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Wedding The Gilmore Way part 1

Scene opens with the [Gilmore] house, it fades to the living room, there is silence.

Suddenly Babette's head pops up from the sofa.

[Babette] Oh my god it's 8 o'clock.

[Miss Patty] 8 o'clock?!

[many people] It can't be!

[Sookie] Just a few more minutes...

[Rory Gilmore] Mom? MOM?

[Lorelai Gilmore] Rory hunny, I need my sleep. Paul Anka was barking throughout the night, and he was...

[Rory] Mom, it's EIGHT.

[Lorelai] Eight?

[Rory] Yes, as in eight. As in the time, as in just three hours to wash, scrub and groom you.

[Lorelai (jumping up)] What? No, its not eight. I was going to put the alarm on, the alarm should be on, I faintly remember something with the alarm clock.

[Rory (nodding)] Yeah, you vomited on it.

[Emily] Up! Lorelai, there is not time to talk! Babette get the straighteners, Gypsy grab the curlers! Sookie, Sookie get up, there's not time!

[Lorelai] I vomited on the Mickey?

[Rory] Yeah, I tried to get you to the bathroom but you wouldn't let go of the clock.

[Lorelai] Well I do love that mouse.

[Lane] I can't find her toothbrush! Where's you toothbrush?

[Lorelai] In my hair...

[Gypsy] Curlers plugged in and hot.

[Babette] Got your straighteners right here hunny.

[Liz] I have her entire make up collection at hand.

[Rory] Dress! Where's the dress?

[Sookie] I locked it away before hand incase something went wrong with it.

[Rory] Genius, where'd you lock it?

[Paris] I have the dress! Found it in the cupboard by the sink.

[Rory] The cupboard by the sink?

[Sookie] (shrugs) Seemed suitable at the time.

[Lane] There doesn't seem to be any toothpaste either.

[Lorelai] Please don't let that be in my hair...

[Rory] Mum?

[Lorelai] Yes hunny?

[Rory (grinning madly)] You're getting married!

[Lorelai (grinning madly back)] I know!

The girls scream and hug, collapsing on the sofa whilst doing so.


Scene opens to Stars Hallow, the town is decorated in balloons, and flowers.

[Taylor] A little more to the left. Okay to the right a bit. Up, up, bit more, no that's too much. Down.

[Tom] Okay, Taylor, we've already put it in all these places.

[Taylor] Jackson! Jackson come here a minute.

[Jackson] Yep.

[Taylor] Where should the arch go?

[Jackson] Um, in the middle.

[Taylor] Yes but where's the middle?

[Jackson] Where the dot is?

[Taylor] But the dot isn't necessarily the...

Taylor's phone rings

[Taylor (waves his hand to the right and Tom huffs)] Hello Luke, what can I do for you on this fine morning?

[Luke's voice] Taylor I told you there was no need for an arch.

[Taylor] But Rory insisted that a arch with flowers is put right in the centre piece.

[Luke's voice] And the balloons are shifty.

[Taylor] What's wrong with the balloons?

[Luke's voice] They have 'congratulations it's a girl' written on the them.

[Taylor] Well you never know.

[Luke's voice] Taylor! (sighs) And Tom looks like he's ready to explode!

[Taylor] Tom, I told you to the right, that's far too up to be to the right, here let me, Luke I have to go.

Taylor switches his mobile off and heads towards Tom.

The camera moves around the field of wedding preparations to Rory, who's looking at the pink balloons.

[Emily] Rory? Rory, there you are! Your mothers frantic, the dress, it tore. That Gypsy, I swear, I told her it wasn't a car, it's fragile. Like I said, Lorelai's in bits, you should... [catches sight of the balloons] Congratulations it's a girl?! Why do they say that? I knew I should have helped with the preparations, I offered to, but Lorelai insisted that the town had insisted to do them, and now this...

[Rory (cutting her off)] Grandma the dress. What happened, how bad is it?

[Emily] It would take longer than two hours to repair, in facts weeks at the shop, we'll have to buy a new one. But we'll have to drive all the way to the shop to choose a new one, and it could take forever.

[Rory] What about her other dress?

[Emily] What other dress?

[Rory] For her and Luke's first wedding a couple of years ago, she bought his gorgeous dress, perfect for this weather, she loved it.

[Emily] Well if it was so perfect why wasn't she wearing that one?

[Rory (shrugs)] I don't know. I don't even know where she's kept it or if she has it. I'll go and calm her down.

[Emily] Heavens knows why, but she requested the dog come back from Ms Patty's and some of that junk you two always eat, so she's calmed down a bit.

[Rory] I'll go see her anyways, help stop her pre-wedding jitters.

Rory heads off, and the scene fades with Emily looking disapprovingly at the balloons.

Scene opens with Sookie and Michel at the inns kitchen

[Sookie] I can't wait! I seriously feel like I could explode with joy!

[Michel] Please don't.

[Sookie] It'll be perfect, right in the heart of Stars Hallow, with dancing, and the decorations, the town has been at them for weeks now!

[Michel] Oh yes, the tacky pick stuff sprawled around town.

[Sookie (hitting Michel lightly on the shoulder)] Michel, it's beautiful, ideal for them, oh god I'm already blubbering at the thought of it, image the wreck I'll be then!

[Michel] Oh joy, I can not think of anything better than to be sitting at the wedding next to a cry baby listening to Lorelai rant on about her husband to be in front of lots of people instead of just us.

[Sookie (ignoring the sarcastic tone)] Me neither! Not only am I the fabulous head chief but I'm the co-maid of honour with Rory!

[Michel] Dear, I forgot that little Lorelai shall also be gracing us with her presence.

Rory enters the kitchen, smiling at all the prepared food

[Rory] God, Sookie this is amazing.

[Sookie (grinning)] Well... yeah.

[Michel] And here she is! Little Lorelai, how wonderful to see you, please, please don't stay long.

Michel exits in a huff, and Rory watches him go with amusement.

[Rory] Did he wake up on the wrong side of bed today?

[Sookie] It's Michel, he wakes up on the wrong side of bed everyday.

[Rory (laughs)] So Sookie, I just came to ask you something.

[Sookie] Fire away.

[Rory] Mums wedding dress ripped.

[Sookie (stops cooking at looks at Rory concerned)] Oh hunny, no! How's Lorelai?

[Rory] I was just on my way to see her, but I was wondering if you knew if she still had the dress from last time?

[Sookie] Oh Rory, sorry [Shakes head] I have no clue.

[Rory] That's okay, I'll just go and see her, just carry on preparing the delicious food, mum is so grateful.

[Sookie] Okay, wish her luck for me.

[Rory] Will do.

Rory exits the kitchen, and scene fades out.

[ADVERTS] (15 minuets in)

Scene opens to T.J. standing impatiently in Luke's flat above the diner.

[TJ] Luke just come out, it's getting late, and these tights I wore under my suit are really itchy.


[TJ] Luke we're going to be late, this is no time to throw a hissy fit, just come out and show me what it looks like.

[Luke] Okay, okay, I'm coming out.

Luke emerges from the bathroom.

[TJ] Wow. Can I just say wow.

[Luke] (raises his eyebrows) No, you can't. Stop looking at me like that, you're married to my sister, and as far as I know, not gay.

[TJ] I know, I know, but seriously! Lorelai is one very lucky lady. Pwoar.

[Luke] Thank you. But seriously, stop.

The door opens and April comes in carrying Doula

[April] Hey, Doula wanted to see uncle Luke and daddy all dressed up before the wedding. Oh dad, you look perfect, doesn't he look perfect TJ?

[TJ] Sure does.

[Luke] Thanks hunny, don't you two look pretty.

[April] (frowns) Dad, I'm 14 I don't look pretty. Doula however, looks very pretty in her flower girls dress. Shame she can't walk yet, she'll have to be carried by the other flower girl, who, by the way, I didn't like the look of. Her hair sticks out all over the place, and it's not good because the flowers could get trapped in it.

[Luke] I'm sure it'll be okay.

[April] I'm going to go meet Aunt Liz at the wedding, people are starting to arrive, do not be late.

[Luke] Sure hunny, see you there, bye Doula.

April and Doula exit.

[TJ] You look radiant.

[Luke] TJ stop.

Luke turns around and heads back to the bathroom.

[TJ] Pity you don't live here any more, no beer in the fridge.

[Luke] I'm here all the time when running the diner, I'm sure there's still beer in the fridge.

[TJ] Really? Why didn't you say so earlier, I'm parched.

Scene fades to the Gilmore House.

Lorelai is sitting on the couch with Paul Anka, looking at her wedding dress in tears as Rory walks in.

[Rory] Mum? Mum what are you doing? The weddings in less than an hour. (notices her mums tears) Mum, are you okay?

[Lorelai] (raises her hand to her face and shakes her head) It's wrong, it's all gone wrong.

[Rory] What has? Mum? What's gone wrong?

Rory kneels down by her mum.

[Lorelai] The wedding. (sniffs and wipes away a tear) The weddings falling to pieces. The dress is ruined, and, and... (starts mumbling inaudibly)

[Rory] Listen, everything going to be alright. We can fix the dress, okay, all I need is some white string and a needle.

[Lorelai] It's too far ripped, it'll look terrible if we just sow it up.

Rory creases her eyebrows concerned, and looks at the dress.

[Rory] Mum, do you still have the first dress? The first one you bought for your wedding with Luke. June 3rd dress?

[Lorelai] (shakes her head) I don't want to wear that dress. Not that dress.

[Rory] Why? It's the answer, you can wear it and the weddings saved.

[Lorelai] I can't wear that dress because it'll remind me of last time.

[Rory] (wipes her mums tears) Do you know what this is called? It's called having cold feet. You're just fretting, it's perfectly normal for every bride.

[Lorelai] This is more than that Rory. Nothing ever goes right at weddings, not for me. In fact, it goes the opposite of right. It goes wrong, all wrong.

[Rory] Mum, please, calm down, everything will be just fine.

[Lorelai] (crying harder) I'll lose him! I'll lose Luke, and I love him! I can't lose him, not again.

[Rory] You're not going to lose Luke. He's not going anywhere. This wedding is going to proceed, you're going to put on that dress, and walk down that isle, and show the world you're in love. And in 20 years time, you'll look back at this and laugh.

Rory puts her arms around Lorelai, and grins.

[Rory] I can't believe that it's finally here!

[Lorelai] Me neither.

They grin at each other for a moment.

[Lorelai] I see you've pulled the mum card out of the bag.

[Rory] I only have one, and I only use it on special occasions.

[Lorelai] Oh yeah, cos you have to lend it to me at times.

They laugh and Rory's phone rings.

[Rory] It's grandma.

[Lorelai] Has she seen the balloons yet?

Rory nods and the girls laugh, she finally flips it open.

[Rory] Grandma? What? No, don't. Okay, I'll be right there. Please don't order anything else.

Rory closes the phone and puts it in her bag.

[Lorelai] New balloons?

[Rory] Yep.

[Lorelai] White?

[Rory] Yep.

[Lorelai] Causing a riot?

[Rory] Most definitely.

[Lorelai] There's always a riot around when Emily Gilmore's in town.

[Rory] Here here. I have to go sort it out, Kirks going at her with a pair of scissors.

[Lorelai] The huge silver ones which you cut ribbons with at events. Ah I can just image it.

[Rory] Almost as good as her coming out of jail huh?

[Lorelai] Oh no, that was classic. That was to die for, I still have pictures.

[Rory] Get into that dress now, redo your makeup, and grandpa will be here with your ride to escort you to the one and only place to be today.

[Lorelai] Just half an hour to get ready?

[Rory] You want to look at those photos again don't you?

[Lorelai] The sheer joy of it has come back to me!

[Rory] Not too long, I'll see you at the isle.

[Lorelai] I'll be the one in white.

[Rory] Better be.

Rory exits, leaving Lorelai looking absentmindedly at the floor.

The scenes opens to the Stars Hallow center wedding

Emily looking admirably at the big white balloons all over town.

[Richard] Emily, have you heard from Lorelai? I'm meant to pick her up in less than 20 minutes.

[Emily] I think Rory's with her. She's getting ready.

[Richard] Oh look there's Rory now.

Emily turns around and waves Rory over.

[Emily] Rory! Come and look at these balloons! Don't you think they look just fabulous, I got that maniac Kirk something to take down the foolish pink ones you had up before. I also convinced Taylor to put some red roses amongst the pink flowers on the arch, and I tell you, they look splendid.

Richard looks impatiently at Emily and Rory as Rory examines the arch.

[Rory] You're right grandma, they look really nice.

[Emily] (Smiling) Oh I know, Susan Richard from the DAR had them at her daughters wedding, really expensive kind you see, thought she was one of a kind, and now we'll take pictures and prove her wrong.

[Rory] Cunning grandma, cunning.

[Richard] Rory, how's you mother?

[Rory] Oh she's fine now. The problems sorted, and she'll be ready for you to pick her up in about 20 minutes.

[Richard] Good, well we should get everyone seated.

[Emily] That's a good idea. Where's Luke? He should be here by now, and where's the priest, I told him to stay where I can see him, honestly, no one listens to me anymore.

[Rory] I'm sure he's here somewhere grandma.

Rory moves to the top of the arch, everyone turns to look her.

[Rory] Can we have everyone seated please? The Danes-Gilmore wedding will be started in half an hour.

Everyone hurries to find their chairs, April goes towards Rory.

[April] Hey step-sister to be, I was just at dad's he's ready and will be here in a minute if he knows what's good for him.

[Rory] Okay, thanks April.

The scene fades out.

[ADVERTS] (45 minuets in)

Scene opens upstairs Luke's Diner.

[Luke] TJ come on, we should be going to the wedding.

TJ is sitting with a beer looking out of the window.

[TJ] Oh yeah, it looks like everyone's getting seated.

[Luke] What? TJ come on, that's go, before Lorelai arrives, and has no one waiting for her at the alter.

[TJ] Relax, we've got plenty of time let me finish this one. Why don't you have one?

[Luke] No thanks. TJ where are the rings d'you have them?

[TJ] Like I said, relax. I have the rings, what kind of a best man loses the rings?

Luke sighs and looks out of the window. The door opens and a familiar face walks in.

[Luke] (surprised) Jess? What are you doing here?

[Jess] Well that's a nice welcome isn't it. It's my uncles wedding!

[Luke] No, I didn't mean it like that, I meant, I thought you couldn't come!

[Jess] Got out of it, just to be here on your big day!

Luke grins and they have a 'manly' hug.

[TJ] Jess! How are you man?

[Jess] Good TJ. Great. How's mum? Where's my little sister?

[TJ] Out there getting seated. The brides about to arrive any minute.

[Luke] (frustrated) Okay that's it, up TJ, get the rings and that's go.

[TJ] Is he always this demanding?

[Jess] Pretty much.

TJ gets up. Him and Luke head towards the door.

[Luke] Hey, you coming outside or did you come all this way just to watch my wedding through a window?

[Jess] I'll be there in a minute.

Luke nods and him and TJ leave.

The scene fades out with Jess looking out of the window to the ceremony. Rory is standing up and talking to the crowd.

The scene fades to outside the Gilmore House.

Richard pulls up outside, gets out of his car, and goes knocks on the door.

[Richard] Lorelai, it's your father! Open up, it's time!


[Richard] (frustrated) Lorelai, are you there? Lorelai?

Richard's look of frustration turns to worry. He knocks louder, and shouts her name but there is no reply.

Finally he pulls out his phone and calls someone.

[Richard] Rory? Rory, I'm at your mother's house, and she's not here.

Scene switches to Rory standing at the wedding.

In the background everyone is chatting, and Luke is standing ready at the alter by the priest.

[Rory] Sorry grandpa, I can't hear you, one minute.

Rory turns around and shushes everyone until they're all quiet.

[Rory] What was that grandpa?

Scene switches back to Richard.

[Richard] You're mothers not here, she's not a home.

Back to Rory.

[Rory] What? (concern flashes across her face) What d'you mean? Where is she?

[Richard's voice] I don't know. I'm at your house, and she is not here.

Rory frowns. Her phone beeps.

[Rory] Hold on a minute grandpa, I've got another call.

She swaps calls.

[Rory] Hello?

[Lorelai's voice] Rory, it's me.

[Rory] (sighs) You had me worried, where are you?

Switches screens to Lorelai sitting on her bed staring at her wedding dress, crying.

[Lorelai] Rory, please, just pass the phone to Luke is he there?

[Rory's voice] Mum? What's wrong? Grandpa's outside the house...

[Lorelai] Rory, hunny, please just pass the phone to Luke.

Screen back to Rory.

[Rory] (sighs) Okay.

Rory turns around and calls Luke over. She passes him the phone and stands looking at him concerned.

[Luke] Hello?

[Lorelai's voice] Luke, it's me.

[Luke] Lorelai, why you calling me, you'll be here in a minute.

Screen back to Lorelai, she shakes her head sadly and sniffs, crying.

[Luke's voice] Hunny what's wrong, are you crying?

[Lorelai] I can't do this. (Shakes head) I'm sorry.

[Luke's voice] What? Lorelai what are you talking about? Where are you, what's happened?

[Lorelai] (Almost in hysterics) I am so sorry, but I can't do this. The wedding, I can't ... I can't do it.

Screen switches back to Luke. His expression is one of complete pain, Rory is staring at him mouth open, knowing from his expression what's happened. The crowd have fallen completely silent, certain something's happened.

The screen switches back to Lorelai.

[Lorelai] I love you so much. But it's done. I can't... no. It's over. The wedding is off.

The scene fades out with Lorelai slowly switching her mobile off.

(to be continued...)

End of Episode 1 of Season 8.