stole my heart.*

*And I have to have you.*


*I'd rather die without you...*

I get bad dreams of you not there

I can't find what I feel anymore


*Nightmares haunt me.*

*I lose my feelings if I'm not with you.*

I need to be next to you

Ooh I.oh I.

I need to share every breath of you

Oh I.oh I.

*Please listen, Mikagami.*

*And understand.*

I need to know I can see you smile each morning

Look into your eyes each night

For the rest of my life

Here with you near with you

*I wanna be with you.*


*And ever.*

I need to be next to you

I need to love you right next to mine

For all time

For you for all my life

I need to be next to you

*I need you beside me.*

*Cherishing me.*

*Cuddling me.*

*With me.*

I need to be next to you

Oh I.oh I

Need to be, need to be next to you

Share every breath of you


*Stay with me.*

*We'll be together.*


I need to feel you in my arms, babe

In my arms babe

I need to be next to you.

*I want to feel you.*

*Share every breath of you.*

*I need you.*

Fuuko ended her song. The audience gave her a bunch of applause. Recca whistling supportively, while Yanagi waved her slender arms. Domon wiped a tear that slipped his eye.

"Arigatou gozaimasu, everyone."


"Whoa, Mikagami-han! Wasn't that something, huh, huh?!" asked Joker cheerfully at the frowning creature beside him.


"Hey, I thought it was pretty nice! Whadda ya think, eh, Raiha?" Neon elbowed the purple haired ninja.

"It's really good. Wow, Mikagami-san, you are SO lucky." said Raiha. He had understood Fuuko's feelings and finally got over her, in just a few hours. Now, he's also trying to get Fuuko and Mikagami together.

How come Mikagami's with the Uruha, you ask?'s like this. Mikagami just entered the ballroom, when a rasta-braided freak with a Kansai accent grabbed his arm. Then, he was seated right across the stage by the Fukyo Waon wielder. Just when he tried to get away, some ninja threatened him with the Raijin and a katana. He could've defeated him with his own Ensui, but the man with shades stole his most treasured possession by snatching it, slyly. Now, he's stuck.

"Anyways, Mikagami, now do you understand Fuuko's feelings toward you?" asked Neon.


"Well?!?!?!" Joker recited Neon's question.

"...I suppose," answered Mikagami eventually.

Raiha smiled. "There you go!!! Now, what're you planning to do?"

"I don't know."

Joker had a shining, bright, light bulb above his head. Grinning his fang- grin, he said, "Mikagami-han, since Fuuko-han gave you a song...why don'cha give her a song too?"

"I don't think I can sing."

"LIAR!" snarled Neon hastily. "I heard you sang on the balcony just now! With a guitar and everything!! Liar! Liar!!!" She pointed to Mikagami with her Fukyo Waon accusingly.

Raiha had to hold back Neon's shoulder, "There, there...Neon-san...don't let your temper gets you."

The light bulb above Joker's head shone brighter. "I know!! Probably Mikagami-han's shy..."

"I am not."

"...Or maybe he doesn't want to. But! We can sing in his place!! Raiha- han and I will sing while Neon-han play the flute!!! That is SO perfect!!! Joker's a genius!!!"

"Come to think of it, that's a pretty good idea," said Neon, nodding up and down.

Raiha smiled again. "Yes, Joker-san. I agree with you."

"Ugh." retorted Mikagami.

"The ONLY problem is..." Joker grinned. "We don't know what song we're gonna sing."

"Only that."

"Uh huh."

"AND!!!!!" Joker continued, "We don't know how to sing."


"Well, since I'm playing the flute, no problem with me..." Neon shrugged her shoulders.

Mikagami snorted. "Oh boy. That means it's OFF."

"Oh c'mon, Mikagami-han!!! It'll be FUN!!! We'll sing tomorrow, and tonight you can teach us!! Ne, ne?! Whadda ya think?!!? I have the PERFECT voice!! See, see...OOooooOOOOOOOooooohhhhhhHHHHOO!!"

"You sound like an owl," remarked Neon matter-of-factly.

"Yes, Mikagami-san!! Please teach us how to sing!!! Joker-san can sing the soprano one and I'll be the alto! PUHLEEEZZZZZ!!!!" begged Raiha.


"Oh just teach them, Mikagami. They won't do any harm to you." winked Neon while tugging Mikagami's silver blue, NEAT hair.

"Let go of my hair first." Mikagami warned Neon sternly.


"Hey! Be careful with that tone." said Mikagami to Raiha.

"Gotcha." Raiha sipped his water, and then continued what he was doing. "Right! Now... please give me one more try for the sake of our loveeeeeee."

"Oh, Raiha-han...that is SO beautiful...I can't resist your charms!!!" Joker winked playfully.

"Thank you! You can sing too!! C'mon, Joker-san!!" replied Raiha happily.

"Okay! Okay!! Listen to me!!! I can never find yoOOOOOUUUuuuuu!!!! How was that?!"


Mikagami sighed. *Looks like it's going to be a long night...*


Author's Notes:

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Rebel Heart

Chapter Seven

Part Two: Forever, Aishiteru


"Fuuko, you ready with the bags?" asked Yanagi from outside.

The purple haired girl grabbed Yanagi's small pouch and two big travel bags. "Yup! Ready when you are!"

"Great. Now we can put this in the van first, so after breakfast we can go!" said Recca, helping Fuuko out with the bags.

Yanagi shook her head. "No, no. We haven't seen Mikagami-sempai!"

"Probably he's in his room, packing." remarked Koganei, twisting his Kougan Anki in many ways.

Again, she shook her head. "I checked his room. He wasn't there, but when I saw through the windows, the bags were all ready. He's off somewhere..."

"Oh. Perhaps he's already having breakfast? Such an early bird as he usually is." replied Recca.



"Do we really have to do this again???" complained Mikagami to the grinning Joker.

"Yeah!! Okay, okay, now, now, pay attention to me." Joker turned on the microphone. After tapping it a few times to make sure it was on, he started singing...

"Puhleeezzz giveee mee OOOONEEEEE mOORee TRY for the saaakeee of OOOUUurrr looOOOveeEEE"

"That's enough." stopped Mikagami quickly.

Joker smirked, "Hey! I wasn't finished!!"

"Ano...Joker-san, have you seen Neon-san?" asked Raiha.

The braided guy with shades snorted. "Yea. Neon-han's off serving Kurei- han's breakfast. Sheesh!! Neon-han's a real idiot!! Doesn't she know Kurei-han will NEVER fall for her? I mean, Kurei-han has pledged a vow to never betray Kurenai-han! And from what I've known, Kurei-han always keeps his word... Neon-han, I feel sorry for you..." remarked Joker matter-of- factly.

A question mark appeared above Raiha's head. "Why?"

"She's blind, I tell you!! Doesn't she understand that she at least has some opportunity to attract me??"

"I am not an idiot." Suddenly, Neon appeared behind Joker and smacked her flute on his head.



Joker jumped up and down happily while pulling and playing with Mikagami's ponytail, screaming, "Lookie! Lookie! Fuuko-han's here!! Get ready, people!! WHEEE!!!!! My big appearance will surprise EVERYONE!!!! Hee-hee- hee!!!"

"Baka! Turn off the lights!! Close all the curtains!!!" ordered Neon.

"Hai, Neon-sama!" joked Raiha, still doing what she ordered.

When the ballroom is already dark as a dungeon, Fuuko was already sitting in a booth, chattering happily with Yanagi. She was pretty surprised when she saw spotlights shining to the stage.

"Wow. Hey Neon-han, you'll have to introduce us like this: 'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to THE Moulin Rouge!' Like that!! Then I'll have a feather sticking to my forehead, singing 'voulez vou coucher avec moi!'" grinned Joker.

Neon smacked his head again. "In your dreams, Joker. In your nightmares might be better."

"Well, at least we need SOMEONE to introduce us! Mikagami-han?"


"Geez...!! That's Kenshin-han!!!" Joker pointed to the sweatdropping carrot head near the stage.

"Kenshin-haaaan!!!" called Joker.

"Oro? Joker-dono?"

"Hai, hai!! Joker-dono desu! Come here, Kenshin-han!! Without making a noise. You have the speed of lightning, you can do it!!!!" Joker gestured a finger.

The confused Kenshin Himura walked towards Joker. Joker whispered something to his ear. Kenshin was still unsure about things when Joker pushed him to the microphone.


"Quit oro-ing and do your job." snarled Joker behind him.

"Hai, hai...Joker-dono..."

Everyone was staring at the nervous Kenshin. Seemed like he got some stage fright.

"Ehehehehee... Ohaiyo, minna... Err...let me introduce you to, Joker-dono, what is this?" He whispered, pointing at a small paper Joker gave him. Joker cursed and whispered something to him.

"Oh! Minna, Joker-dono and Raiha-dono are going to sing a song while Neon- dono is going to play the flute!! The song is called One More Try and Joker-dono said that this song represents Mikagami-dono's feelings toward Fuuko-dono! Ladies and gentlemen, Joker-dono, Raiha-dono, and Neon- dono!!!" introduced the scar-faced man.

Joker was cursing to Kenshin, really annoyed. "Would you PLEASE drop the DONO??!!!"


Fuuko was quite amazed at the duo. Even though their voices were FAR from good. But, between those horrible sounds in the ballroom, Fuuko could hear a small, beautiful voice from the garden.


The purple-haired quickly made her way through the crowd, running to the garden.


"Mikagami!!" called Fuuko.

Mikagami sat on a big swing for two, singing slowly to himself and playing the guitar. He was quite surprised for he didn't expect Fuuko to be there.

"Fuu. Sit here." He said.

Fuuko took a seat beside him. Joking, she asked, "Hey, Mi-chan. You actually taught those two freaks how to sing?"

"Hn. They pushed me to."


It was Mikagami who broke it.

"Hey, Fuuko?"



"Never mind."



"I...realized...I've been holding a different feeling for you too these days."

Fuuko was too stunned to reply. She stared at the blushing Mikagami beside her.

"I suppose...that's what you call love..." said Mikagami. "And I it."

A tear slipped Fuuko's eye. A tear of happiness.

*Thank you!! Finally... I was getting tired of this.* said Fuuko's heart.


Fuuko was leaning her head against Mikagami's broad shoulder, enjoying herself. This was the happiest day of her life!

"Hey, Fuu?" said Mikagami, breaking the silence again.


"How was their song?"

Fuuko smirked. "Horrible. Hey, Mi-chan?"


"Please sing it to me once again, and this time, explain the lyrics..."

Mikagami smirked. "Do I have to?"


"Whatever you say..."

Could be your eyes

Could be your smile

Could be the way you freed my mind

"I don't know what you did to me." said Mikagami, stopping the song for a while.

"Magic, Mi-chan. Love is magic."

Your precious touch

Caressed my soul

You gave me everything I need

And now I'm lost.lost forever

"Your touch melted the ice barrier I've been setting up for seven years."

I'm lost forever

And you said.this is going nowhere, girl

And you said.I turned my back on

You said.I'm not the only one for you

"And I was pretty pissed off when you did that stupid attempt to end your life." snorted Mikagami.

"Pretty pissed?" Fuuko smirked.

"Okay, really pissed."

Please give it one more try for the sake of our love

Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up

I can't live one more day without you in my arms

I could never find another like you

"We can always give it one more try. And we can't waste that single try. No."

"Yeah." commented Fuuko.

Could be the lies

Could be my pride

Could be the days and nights so wild

"Maybe you did that stupid thing because of my lies. Maybe because of my pride." said Mikagami.

"That's true." answered Fuuko.

Could be the times

I wasn't there

And all the nights we didn't share

And now you're lost

Lost forever

"Or maybe the times when I left you alone. All the times we didn't spend together. You know what? You're nothing without me." taunted Mikagami.

"Okay.I have to admit that's true too." grumbled Fuuko.

Lost forever,

And you said this is going nowhere, girl

And you said.I turned my back on

You said.I'm not the only one for you

"You tried to deny your own feelings."

"Hey, Mi-chan?"


"You can be a really great fortune teller."

Please give it one more try for the sake of our love

Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up

I can't live one more day without you in my arms

I could never find another like you

"You thought you can run away like that. But we need to try, not to run."

"That is sooo right."

I can't sleep, I can't live without you

By my side

So lost without you

As my guide

You made me realize

I'm nothing.nothing without you

"I get bad dreams of losing you... And you made me realize, you're a part of me."

"Forever..." whispered Fuuko.

Please give it one more try for the sake of our love

Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up

I can't live one more day without you in my arms

I could never find another like you

"That was very beautiful, Mi-chan!!"

"I know. Fuu?"


"I love you."

"Love you too."

They looked softly into each other's eyes. When their faces were inches apart, Mikagami closed the gap, capturing Fuuko's lips in a soft, but passionate kiss.

"Forever...aishiteru..." whispered Fuuko softly.



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