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Summary: Takanuva's journey to rescue a friend becomes so much more than a mere rescue when he finds that his quest leads him to a chain of islands known as the Nuian Archipelago, where monsters are said to rule and night is near eternal.

Chasing the Sun
By: Saya Moonshadow

Title: Entry No. 702

Author: NA

Date: NA

Time: NA

Location: NA

I remember that day well. She was a lovely girl, but I did not like her at first. She was too loud, too bright, too...happy for me to even consider liking.


"Oh, do stop whining. If this is how you scream for the first part of it, I can only imagine what you'll do towards the end."

At that point, I was not happy. I was...content with my life, I suppose. I did my work, and when it was done, I began another project. And I would have continued like this for the rest of my days had it not been for her. She would not leave me alone after that first time that she burst into my work area to deliver a message to me from my client. And every day after that, she came by just to bother me. Or so I told myself.

"I'm really amazed you're even still alive, I must say. Look at you. Missing half a leg and torn up all over the rest of your body, and you STILL thought you had the strength to face me? I don't know whether you're brave or just incredibly stupid."

I should have guessed that I would find myself falling for that happiness. Her smile was contagious, her laugh even more so. I found myself missing her when she left for the night, and I could tell by her smile when she came back in the mornings that she felt the same way.

I will never know that happiness again. Nor can I forget it, not when I spent so long loving it and wanting more of it. And so my plan entered the formulation stages.

"Yeah, so, when that thing finishes doing its stuff, you might notice a couple changes going on in your body. Not that you'd ever be the same anyway, what with all those wounds, but this'll REALLY mess you up. Just a warning."


"What, still fighting it? There's no point. Once that thing gets a hold of ya, it doesn't let go till it's drained everything it can take., looks like it's really starting to work now. You better brace yourself."


If she cannot be around to be the light and happiness that I once thought this world deserved, then no one must be.

"Well, there goes your coloring. Not that anyone could really tell what color you're supposed to be from all the blood on ya, but it's definitely going darker now...a nice, dark gray."

"Hgk! St...stop it...!"

"Stop what? The experiment? Or the commentary? Sorry, but no can do on both levels. I have to see how these things work. Looks like they're almost perfect, though, I must say. Only a little more tweaking, and they'll be ready to unveil. The process is really coming along nicely. Look, the gray's spread all the way up to your torso now. It'll hit your face soon. Hm, I wonder if it'll do anything to your eyes?"


"You don't think so? Well, only one way to find out, huh?"

The means to completing the sixth stage are eluding me. Twice now it has failed. Why is this? How could both subjects have failed the test so horribly? Just how hard is it to find a pure heart?

"So, what in Karzahni's name happened to you, anyway? You look like you got into a fight with a chainsaw and lost."

"Shut- shut up! AUGH!"

"Eh, well, no matter. Those wounds will do you in pretty soon. Saves me the trouble of killing you myself once this is done, too."

I admit I must laugh at that question. The only true pure heart in this world was hers, and now she is gone. Were I to use her for this experiment, I am sure it would work perfectly. Even though I could never bring myself to harm her in any way.

For now, I will put the search for the last vessel on hold and tend to other matters at hand.

"Karzahni...are you really still alive? How is that even possible? You guys are a real nuisance, you know that? You're like roaches; no matter what I do to you, you either send in reinforcements or miraculously survive. Alright, hold still. Gotta get this thing off of you now that it's finished."


No matter how badly these old wounds hurt, I will never give in.


As soon as he stepped out of his chamber, a voice assailed him. "Master!"

It was coming from a tiny bug on the wall, and as he watched, it quickly changed into a perfect replica of himself, albeit a grinning one with glowing orange eyes. "Got the word from our girl just now - she's on Yazoo and continuin' with her part of the plan." the copy of him said in a high, clear voice.

The cloaked one nodded thoughtfully. "I see...and has she run into any problems?"

"None that she reported, Master."

"Good...and what of the golden Toa that was spotted?"

The nameless Krahka shrugged. "Dunno. Wish I could say he's at the bottom of some Tunneler's stomach, but the little bastard got away from 'em. Wonder how he swung that, you know?"

"That does not matter." His master's voice was sharp, making him gulp. The ever-present grin vanished, replaced with a nervous grimace. "I admit that I am rather disappointed in your recent performance, but it will not hinder our goals too greatly."

"And I'm grateful for that, Master." the Krahka said humbly. More footsteps came thumping down the hall, and his grin returned at full wattage. "Ooh, here he comes! If you'll just wait here a moment, Master, I'll go and..."

Without finishing, he began to stride regally towards the oncoming footsteps and arranged his expression into absolute seriousness, mimicking the one he called "Master" almost perfectly. That Krahka had been a lucky find indeed, the cloaked being knew. Despite the less-than-serious attitude, he had found a good, clever worker in him.

A second later, he heard his own voice echoing down the hall and the two sets of footsteps stopped. "Raidex," the Krahka said in his voice. "I am most displeased with you. The sacrifice you brought me failed abysmally. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"But, sir, it wuddent me that screwed it up so bad!" This new voice was thickly accented and spoke crudely. "That li'l girl o' ours wuz the one that pointed 'im out n' said we hadda take 'im back wid us, 'onest to the Spirits she was! I told 'er we should look fer another one, but she-"

The Krahka's hearty laughter drowned out the babbled excuses, and there was a loud crunch as a fist met the stone wall, having just missed its target by a hair. Within seconds the Krahka was dashing back down the hall towards his master, with a large, almost lumbering being chasing after him.

This larger being stopped once he saw his tormentor hiding behind their master and bowed respectfully, still scowling at the grinning Rahi. "Awh, yer a rude one, ya nameless bastard. 'Ave some more respec' fer Master, why doncha? Ya can't just go 'round wearin' his face like that!"

"It is fine, Raidex," their master said calmly, and the hulking male stiffened up.

"But Master, 'e-"

"I said it is fine, though I would hope that our nameless friend has better things to do with his time than play tricks upon his teammates." Though his voice was almost nonchalant, both of his underlings gulped a bit and the Krahka stepped away from him, assuming the form of a white and gold Toa. The very one that had been spotted a few days prior, in fact.

"I've been workin', Master!" he protested a little fearfully. "I was just about to tell you that I'm gonna go off to check on things on Entiry when this moron showed up and distracted me!" He jerked his thumb at Raidex, who scowled at him viciously.

"Oh no you ain't, ya animal, Entiry's my assignment! What, jus' cuz ya screwed up on Iban, yew think ya gotta take over ever'one else's?"

They both looked at their master, who merely looked bored. "Entiry is part of Raidex's assignment, as he said, Krahka. Iban was yours, and I would advise you not to mess up as badly on Zelo."

"You make yourself crystal clear, Master," the Krahka said, though no such question had been asked. It didn't need to be. When the master said he expected something to be done, you got it done, no questions asked. To do otherwise would be to invite pain.

"Good." The temperature dropped suddenly, and the Krahka swore he almost saw snow begin to fall. "I expect both of you back by mid-morning with a full report on Entiry and Zelo both."

"Yes, sir," they chorused, and Raidex practically ran back down the hall as the Krahka transformed into a small bird and flew towards the nearest window.

Their master smiled slightly. No, no real setbacks had occurred, though it was good to keep the minions on their toes. He didn't know how that white and gold Toa had managed to defeat the Tunneler Queen, but in the long run it didn't matter. The Tunneler Queen had been very ill when she faced him, as well as having a veritable weakness to his power. The Ice Bat King suffered from no such ailments. It was a given that when this interloper faced that beast, he would die.

Though it seemed a pity at times...Ice Bats were really such magnificent creatures. He had always rather liked them.

After a second more of thinking, he began to walk towards his original destination: the library. Yet another day would be spent reading the ancient tomes contained within its shelves and attempting to divine their meaning. It was from there that he had learned so many things that suited his current state, including that forbidden art he had been practicing as of late.

He frowned, thumbing through the book that told of those old rituals for what felt like the millionth time. It had worked perfectly the first five times, so why not now? What was so wrong with his formula all of a sudden that it would so horribly like this? The red island should be covered in shadow by now like the others. Only then could the plan proceed.

Perhaps it had to do with the element. Yes, Fire had always been somewhat tougher and more difficult to bring down than any of the others he had encountered in his long life, but it still didn't add up.

That coupled with the sacrifices not being perfect, as the others had been...yes, perhaps that was it. Two defining factors, not just the one. He snorted. It would be just like that horrid element to cause such problems for him. A beastly, unrefined element, he'd never liked it...

But now was not the time to be reminiscing. He still had quite a lot of work to do, and it would not get done if he stood around all day moping.

With that thought in mind, the dark one flicked his cloak to the side and opened up a different book. Perhaps he would find the final bit of what he needed to complete the last phase of his plan in this one...

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